Why is Oil Coming out of my Lawn Mower Exhaust?

While running your lawnmower, you may see oil coming out from the machine. And the oil is making your yard all greasy. Obviously, you won’t like that. Some of you may have seen oil seeping out from the machine. And the oil is making your yard all greasy. Do you like that? Others may have the possibility of oil seeping out from their machine. In this case, you may be thinking about a solution. I am here for the solution!

In this article, you will know why oil is coming out and can solve the problem. For this seeping oil problem, the lawnmower gets out smoke which is also a problem for the user. The smoking and leaking oil from the lawnmower is a typical problem, so you need not worry so much about it. Oil leakage is sometimes called coolant leakage. So, without any delay, let’s follow writing from top to bottom.

Oil Coming out of Muffler on the Lawnmower

Whenever the engine of the lawnmower starts, the four components of the system begin to gear up. The components are-

  1. The exhaust manifold,
  2. Muffler,
  3. The cylinders and pistons,
  4. Exhaust pipe

With the fuel, oxygen is also working hand in hand. So, both the items are gone into the pistons through the valves. The exhaust works like a chimney in the lawnmower. So, it forces the gas to get out. And the main task of the oil is to move around the engine. And simultaneously, the oil lubricates the four-engine parts.

If any of the four components do not work properly or may get damaged. Then oil starts coming out of the muffler on the lawnmower.

If the system is broken for some reason, you will notice strange liquid coming from your lawnmower. The weird liquid is particularly oil from the engine.

You may not be clear with the reason for oil seeping from your lawnmower. Here is the cause with a defined detail:

The exhaust system gets oil when the piston rings are damaged. Or if the engine gets started by its side. As a result, oil gets into the engine without the process of burn. You may not recognize oil seeping out from the machine. If it smells slick and greasy, you can assure that it is oil that comes out from your lawnmower.

You can turn off the lawnmower to avoid the seeping, but the oil may come out from the engine for a moment. If this happens, you need to concern then. After that, you will need a ring job to stop the oil permanently. The solution requires professional assistance.

Oil in the muffler of lawnmower

Oil in the muffler of the lawnmower works for the engine. The prime job of the oil is mainly moving around the muffler. So, the machine can work perfectly. The oil also helps to lubricate the muffler. The lawnmower muffler and oil are working together to run a lawnmower nicely and in a proper way.

Without the muffler, it will be difficult for the engine to get out of the smoke. So, the muffler and the oil in it both are essential for running the machine smoothly. For this reason, you have to take care of the oil if the seeping happens at any moment. An engine needs oil to work for your lawnmower.

Push mower leaking oil from muffler

The Push mower is a new era invention where you do not need the big machine or engine for cutting your house backyard grasses. The push mower is so handy that people of any age can work with it. But when the oil coming from the muffler is the only problem you can face with your newly bought Push mower.

The muffler is getting out of the smoke. When oil is coming out with the smoke, then you need to understand something is a serious problem with the mower. Maybe any of the four-engine parts are not working smoothly. Whatever the problem is, your push mower can leak oil from the muffler too.

Oil coming out of exhaust lawnmower

From the exhaust, you can sometimes notice oil coming out. Is this a problem? But it is an attention-seeking serious problem.

The exhaust lawnmowers are the heavy ones. You will need much pressure to run the mowers all-around your house backyard. For this, you can take professional help. Whenever you notice something coming out with smoke if it seems oil, call the professionals immediately. Otherwise, you may have a big problem with your lawnmower. So, oil coming out of the exhaust lawnmower is quite a problem.

Small engine oil coming out of exhaust

You may think the small engine is out of danger from the problem of oil seeping. Let me tell you, maybe you are wrong in this section. The small engines are more likely to be the victim of the problem of oil coming from the exhaust.

The small engine oil coming out of the exhaust is a typical problem. The small engine works more frequently than the bigger ones. As a result, they are more prone to the oil leaking problem.


Now you know the cause of oil seeping from your lawnmower and how to stop the oil. Also, you have learned about the job of a muffler and pushover for the lawnmower. Some confusion about the small engine exhaust has been cleared too. Overall, the article helps you a lot to know more about a lawnmower.

From now, no more oil seeping from the mower and your home backyard grass field will be nicely cleaned as before. By reading the writing thoroughly, you will have an idea about the different parts of a lawnmower and their individual job to run the machine’s whole system. 

From this article, you will be able to help yourself. If you are not satisfied with the solution, you always have the option for professional assistance. The writing is for those who have no idea about the lawnmower.

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