Top 11 Best Longest Lasting Zero Turn Mower 2023: With Buying Guide

Whenever someone intends to purchase a machine, like a lawn mower, longevity is one of the most prime concerns working behind their search.

Nobody wants to invest a good amount of their bucks in fragile mowing machines that have a poor chance to last longer.

Finding a well-built longest lasting zero turn mower is surely a tedious task as the mower industry is pretty big to follow and unveil if you are a new or occasional user.

Here we are to help you and unveil the list of the best longest lasting zero turn mowers on behalf of you. We will cover each and every aspect and reveal all ins and outs of all the products, so you can easily pick one for manicuring your lawn surface as per your choice. So, let’s dive in!

At first, let’s take a brief look at the basic features of all these zero turn mowers:

Best Longest Lasting Zero Turn Mower Reviews

Let’s get the ins and outs of every product now:

1. Husqvarna MZ61 Briggs & Stratton Zero Turn Riding Mower

One of the most robust designs, along with well-functional riding mower options available in the market, is Husqvarna MZ61 Briggs & Stratton ZTR mower.

If you have been looking for an entry level lawn mowing option, the powerful body of which can sustain all the wear and tear over the years, then here is the end of your search.

Husqvarna MZ61 can deliver you the nicest cut quality with smoother steering. It is not just an average pretty looking mowing machine, rather a highly functional one as well.

Sturdy 61-inch Fabricated Steel Cutting Deck

The best thing about Husqvarna MZ61 machines is its amazingly built 61-inch cutting deck. If you opt for this tool to clear out all of your lawn debris, you will not be a bit disappointed. Thanks to the durably built fabricated steel cutting deck of the mower.

The 61-inch deck dimension is around 10 to 12 inches greater than other mowing machines. Thus, the mower can cover larger yards too.

While operating with this machine, you would love its ability to cut down turfs with taller and stubborn grasses and also to knock out 3 to 4-acres in just an hour.

Moreover, the deck is also associated with three blades to give your lawn a manicured and very precise trimming.

Being coupled with an adjustable cutting deck up to the length of 4.5-inches, this machine can certainly give you varying degrees and provide your desired cut quality.

Furthermore, the ergonomic design of the deck lifting system ensures exact trimming height adjustment to present the users with a pristine yard.

High-quality Mowing Performance

These powerful machines come with sturdy-designed and durable pneumatic tires that measure 6-inches in the front and have overall dimensions of 12 X 10 X 10 at the back. Due to this larger wheel size, the tires are highly balanced and capable of smoothly going on your backyard or lawn terrains.

The tires never tend to slip on the flat surface. Another highly useful feature coming with this unit is the hydrostatic gear transmission system. You will be able to enjoy the quick directional change accompanied by the proper speed adjustment over almost every terrain type.

If your lawn has a bumpy surface or a bit of hilly terrain, then this attribute will be a special one for you for sure.

Incredibly comfortable design

Driving the Husqvarna MZ61 is like driving a luxury sedan. The seating arrangements are super comfortable for the users. There are rubber isolators that keep the riders separated from the frame. Thus, it causes significantly less fatigue while operating the machines.

The overall ergonomic seating arrangement is a plus for the users for an extended period of riding the mower.

Features like an oversized chassis design, wider caster wheels, cutting deck lift with pedal assistance facility, etc., make this model a real convenient unit to the users. Moreover, if the riders combine the cup holder to the armrests and the boot, this model provides the sense of more luxuries. You would also be amazed by the comfortable and super-easy steering.

Safety mechanisms

In case you have kids at home, you will be highly benefited from the safety features of MZ61. These features are way ahead of other units.

You need to keep the parking brakes on, steering controls at the neutral position, and disengage the mower deck while starting the engines.

A key is a must while riding this mower. And the best part is this powerful machine never starts unless the user sits on the riding seat. Each and every of these safety features makes this device a total childproof one.

What didn’t we like?

This Husqvarna MZ61 unit requires plenty of maintenance which makes these models a bit tedious to frequently use. Another thing I personally have issues with is its high-range price. If you have a limited budget, then this machine is not a good option for you, I must say.


  • Powerful 27HP Briggs and Stratton V-twin Engines.
  • 3-blade attached cutting deck.
  • Hydrostatic gear transmission mechanism.
  • Ergonomic design and user-convenient construction.
  • LARGE cutting deck measuring 61-inches!


  • An expensive tool.
  • No fuel gauge option.
  • Not a performer on downhill tracks.

Bottom Line

This entry-level zero-turn riding mower is built keeping productivity, performance, and comfort in mind. The machine’s heavy-duty fabricated steel frame and body make this mower one of the longest lasting ones in the industry.

2. Ariens 915223 IKON-X Zero Turn Mower

If you make a shortlist of the finest mowers featuring a heavy-duty high-performing engine, then Ariens 915223 IKON-X would surely make its way into this. This powerful machine would perfectly fit itself to manicure medium to larger yards without many hassles.

User friendly design and construction

This mowing machine can be a very good option for both beginner users and professional ones due to its amazing user-friendly and comfortable construction in addition to the easy to operate features.

