5 Common Scag Tiger Cat 2 Problems and Solutions

Scag Tiger Cat 2 Problems

Scag Tiger Cat is a new lawn mower brand but is quite popular already. Scag tiger cat 2 is one of the most powerful lawn mowers on the market. You will be able to keep your grass looking its best by using its Velocity Plus cutter deck. A smooth ride is guaranteed by Scag Tiger II despite the rough terrain. In the forward direction, the Scag Tiger can reach 12MPH and in the reverse direction, it can reach 5MPH. And there are three different deck sizes to choose from when you will be buying a Scag Tiger Cat 2 for your lawn.

However, despite all the amazing features, Scag Tiger Cat 2 might cause some problems after a few years of usage. In this article, we are going to talk about the common problems of Scag Tiger Cat 2 that you might face.

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Common Scag Tiger Cat 2 Problems

  • Problems with Starting
  • Problems with Hydro Belt
  • Fuel Problems
  • Problems with the Cutting Speed
  • Gravity Problems

Problems and Solutions of Scag Tiger Cat 2

Knowing the causes and solutions to the problems of Scag Tiger Cat 2 will save you from the hassle of wondering what happened with your mower and asking for help from mechanics. Well, some problems might need professional assistance but you will be able to solve most of the problems by yourself.

The common problems of Scag Tiger Cat 2 and their solutions are given below:

1. Problems with Starting

Drawback does not mean Scag Tiger Cat 2 is a bad choice for zero-turn lawn mowers. There is no machine user who does not face this problem at least once. This might happen because of a lot of reasons. You might have forgotten to refill the fuel,  incorrect air gap, worn-out spark plugs can be the main reasons for starting problems.


To solve the starting problem, firstly check the fuel condition. If it is empty then fill it up. Next, you should check the spark plug. If they are disconnected or worn out, you should replace them. And if you are not experienced, you should seek assistance from an expert for this work. Lastly, make sure there is a gap of 0.010 and 0.015 inches between the flywheel and magnetic coil.

2. Problems with Hydro Belt

There is always an issue with the hydro belt of  Scag Tiger Cat 2. It is not strong enough by default and there is nothing much you can do about it. It can easily be torn or broken because of slightly increased pressure.

3. Fuel Line Problems

Fuel Line

The fuel storing line of this lawn mower is right-sided. You must turn the valve clockwise to fill up the tank on the right side of the mower. If you throw out the valve to the right side tank after starting the mower, the mower might shut off.


You can check the user manual to understand the process of putting fuel and cleaning the fuel line for too much dirt or debris. A lawn mower fuel filter must also be full in order for the fuel to flow smoothly and burn efficiently. Half-full filters indicate insufficient fuel is entering the engine.

4. Problems with the Cutting Speed

The speed of Scag Tiger Cat 2 might seem quite slow to you. It is especially problematic to mow with dull blades on a zero-turn mower, as it leads to poor mowing quality, extra engine wear, and slowed machine performance.


Using the wrong type of blades often slows down the speed of a lawn mower so, make sure you are using the right type of blades. If this does not solve your problem, then you can sharpen the blades with a file. You can follow the rounded edge and sharpen only the top of the mower blades.

5. Gravity Problems

Not all zero-turn mowers are a good choice for hilly areas even though they work excellent on the ground. And Scag Tiger Cat 2 falls in this category. They seem to have gravity issues, so it is better not to use them for hilly terrains. However, Scag is trying to resolve this condition in their latest mower models.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Much Does a Scag Tiger Cat 2 ZT Mower Cost?

The Scag Tiger Cat II ZT mower costs about $12200. This rate can increase or decrease on different types of series. And second hand Stag Tiger Cat 2 ZT mowers will cost a lot less than this.

2. What Is The Most Common Problem Of Scag Tiger Cat 2?

The most common problem you might face with your Scag Tiger Cat 2 is that you might need to sharp your mower blades every time you need to mow your lawn. Otherwise, the blades get worn out easily.

3. Can I Use a Scag Mower For Commercial Purposes?

Yes. You can use Scag mowers for commercial purposes. Scag’s commercial-grade mowers are among the best you can find if you are looking for a mower that can provide you with the best quality and service at the best price.

Final Words

Every ZT lawn mower has drawbacks including Scag Tiger Cat II. But do not let the drawbacks restrain you from getting the mower that can provide you with the best cutting experience. You might overcome most of the problems with the solutions mentioned above. And with regular maintenance, you will get better results. Even so, you have the choice of whether or not you want to purchase Scag Tiger Cat II.

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