Scag Tiger Cat vs Tiger Cat 2: Which One is best?

When it comes to maintaining the lawn on your property, the first thing that comes to your mind is a lawn mower. Without a lawn mower it becomes very difficult to handle all the hard work like- mowing and cleaning the lawn manually. That is when your lawn mower comes to the rescue. You can make your lawn a beautiful green carpet just by riding a lawn mower on a regular basis.

The basic thing a lawn mower does is to trim the grass of the lawn. And the most popular brand for having the best cutting deck is Scag. It has the most effective cutting deck above all the other lawn mowers. Two of the most popular models of Scag lawn mower are the Scag Tiger Cat and Tiger Cat 2. They both have similar qualities yet some differences. So, many people become confused between these two. In this article, we are going to talk about the features of Scag Tiger Cat and Tiger Cat 2, so that you can distinguish between these two mower models and determine the right one for you.

About Scag Decks

Before you learn about the features of the model, let us first introduce about Scag manufacturer itself. Scag Tiger Cat lawn mower is known for its outstanding performance, Scag’s Velocity Plus cutter deck is an exceptional cutter deck. Featuring unmatched performance, power, and precision, Velocity Plus Cutter Deck is the ultimate professional cutting solution. This innovative deck design produces a beautiful cutting edge, even at faster ground speeds despite still providing high discharge speeds. Designed for maximum cutting performance, a massive discharge port, and redesigned cutting chamber can disperse clippings no matter what conditions are present.

Cutting fine grasses and tough weeds is no problem for Velocity Plus. For even greater productivity and higher performance, you can also customize the deck using the Custom-Cut Front Baffle System. With Scag’s cutter blade spindles, you can expect decades of trouble-free performance. By using the Turbo Baffles system, you can protect the deck from damage by combining the oversize discharge opening with the wear pad on the trim side.

So now, let’s check out the features of Scag Tiger-Cat and Tiger Cat 2.

Scag Tiger Cat

Scag Tiger Cat is a proven good mid-size machine for lawn mowing. It is a  48″ velocity deck mower, powered by a Kawasaki engine. The Scag Tiger Cat mower is built as powerful as a tank. It cuts perfectly. And it is very durable. It will keep you tension-free along with its high lifespan if only you treat it with a little bit of care. However, it is very similar to the updated version of this model.

Scag Tiger Cat 2

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Scag Tiger Cat 2 can mow more than 24 acres per day thanks to its powerful engine. The Velocity Plus deck ensures a professional-looking manicure of the grass. The mower has an adjustable suspension system, which is an interesting feature. No matter how rough or rocky the terrain is, Scag Tiger II will give you a steady ride.

So, the features of Scag Tiger 2 are given below:


Scag Tiger Cat 2 gives customers several engine options to choose from. Powered by a 25HP Kohler engine with electronic fuel injection, the first model has 25HP. Only 52-inch cutting deck models are available with this engine option. Alternatively, a Kawasaki engine is available. There are three cutting deck sizes available, 48 (FX), 52 (FT), and 61-inch (FT). A little bit of an interesting option is the Kawasaki engine. A relatively new Kawasaki engine type is the FT series. One model has a 61′′ cutting blade and a 32-horsepower Briggs & Stratton engine.The carbureted engine of this car is strong. However, some customers may still prefer carbureted engines even though most of the industry is moving toward EFI.


A high torque Parker wheel motor powers the 12 cc pumps on the Tiger Cat 2. Transaxles or maybe comparing another mower is more your level of familiarity.  The ZT-3400 Hydro-Gear transaxles will be closely related to this setup. A transaxle mower is known to be smoother and more stable than an independent pump and wheel motor mower. You should demo each one, however, as it is best to get an idea of how each one works!

Cut quality

Scag mowers consistently provide the best cuts in the industry if you’ve ever had the chance to test them out. Velocity Plus decks are available in all three sizes. It comes with three models of cutting decks, namely 48, 52, and 61.  The slope nose design of their decks allows grass to stand upright before being cut. Very good airflow and suction can be found in this deck.


The Scag Tiger Cat II is among the most durable bicycles available on the market. Aluminum exhaust systems increase performance, back pressure, and durability over steel exhausts. Scag mowers are deemed to be among the best for the quality of the build. This is an extremely tough machine, and they are often referred to as is a very long-lasting machine that is well designed


The ignition, throttle, and PTO engagement are all included in this interesting control panel. Additionally, Tiger Eye is an exclusive Scag technology. With this application, you can track your machine and all the updates about it.


The tires on this mower are excellent for all-terrain use. This is probably one of the best features of the 24-inch tires, as they hold the weight of the mower. Additionally, they provide good traction on curbs and are stable.


In this model, the brake system is located on the footplate. Hands-free operation enables them to operate while driving which is very unique and convenient.

Rolling Bearings

Maintenance is reduced by installing them in the caster wheels of the front wheels. The high-quality bearing can bear a larger load than a standard bearing since they are used for heavy loads.


Tiger Cat 2 contains special features such as parking brake safety circuits, PTO clutch safety switches, and seat-activated engine shutoff. In addition, the vehicle has a retractable seat belt system and a foldable rollover protection system (ROPS). Further, the electrical components are of high quality for enhanced safety measures.

Split Steel Pulleys

The pulleys of this model are highly durable and ensure long service life. Moreover, the cutter drive system is less likely to wear due to its lightweight design. This type of pulley will perform better than most others on the market.


You can enjoy a comfortable ride on uneven terrain with this mower’s wide center of gravity. Furthermore, the torsion-spring suspension system at the back of the seat allows the weights to be adjusted to meet customer needs. It is also possible to adjust the seat according to your back. An important feature of suspension systems is that they adapt to passenger weight. Other than that, the seat is padded, and the armrests can be adjusted as well. In addition to forward and rear adjustment, the mower allows for a smooth ride on rough ground.

Final Words

After seeing the features of both Stag Tiger Cat mowers, you should be in a better position to decide which is the most convenient for you. Choosing the appropriate mower grade depends on the purpose for which it will be used. Scag Tiger Cat and Tiger Cat 2, are almost the same and provide the same working capacity and durability. They do not have much difference. For most homeowners with large acreages, or simply a yard owner wanting to get started on a budget, the Scag Tiger Cat 2 might be a good fit. But if you want a reasonable one, you can choose the Scag Tiger Cat.

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