Ariens 915223 features dual hydrostatic EZT transaxles in order to considerably improve the reaction time of the device.

Thus, the machine simplifies the controlling of the trimming process. In addition to that, the unit comes with a commercial design featuring a 4-point suspension facility allowing the blades to precisely cut and trim the grasses evenly.

Moreover, these models are also equipped with armrests and high brackets to ensure a high level of operating comfort. All these features have collectively made this model one of the best lawn mowers for smaller yards and turfs.

Comfortably built solid body

Despite the beefy build of this industrial-grade lawn mower, Ariens 915223 never compromises a bit with the customer’s comfort. Its body is not only fit to withstand wear and tear but also is perfectly capable of ensuring the users the ultimate comfort.

You would love the extra padded seating arrangements with a complete armrest and operator-controlled chute, which make your ride comfortable, and eventually, reduce fatigue on your arms and the backs. The padded levers come with minimal vibrations while operating.

The feature that I love most about this machine is its foot-controlled deck operating system. It saves me from the muscle strain, though I don’t have the leanest legs.

Just beside the seat, there is also a perpendicular pin selection panel that allows the users to decide on their desired height. The rugged tires of the mower can provide seamless maneuverability. Overall, you will love this machine every time you hop on it due to its added comfort and coziness.

Fantastic cutting performance

The Ariens 915223 IKON-X is equipped with a Kawasaki 726 CC FR V-twin engine with a capacity of 23 HP. Not many of its counterparts can deliver such an amazing level of power.

Such a potent engine is the main reason behind the effortless performance of this highly demanding mowing machine.

You can easily pick this unit to trim your significant yard, lawn, even the entire golf course without the machine getting run out of steam.

There is no tension of the grass cutting speeds getting compromised as well. You would need almost half cutting time than the other similar corded lawn mowers.

Versatility in grass cutting

Another great feature of IKON-X is its versatile option for commercial uses. You can use this high-end mower for purposes like trimming the golf course, football pitches, community parks, etc., rather than just manicuring your yard.

The sharp knives of this machine, along with the adjustable cutting height facility, make this machine an all-rounder one for many tasks irrespective of any turf with different height and length.

What didn’t we like?

We have found two drawbacks of this mower while running and testing it. The first one is its inability to run perfectly on the marshy grounds as its wheels tend to slip heavily and dangerously. The other one is the unavailability of any mulching set coming with this machine. It can cause you much trouble.


  • Powerful Kawasaki 726 CC FR V-twin engines.
  • 3-inch frame shaping as fully tubular to add more strength and stability.
  • 52-inch fabricated mower deck attached with 3-blades for optimum cutting performance.
  • Superior deck stability.
  •  Adjustable cutting height option.
  • Super comfort and cozy seating arrangement.
  • Padded levers to diminish operational vibration.


  • Requires professional handling for perfect operation.

Bottom Line

One of the most versatile mowers being out in the market is the Ariens 915223 IKON-X lawn mower. It is the best option for mowing small fields, extra-large turfs, or any awkward space of almost any height.

3. Husqvarna Z142 42 in. 17 HP Kohler Hydrostatic Zero-Turn Riding Mower

Husqvarna Z142 is one of the best zero-turn lawn mowers, which can serve you with the best performance. It will give you both performance and style in one machine. Rather than being a chore, maintaining a lawn is an event due to cutting-edge design, proven performance, and new innovative features.

Kohler Engine

17 HP Kohler Engine is fuel-efficient with smooth power to make it one enjoyable ride. The premium quality engine from Kohler features commercial-grade construction and dependable components for long life and reliable mowing performance.

Hydrostatic Transmission

Husqvarna’s Z142 lawn mower has the feature of a hydrostatic transmission. Speeds of up to 6.5 mph are achievable with a low-maintenance hydrostatic transmission. With this feature, you can enjoy a smooth ride, low maintenance, and long life that makes it an ideal choice.

Stamped 42-inch deck

Husqvarna has designed this mower with a 42″ deck that is perfect for homeowners who have a medium lawn. With this cutting deck, it is possible to maneuver between obstacles such as fences and bushes. Also, it will ensure that your lawn will be evenly and smoothly trimmed.

What didn’t we like?

Though this model is ideal for homeowners, it struggles on uneven terrain and areas that do not have flat lawns, backyards, etc.


  • low maintenance
  • Ideal for homeowners and personal use


  •  Not for rough terrain
  • Not good enough for commercial use
  • Not able to mow fast enough

Bottom Line

If you are a homeowner who needs a lawn mower for their medium-sized lawn, then Husqvarna Z142 zero turn lawn mower is the best choice for you.

4. Snapper 360Z 52-Inch 25HP Briggs & Stratton V-Twin Engine Zero Turn Lawn Mower w/ Cargo Bed, 2691323

Taking Snapper’s practical and straightforward design and integrating commercially-inspired elements into a compact frame, the 360Z XT Zero Turn takes its simple and practical look and adds some commercial features which are specialized for commercial use. This lawn mower features easy operation, streamlined design, and easy convertibility giving you the many mower attachments like-  mulching options that can be used for multi-purposes.

