How to Start a Riding Lawn Mower that has been Sitting for Years

A lawn mower is not a machine that you use frequently. So, it is very likely that it might not work properly immediately after you start it for a long time. If you are having difficulties getting your lawn mower to work, the humidity of the storage environment is often the cause.

When the humidity in the air is high, water condenses inside the fuel tank and the carburetor and eventually mixes with the gas.

How to start a riding lawn mower that has been sitting for years

To start the mower, you may need to change the gas and clean or change the spark plug, depending on whether the gas interferes with spark formation.There are a couple of things that you need to do before restarting the lawn mower after a long time. They are as follows:

Step1: Supplanting the Old Spark Plug

Eliminating the old sparkle fitting can be a decent begin to restart your cutter after quite a while. You can eliminate it and supplant it with another one to make all the difference for your trimmer.

On the off chance that you experience difficulty beginning the trimmer, the guilty party could be the sparkle plug. This ought to be moderately simple to discover since there is a dark elastic wire appended to it. Notwithstanding, you can allude to your proprietor’s manual (or discover one on the web) in the event that you can’t see it.

If you’ve observed erosion or damage to the fitting, remove it and inspect it with a wrench. It will be obvious if you need a new one.

Step 2: Check the Oil

If the oil appears to be dark or dirty, you must replace it immediately. Despite the fact that motor oil does not really get sour, it can gather soil and poisons. If it seems to be somewhat new, however, it might be worthwhile.

In the event that you need to replace the oil, follow these means:

  • To begin with, run the cutter for a couple of moments and this will warm the oil and make it simpler to deplete.
  • Then, discover the oil channel ramble. You should append a channel tube, so you don’t make a wreck.
  • Put an oil trickle container under the cylinder; at that point, open the spout. You will likewise need to eliminate the dipstick to take into account a superior stream.
  • When the oil quits pouring through, you can close the spout.
  • In the event that your trimmer has an oil channel, you need to change that also. It is likely on the contrary side of the motor. You will require a lash wrench to extricate it. Setting up the dribble dish below the channel will help you capture trickles.
  • When the channel is taken out, you can introduce another one and fill your tank with oil. Utilize the dipstick to ensure that you have put enough.

Know that you need to take your old oil to a removal office. You should look into the nearest one preceding beginning with the goal that you realize where to go. We additionally suggest emptying the oil into an old container or something with a screw cap. Along these lines, it will not spill on the way.

Step 3: Check the Gas Tank

While gas is exceptionally steady, it is an unpredictable combination that will separate after some time. On the off chance that it’s been a long time since the trimmer was utilized, the gas inside is likely terrible. By and large, gas will separate inside. So there is minimal possibility that the fluid is salvageable.

  • A siphon hose is recommended for removing gas from the tank.
  • Stick one finish of the hose into the tank, and suck on the opposite end until gas comes out.
  • Make certain to have a container for the gas as it discharges.
  • Once there is not anymore left, you can top off the tank.
  • The same goes for old gas. You should properly discard it.
  • Then you could empty some of it into your vehicle’s tank, assuming it isn’t too dirty. It will blend in with the great fuel, making it suitable once more.

In the event that you plan on leaving the trimmer sitting for quite a long time once more, you can purchase extra-stable gas. This form doesn’t turn sour as fast, so you shouldn’t have issues when beginning the cutter next season.

Step 4: Check the Air Filter

In any case, the air channel can still be dirty even when the cutter hasn’t been running for a while. It might be difficult for you to locate. Hence, Look through your proprietor’s manual in case you need assistance. If you remove the channel, it should be apparent if it’s dirty or harmed. Be sure to purchase a replacement that will fit your particular riding lawnmower, or else it will not work.

Step 5: Check the Tires

After some time, tires will lose limited quantities of air. Along these lines, if your cutter has been sitting for quite a long time, the tires are likely low, if not level. Generally, you should simply re-blow up them with an air blower. Utilize a tire check to ensure that you don’t pack them. Doing so might actually prompt a victory.

Step 6: Check the Carburetor

The modern vehicle does not utilize a carburetor, but riding lawnmowers do. On the off chance that there was fuel in the motor when the cutter was taken care of, the carburetor probably has some tacky buildup from the vanished gas. You should simply eliminate the piece, absorb it vinegar (or a particular cleaning cleanser), and afterward reinstall it. Allude to your proprietor’s manual for explicit guidelines.

Step 7: Check for Rust:

In the event that your Long lasting lawnmower has been unused for more than five years, the odds are that a few parts are rusted. Utilize a spotlight to assess all aspects of the motor. Rusted pieces are feeble, implying that they can break and bring about additional harm. Make certain to supplant any rusted part as quickly as time permits.

Step 8: Supplant Your Mower’s Spark Plug as Preventative Maintenance

When installing most replacements, sparkle attachments ought to also be installed with the motor cool. Ensure that the wire of the flash fitting is removed and wiped clean. The metal should also be free of rust.

Check Used Lawn Mower

Then, Spot the new fitting with your hands and screw it incautiously with a wrench. Make it firm but not very close. Ensure that you replace the sparkle wire with the flash attachment. Also, test the motor to ensure it’s working.

Wrapping up

So, the steps we have mentioned above are needed to follow before starting a lawn mower that has been unused for years. You don’t need to follow every point step after step, but you should go through all the points mentioned above.

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