Briggs and Stratton Engine

With Snapper 360Z, you can expect a long-lasting and secure engine. This engine model of Briggs and Stratton offers high-performance engines like Intek. It also has a durable and long-lasting 230-caliber battery. With this quality, you can use the equipment for a long time and year after year without worrying about wearing out faster.

Commercial-Style Foot-Operated Deck Lift

Starting with the commercial-style foot-driven mower deck lift, the Snapper 360Z is simple to operate while lifting and adjusting the mower deck.

There is a choice of thirteen different height-of-cut positions between 1.5 and 4.5 inches. With its smooth steering controls, you can maneuver the vehicle easily and rapidly in any direction.

Stylistic Color And Design

Snapper has an aesthetic sense, as well as durability and comfort. Snapper 360Z offers you an attractive and stunning color combination.

The primary coloration of the machine is predominantly maroon, and the addition of black color on the back makes it even more visually pleasing.

Additionally, the choice of the finest seat material contributes to the elegance of the other parts.

What didn’t we like?

Even with the amazing features, it does not offer a lifetime warranty on its mower deck. So, whenever the deck is worn out you will need to repair or replace it at your own cost.


  • Briggs and Stratton engine with high power
  • Pedal-operated deck feature
  • Fully welded steel frame
  • Adjustable cutting heights
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • The mower deck is not covered by a warranty
  • Cargo bed not integrated
  • A lack of anti-scalp wheels

Bottom Line

If you intend to use a lawn mower for both home and commercial use, then there is no better choice than Snapper 360Z Zero Turn Mower for you.

5. Husqvarna Z248F 48 in. 21.5 HP Kawasaki Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower

Husqvarna Z248F is a zero-turn mower from the Z200 series. This series combines style and performance.

The Z248F zero-turn is powered by a 21.5 HP Kawasaki engine. It features a convenient deck lift to help with even cutting with the ClearCut technology on the 48-inch deck.

With Husqvarna Z248F, you can mow your lawn safely thanks to an ergonomic control panel and anti-slip foot area. You can park the mower simply just by moving the steering levers outward when the workday is over.

Kawasaki Engine

Kawasaki is one of the popular engine brands for quality and durability and Z248F offers you a fully pressure-lubricated, two-cylinder Kawasaki engine with an oil pump and oil filter. It is very powerful but it will function without disturbing your ears.

Zero-Maintenance Transmission

Husqvarna Z248F offers you a hydroacoustic transmission system that makes your mower work very smooth. And with this feature, you do not have to worry about maintenance at all.

Clearcut Deck Tecnology

The deck lift on the Husqvarna Z248F is extremely useful. Using its ClearCut technology, this machine achieves 48-inch cut results that are best-in-class. Easy-to-use spring-assisted deck lift system located conveniently within operator reach.

What didn’t we like?

 It is quite heavy to drive and if you are not experienced, you might have trouble driving it.


  • Engine that is quiet and powerful
  • Packed with features that are among the best in the industry
  • Easy to maintain and extremely user-friendly
  • High-quality materials and excellent build quality
  • A wide selection of accessories are available


  • Speed maximum is low
  • The price is a bit high 
  • Roll Over Protection System not installed

Bottom Line

If you want a lush green lawn more than anything else, then the Husqvarna Z248F zero-turn mower can give you an exceptional grass-cutting experience and a beautiful-looking lawn.

6. Craftsman 17ARFACQ091 50-Inch Hydrostatic Gas Zero Turn Mower

The Craftsman 17ARFACQ091 zero-turn riding mower is a great option for optimal mowing enjoyment.

With its powerful 24 HP Briggs and Stratton twin-cylinder engine and an easy and reliable starting system without a primer or choke, this unit includes a 50-inch steel deck.

As you ride through the lawn, your ride will be exceptional thanks in part to zero turning. With the addition of a mulching kit, you will be able to return nutrients to your lawn’s soil, making it lush green and beautiful.

Briggs and Stratton Engine

Craftsman 7ARFACQ091 zero turn mower comes with a powerful Briggs and Stratton that has 24 HP. There is no priming required, no choke, and the engine starts easily and reliably.

Easy operation

Craftsman 7ARFACQ091 offers extraordinary maneuverability as its zero-turn feature makes it very easy to move and mow. Its wheels are also great.

Hydrostatic Transmission

With a dual hydrostatic transmission feature, this model of Craftsman ZT mower has increased control and traction than the previous models. This feature also makes it low maintenance that keeps you worry-free for a long period of time.

50-inches Deck

The cutting deck of Craftsman 7ARFACQ091 is reinforced with stamped steel deck that is durable. Any medium to the large-sized lawn can easily be handled with this lawn mower.

What didn’t we like?

Only 2-year warranty for the whole mower whereas most mowers offer five years of warranty. And it also causes starting problems sometimes after some years of usage. The warranty does not cover it.


  • The engine is powerful
  • An improved mowing experience
  • High-back seat for comfort and support
  • Warranty of five years available on frames


  • Problems with starting after a time
  • starts but stops after a time

Bottom Line

If your lawn is large, the Craftsman Riding Lawn Mower is the best choice. This lawnmower is very efficient and provides optimal control. Your lawn mowing tasks will be accomplished quickly and conveniently with its exceptional maneuverability and cutting width.

7. Ariens Edge 34 inch 20 HP (Briggs) Zero Turn Mower 915251

Ariens Edge 34 Briggs is one of the new lawn mower series of Ariens. This zero turn mower from Ariens offers all the premium features their customers expect at an incredibly affordable price.

It is very comfortable to drive as it has high back seats that prevent you from back pain. Ariens 34 Edge is a zero turn mower, so it takes up very little storage when you park it. Foot-operated deck lifts feature the slide of a lever to adjust deck height simply and intuitively.

Trailer Hitch

By simply adding a trailer hitch to the Ariens 34 edge, you can convert your zero-turn mower into a multitasking machine. Trailer hitches are versatile attachments that can be used with a variety of attachments, from spreaders to utility trailers.

34 Inches Decks

This 34-inch mulch kit for zero turn mowers helps you maintain a professionally manicured lawn while returning nutrients to the soil. Each blade is set up in separate chambers by means of an easy-to-install baffle. It is cut many times before falling onto the lawn when it is cut and lifted into the cutting chamber.

Additional Ariens Branded Mower Cover

Ariens Edge 34 Briggs comes with a weather-resistant cover that saves your mower from getting drenched in rain or dust while parked. It is an OEM replacement zero-turn cover. With this hard-shell cover, your investment will be protected from harsh conditions.

What didn’t we like?

 You can not use it for commercial use or a large lawn.


  • First-rate 19 HP KOHLER 6000 Series Engine 
  • Large Fuel Tank
  • Comfortable high back seat 


  • Not very suitable for commercial use
  • Not suitable for large lawn

Bottom Line

Customers looking for a zero-turn mower that is ideally suited to small yards should consider the Ariens Edge. With zero-turn, Ariens promises quality and performance without compromise

8. Troy-Bilt Mustang Zero-Turn Mower

In the field of lawn mowers, a very well-known manufacturer for producing long-lasting, durable products is the Troy-Bilt. Their Mustang 54 zero turn mower is a great example of a highly powerful and top-notch performing mower.

This machine can offer the users multiple functionalities and a suitable one for commercial uses. The long-lasting built together with increased protection and sturdy frame design ensures greater longevity. You would also love the inbuilt suspension springs that allow a comfortable ride for the operators.

Super powerful engines

The 25HP Brigg and Stratton Intek V-twin engines featured by the Mustang unit generate incredible power allowing the machine to perform all day around.

No matter how vast your turf or yard is, this mower can easily cover the entire area without slowing down a bit of the efficiency. Apart from the engines, the other designing features like the instant fire-up, dynamically modeled crankshaft, and cylinder ensure smooth operation.

Comfortable designing feature

This mower is specially built considering the demand of the professionals who spend many of their hours trimming the larger lawn turfs or landscapes.

So, proper user comfort is a must while designing this machine. Luckily, the unit also delivers so. The high back support with an 18-inch sized cozy seat keeps the rider relaxed during their long working hours.

In order to ensure more hassle-free operation, the device also features an in-built double suspension that helps in absorbing any vibrational effects or reducing bumps while riding uneven surfaces.

Dual-Sharp Blades

The cutting deck of this lawn mower is built with 13-gauge Aluminum and also incorporates sharp blades on both sides.

The 54-inch size larger deck covers a huge range of lawn areas. The blades are perfectly suitable for both flat regions and rugged, steep cliff lawn surfaces. Electric power drives the blades and thus provides more speed and efficiency.

On top of every such feature, there is forward axle grease fitting that can certainly deliver the longer life expectancy of the machine.

What didn’t we like?

One issue with the Troy-Bilt Mustang Zero Turn Mower is its uneven weight distribution which makes this excellent commercial lawn mower inefficient in sloppy surfaces. Otherwise, this machine should be an excellent choice for professionals.


  • Pretty powerful and fuel-efficient engines are featuring overhead valves.
  • Heavy-duty steel-made frame and super-solid components.
  • Metal-made belt pulleys along with high-quality belts.
  •  A very responsive machine and easy to control.
  • 54-inch sized huge cutting deck with self-cleaning blade facility.


  • Sometimes you might need to repair the electrical body components.
  • No featuring of any armrests.
  • To some users, lap bar controls are not up to the mark.

Bottom Line

Fewer riding lawn mowers are as sturdy as the Mustang 54 ZTR. It comes with an incredible combination of power, performance, and long-lasting ability. This machine is specifically built for vast landscapes and lawn areas.

9. Husqvarna MZ61 Kawasaki Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower

Despite being an entry-level zero turn mower, the Husqvarna MZ61 Kawasaki can deliver you the sturdy built functional mower body that you have been looking for over the years.

If you are looking for a mowing machine that will hold up over time, then Husqvarna MZ61 should be your top choice.

You would love the pretty cool exterior of this unit in consort with its smooth steering and amazing cut quality. Overall, it comes as a pretty slick mowing option for the lawn owners.

Highly balanced performance

MZ61 is a highly efficient unit that can easily knock out 3 to 4-acres sized lawn areas in just an hour. The durable caster wheels of this machine have dimensions of 12 x 10 x 10 at the back and measure 6-inches in the front.

Due to the larger rear wheels, this model comes as a highly balanced one with minimal chance of getting slipped on the flat land. The durable design of the 6-inch-wide front casters and the pneumatic tires are super smooth on the turf, and they provide a long lifetime.

The 24 HP Kawasaki FR730V V-Twin Series Engines provides smooth output power and confirms quieter operation with outstanding durability.

The lightweight construction of the machine improves the fuel economy and also produces more efficient performance. To add higher stability, the machine delivers a full force lubrication process with a spin-on fuel filter.

Super strong cutting blades

This MZ61 model features a 61-inch sized mower deck associated with welded 3-blades made with 11-gauge heavy-duty steel and also the greasable spindles.

This powerful and durable designed steel deck can mulch clipping and is capable of clearing out all of your yard debris. The oversized 2 by 3 inches steel tube chassis delivers superior strength.

In order to ensure even more strength, the machine is designed with a combined twin steel sheet. Easy access to the spindles and deck-belt pulleys is possible due to the detachable foot pan.

The ergonomically constructed pedal-assisted deck lifting facility of this mower from the seated position confirms precise cutting with a proper trimming height adjustment and delivers a pristine lawn to the users.

Ease of operation

The best reason for users being a fan of this unit is its super easy functionalities. The rollover protection structure of this machine (better known as ROPS) is directly mounted to the chassis, while the safety belt is also included.

This system reduces the accidental risks during the mower rolling on your ground. Hydro-gear ZT3100 Hydrostatic transmission delivers higher ground speeds to ensure mowing up to 4.2 acres just in an hour with speeds of around 8.5 mph.

The 15-inch-high back sliding seats with armrests and foamed hand grips deliver unmatched comfort to the users.

What didn’t we like?

Overall, this mower unit can deliver almost all the mowing requirements that the users can look out for. But we think this machine requires a lot of maintenance issues. You need to give a lot of your time to this machine.


  • Durable, large, and powerful mower deck.
  • Very reduced noise with minimal vibration.
  • Solid, durable body to last longer.
  • Powerful engines to deliver maximum output power.


  • No attached fuel gauge.
  • Tricky one on a sloppy downward hilly surface.

Bottom line

At its price range, Husqvarna MZ61 is a great machine. It would be a perfect option for the homeowners with a fairly large lawn area. The machine is an ideal entry-level commercial mower.

10. Ariens APEX 48″ 23hp Kohler 7000 Series Zero Turn Mower

If you want to pick an item that can deliver you the precision, power, comfort, design, durability- in short, it can emerge as a total package; then Ariens APEX 48-inch Zero Turn Mower Kohler 7000 series should be on the top of your choice list.

The machine is packed with different commercial features like a 10-gauge steel-made fabricated deck design, tubular steel frame, ZT 3100 transaxles for added torque capacity, etc., to place the mower at the leading position in the zero mower machine industry.

Advanced level cutting option

The best feature coming with Ariens APEX 48-inch Lawn Mower is its advanced level cutting option.

This machine features a commercial-grade 48-inch mower cutting deck which is built with a 10-gauge welded design.

The deck is around 5.5 inches in depth, coming with a solid reinforced leading edge to ensure the required airflow that can tackle different tough grass mowing conditions and delivers a highly even trimming performance.

Apart from the high-end cutting quality, there is also a self-adjusted belt tension technique available with this device.

This attribute helps the riders by keeping the deck belt tension intact, which results in maximum belt life withstanding minimal wear and tear. You will enjoy the consistent, high-quality cutting with Ariens APEX 48″ Kohler 7000 series within the minimum possible adjustment requirements.

Heavy duty constructional design

This mower unit comes with a powerful V-Twin KOHLER 7000 Series engine with 23 HP power delivering capacity.

It is associated with all the durable components supporting professional-grade features to provide better longevity and stability to the users.

The commercial level hydro gear ZT 3100 transaxles produce superior torque generation and ensure a greater range of load capacity.

The forward mowing speed of this machine is 8 mph, while the reverse range is up to 4 mph. You would love the industry-leading tubular steel frame formation of this machine, supporting the entire body like a backbone. Thus, a better commercial level performance is delivered to your home acreage with the Ariens APEX models.

Easy and intuitive operational features

Enjoy the effortless adjustments of the machine provided by the intuitive foot-controlled deck lifting system.

There is a versatile range of 15 different cutting positions varying from 1.5 inches to 5 inches with a gradual increment of 0.25 inches of each. You can choose any of these positions using the simple perpendicular pin selection process of the mower machine.

Another amazing feature delivered by this unit is the ROPS (rollover protection system) feature which is directly mounted to the machine chassis with the inclusion of the safety belt.

This attribute provides better safety against operational risks or other such accidents while your mower is rolling over the ground.

To add more protection, there are welded steel frame rails supporting automotive-style features in conjunction with the commercially inspired solid design.

Despite so many quality protective traits and designs, this model is backed with 4 years of warranty to provide more user convenience.

Less maintenance with added comfort

Ariens is famous for putting their most priority on designing the lowest possible maintenance requirement mowing machines.

They run a series of actions like scrutinizing, assessing, testing, and improving every last assembly, including the bolt, belt, or pin. This model of Ariens is particularly famous for its smart, sustainable body components, durable, and virtually indestructible construction.

Due to such consistent delivery of effortless performance, you would need to render less maintenance to the machine.

Moreover, no compromise with the comfort of this machine as it delivers high back seating with padded armrest and steering levers with a larger diameter to ensure more user coziness.

The rear tires of this riding machine measure 22 x 10.5 inches and can deliver an improved level of traction power. Thus, a relaxed and smoother riding experience is ensured.

What didn’t we like?

The Kohler series machine of this machine is a pretty solid one considering the consistent power delivery of it.

But I personally think that the Kawasaki engine should be a better upgrade to this unit. Again, the engines of this model generate continued disturbing noise. The LED headlight is also a bit faulty. You need to delicately handle this machine to ensure better safety.


  • Premium quality 25 HP V-Twin Kohler 7000 series engines.
  • Top-notch performance with heavy duty components.
  • Durable tubular body frame design to ensure longer run time.
  •  High torque and inertia generation for easy start and operation.
  •  Comfortable construction and convenient operation facilities.


  • A bit smaller considering commercial purpose uses.
  • Higher-level engine noise might be disturbing to many users.

Bottom Line

If your first priority is to pick the longest-lasting lawn mower that you can use for more than 500 hours in trimming your yard and present it a catchy look, you should seriously consider adding Ariens APEX 48″ 23hp Kohler 7000 Series Zero Turn Mower to your arsenal. Not many mowers can deliver you such precision and power is presented in a single package.

11. Husqvarna Z254 54 in. Kohler Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower

One of the most popular residential purpose mowers being widely used by lawn owners is the Husqvarna Z254 54-inch Kohler Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower.

Despite its simple design and easy construction, this unit promises to deliver an amazing performance.

Moreover, you need not invest more than 3000 bucks for this machine. This high performer mowing machine is famous for completing the trimming task in less time than other similar riding or push type lawn mowers. So, you can easily make this model added to your shortlist.

Powerful, durable design

You will get powerful 26 HP Kohler engines running this mower unit. This engine is responsible for the plenty of power generation of the machine.

There also come Hydro-Gear ZT 2200 trans axles that help the users with a reliable and prompt start with the ability to run the mower at average speeds of 6.5 mph.

All the components are industry standard. Within such a limited budget range, there is no such mower to deliver such industry-grade builds.

Moreover, there is a patent-pending brake system. This automatic choke system enables the activation or deactivation just the moment you will move the steering levers forward or backward position. The riders will start the mower very conveniently with such a machine.

To ensure better durability, the Husqvarna Z254 riding mower features an 11-gauge reinforced heavy-stock steel cutting deck with a solid frame.

This stamped steel deck usually offers a longer lifetime than the fabricated ones. The smart air filtration system of this machine increases the airflow and thus extends the machine’s life period. You can certainly use this device over the years without any bother or wear and tear issues.

Amazing Cutting Quality

You will enjoy an amazing cutting quality with this Husqvarna Z254 ZTR mower. The reinforced stamp steel cutting deck featured by this unit offers maximum durability with smart, efficient grass cutting options. It has an outstanding dimension of 54 inches.

Due to this larger deck size, this machine can easily cover a larger area within the least time range. Moreover, fabricated decks usually tend to hold up a long time period. The grass lifting option, along with the side discharging and mulching function, is pretty solid in this machine as well.

There is a minor issue with the mower deck, though. Its chute guard is made of plastic. This may look a bit fragile. Instead, I would prefer a rubber guard for its better sustainability and longevity.

Apart from this minor issue, the overall deck build and performance are pretty slick. It can also maintain the better evenness of the trimmed grass. There is an air induction mowing technology that can draw air from both the top and bottom side of the deck in order to improve grass and offer a superior even cut.

Aesthetic design with user comfort and safety

The thing I personally like the most about the Husqvarna Z254 is its esthetic look. The primary orange color with a grey accent presents such a great look.

The fabricated deck also looks so good too. You would love the sleek and simple design of this amazing lawn mower. On top of that, the machine is greatly user comfortable as well.

Though there is no suspension seating arrangement in this mowing device, what I can guarantee is you wouldn’t mind the existing one. There is a high back seat to support proper back strength and decent comfort to the riders.

If you need to sit in this unit for a long period of time, there are fewer chances of muscle fatigue. Both the front wheels and the rear ones are positioned and spread in such a way so that the machine can evenly distribute its whole-body weight.

Thus, it brings more user comfort and safety to the users by ensuring safer stands. Moreover, it guarantees efficient uphill mowing operations. There is a standard safety switch to turn off the machine instantly if you accidentally fall off the mower. Overall, maximum user protection is safeguarded.

What didn’t we like?

Husqvarna Z254 is a great mower, but all the great things come with the slightest issues. While using this machine, we felt that there were grass-cutting builds up on the mower deck that we found a nuisance.

There are also lots of different variants of its engines. For the first-time user of this machine, this might be confusing for sure. This model can be a pretty good option as a professional-grade mowing machine, but as an entry-level option, it probably wouldn’t stand as a good choice.


  • Automatic parking brake system.
  •  Effortless maneuverability with precise steering.
  • Generous-sized 54-inch reinforced stamped steel deck.
  • Easy control features with ergonomic body design.
  • Sturdy construction provided by industry-grade components.
  • Top-notch air induction mowing technology for superior cutting performance.


  •  Plastic-made chute guard.
  • No suspension seating arrangement for the riders.

Bottom line

Most of the efficient lawn mowers are expensive. Finding a quality mower within a limited budget is a tough job. But with the Husqvarna Z254 54 Kohler Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower, you would get the topmost efficiency and resilience to perform for the future. Make your mowing task effortless and precise, even on any uneven terrain using this stellar.

Choosing the Longest Lasting Zero Turn Mower: The Factors you Need to Know

Choosing the ideal lawnmower is the very first step of giving the landscape of your property a significantly beautiful look and adding more beauty to your estate.

The perfectly suitable longest lasting zero turn mower works like a pro and can manicure your home yard at your desired level for an extended period of time.

Due to the technological advancements taking place in this lawn mower machinery industry, now you will get tons of different mowing machines featuring a whole range of different attributes.

They start from riding mowers to hilly areas with specialized mowers, and so on. Before purchasing a lawn mower for your landscaping needs, you need to follow a buying guide that can direct you to the best mowing machines for your turf.

Here is such a guide that will provide you the gist of the basic factors that you need to look out for before deciding and going to buy a mower.

Engines power

Your chosen mower should be equipped with such a powerful engine which makes the machine capable of countering its weight against gravity, the obstacles lying on the turf surface, tall and heavy graces, etc.

Kohler, Briggs, and Stratton, Kawasaki, Yamaha Are among few of the many brands that generate prevailing mower engines that are suitable for the commercial longest lasting zero turn mowers.

The ideal power capacity of a commercial-grade lawn mower should be in between the range of 21 to 25 horsepower.

If you have to mow any turn sitting at hilly terrains, you would need to have a powerful mower engine as the whole-body weight of the machine will act against the motion while mowing the uphill regions.

Mower deck size

One of the essential aspects of any lawn mower is its cutting deck. The larger the cutting deck size, the larger the mowing area it can provide.

So, you need to consider this point while purchasing any mowing device. You need to choose the mower deck size considering the area of your locality you frequently need to mow.

If it is a vast landscape area like a golf course or any community park, you have to go with the full cutting deck. But, if you opt to use the mower for residential purposes only, you can go with a relatively smaller cutting deck size.

You may choose either welded or stamped steel deck depending on your requirement. Stamped steel decks offer longevity to your machine, while welded ones provide better cutting quality.

Another thing you need to check for ensuring more user convenience. Purchase the mower that comes with adjustable height settings of the cutting deck so that it can allow you are trimming the laws greases as per your requirements and also according to the landscape parameters of the yard.

Power source: Gas vs. Electric

Both gas and electric power are effective for mowing your yard, but the selection of one of them depends on the yard size.

Usually, medium to large-sized lawns require a powerful and durable mower, and thus, gas-powered ones suit the purpose very well. On the contrary, electric-powered mowers are affordable and more suitable for any residential landscaping purpose.

The turning radius

To avoid tripping, slipping, and falling on tricky surfaces like hilly terrain or uphill conditions, you need to pick a lawn mower with a small turning radius.

The lower the dimension of this, the easier it is to maneuver the mower. Usually, larger sized machines come with a relatively higher turning radius. Higher maneuverability helps in covering up a larger turf at a faster rate. Selecting the right radius is also necessary for this.

Durable construction

Durability should be one of the prime concerns while choosing your desired zero turn mower.

Try to find a machine that comes with a stable frame, robust engines, quality material, strong deck, and provides consistent performance. An ideal long-lasting mower should come with a safety guard for the protection of its rear-mounted engines.

Mowing speed

The speed of any zero-turn mower depends on factors like lawn type and locating area. Usually, a flat surface without fewer obstacles can result in faster mower speeds to pack up your task within less time.

For trimming any small residential yard, you need to pick a mower that can provide you the speeds of 5 to 6 mph. Any medium yard will require 6 to 7 mph speeds, whereas the bigger or commercial purpose mowing should have speeds of 8 or 9 mph. Pick your machine accordingly.

Ergonomic design and user comfort

In case you need to mow a lawn that measures around 2 acres or more than that, then you need to spend a lot of your time riding on the mower.

Thus, you need to consider a mower that can provide you the ultimate comfort and is also built with an ergonomic design.

A high back seat accompanied by proper back and lumbar support should be offered. There should be the attachments of proper padded armrests and footpads.

There might be other user-friendly features like cup holders, proper height adjustment settings, snow blades, battery meter, bumper for the prevention of machine jerking and reduction of the chance of falling down, etc.

Moreover, wider rear wheels along with ergonomic easily adjustable lever controls should be supported.

Safety features

Never take this feature lightly while selecting your lawn mower. Try to pick a mower that can ensure user safety attributes like flip prevention, reverse awareness technique, the inclusion of blade clutch, protective bumper, etc.

Moreover, it also needs to include parking brakes to protect the riders from going down abruptly while mowing any sloppy land and the auto shutdown feature of the machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are some basic questions and queries regarding longest lasting zero turn riding mowers frequently asked by existing or potential customers. Taking a look at them would be a helpful one for you as well. So, let’s dig in.

What is a Zero Turn Mower?

Zero turn mower is a basic lawn mower type that you can use to trim or manicure the unwanted grass of your lawn landscape. It comes with a mowing deck positioned at the front side of the machine rather than being the below of any traditional tractor.

Unlike the lawn tractors, zero turn mowers feature a wider cutting deck and a better speed range. They are also relatively easier and more comfortable to operate. The ergonomically designed zero-turn mowers help fight the fatigue of long mowing sessions for the riders.

Moreover, the smaller size of these mowers offers better mobility around the turf surface. Zero turn mowers come in different types, including the ride-on mower, stand-on, or walk-behind machine. Most of these machines are equipped with four wheels.

The front two are swiveling wheels, whereas the rear ones are large drive wheels. Operator handles can control each wheel and also the steering of the rider. Overall, this machine gets a pretty solid mechanical design.

What is the average life expectancy of a Zero Turn Mower?

This question is a bit tricky, and the answer would also not be an exact one for sure. The lifetime of any machine can’t be guessed exactly while using it or before starting to use it or purchase it.

The same things go for the Zero Turn lawn mower as well. Typically, almost all Zero Turn mowers come with a pretty solid design and super powerful construction. Thus, they are capable of withstanding many wear and tears over the years.

These mowers can stand up for around up to 15 years at most! Though, there are many mowers, even many versions of Zero Turn mowers, that can survive for 4 to 5 years.

If we consider the run hour estimation, then Zero Turn mowers can easily hit more than 2000 hours without any major repairing issues. You can extend the normal life expectancy of your Zero Turn Mower with regular maintenance and monitor.

What drive types are used in riding lawn mowers?

A riding lawn mower usually comes with three different drive types. Among them, the first type is rear-wheel drive, in which the rear wheel is fully operational.

If your lawn is more like a sloppy one or has steep terrain, then the rear-wheel drive would be more perfect than the other two.

In the case of the front wheel drive mower, it is the front wheels that are fully operative and are connected to the mower engines.

If you are planning to use your mowing machine in any flat surface of your backyard or lawn turf, then surely the front wheel drive machine will be the perfectly suited one for such a purpose.

Finally, the last type is the all-wheel lawn mower which is different in constructional design and structure. All-wheel drive machines have four smaller wheels that are connected to the engines.

This mower heavily tends to slip more often. If you want to mow any uphill terrain, an all-drive wheel mower should not be a good choice for the purpose.

Which features can make a ride-on a mower ideal for slopes and hills?

A ride-on mower is way far ahead of the typical mechanically powered lawn mower if you want to choose one for trimming any steep hills or sloppy terrains. If you are a newbie, it will be a tough task for you to push the mechanical powers up or down the hilly surface with just your bare hands.

A push mower is a slow machine. Moreover, it does not come with proper control settings and enough traction power that is required for operating on a steeper hill.

Due to the shortcomings of all these, a mechanical push lawn mower would eventually cost you much strength, result in fatigue, and prone to accidents.

They can only cover a smaller region. On the other hand, riding mowers are designed to fill all these inadequacies.

They feature powerful engines that can work for long hours without getting exhausted. You can operate this machine comfortably with the highest precision and efficiency without anybody’s fatigue.

What are the benefits of using a riding mower?

Riding mowers are more expensive than push mowers, but they also offer many advantages that can justify their price tag.

The riding mowers are perfect for trimming a larger area. They come with either attachment to bag clippings or mulching capabilities.

Some even combine both. They are capable of cutting around the trees and shrubs on your very first pass due to their zero turning radius.

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• Scag Turf Tiger Reviews

These machines feature a greater fuel capacity than the others. They also come with an easily adjustable cutting deck.

Almost all of the riding mower models come with a stable design with durable body construction to allow users to enjoy their services over the years despite a lot of wear and tear. The traction power of the tires is also incredible.

Overall, riding mowers are far way ahead compared to other different options being available in this lawn mower industry.

Final words

You certainly don’t want any zero-turn machine that you need to return after a few months of purchasing, right? The longest lasting zero turn mower comes with durability that can support the users by withstanding every kind of obstacle and survive all adverse conditions. You need to play your cards right to purchase a long-lasting mower.

But it is also true that if you don’t maintain the mowers properly, they are going to lose their efficiency very early. So, the longevity of your mower also depends largely on you.

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