How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Golf Cart – Full Details

We understand that you have a great passion for golf. But you can’t manage to play it regularly or you are wanting to spend some good time with friends playing golf together but after that, you will not need the cart.

Purchasing a golf cart solely for you is obviously a better choice, but renting is not necessarily a bad one. Especially if you need the golf cart just for a while.

So, How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Golf Cart? Rental companies generally charge 50 USD to 60 USD per day for 2-person and 4-person golf carts. The price can even be 15 to 25 USD per hour if you need the golf cart only for a few hours. A delivery charge of 60 USD to 70 USD may also be added if you want to have the cart delivered somewhere.

Factors That Affect The Renting Rate Of The Golf Cart

Several factors work behind these prices. And depending on them, the prices can go up or down.

1. The Size Of The Cart.

Prices depend on whether you’re willing to rent a 2-person or 4-person cart.

2-Person50-60 USD per day
4-Person60-70 USD per day
6-Person100+ USD per day

2. Renting Time.

If you’re renting for a few hours, then they will charge 15 to 25 USD for every hour. And if you’re renting for a day then the rent will be much more economical averaging 50 to 60 USD per day.

3. Delivery Fee.

An extra amount will be added if you want to get the cart delivered to some specific place.

Within 20 miles of the office60 to 70 USD
For every mile after 20 miles2 to 3 USD per mile

4. Distance Of Travel.

They will set a specific distance. You can use the cart only for that amount of distance. After that, extra charges will be added.

Hourly vs Daily: Which one should you prefer?

Let’s be honest. Golf cart renting companies are clever, right? They create the pricing model in such a way that it becomes much more economical for you to rent for a longer time.

If you can get a cart for 50 to 60 USD per day, then why will you even consider renting at an hourly rate of 15 to 25 USD! It won’t make any sense.

Their pricing models are like this and there’s no other way. So, always prefer renting for at least a day because that’s more sensible.

How To Rent A Golf Cart?

The easiest approach to rent the cart is to get in touch with the business you are considering and inquire about its fleet, costs, and policies. Many businesses have stringent guidelines and a cap on the distance their vehicle can travel.

Galveston, for instance, demands insurance and levies deposits from drivers below 25. If you are older than 21 but younger than 25, you must pay a 250 USD security deposit.

All rental businesses demand that customers present a valid driver’s permit and acknowledge that the golf carts are automobiles and must abide by all traffic regulations. Additionally, the majority of businesses don’t offer same-hour rentals because they require time to assess and prepare their available vehicles.

Bookings for a particular day are allowed, but they should be made between three and four hours prior to the moment you want to use the golf cart. Since they are booked so last-minutely, the majority of these immediate bookings are non-refundable.

Online reservation is typically an option provided by businesses. Myrtle Beach allows you to choose the kind of cart, the length of time you want to rent it, the days and hours of departure and arrival, and even the choice of transportation. Without calling or seeing them in reality, you can handle the entire booking procedure online.

Best Golf Cart Renting Places

Costs greatly vary on the area and type of vehicle, therefore it’s imperative that you conduct further research and choose the best site. Following that, below is a big list of locations offering cart rentals around the country:

Puetz Golf Seattle Superstore, WAMiami Beach Golf Cart Rental, FL
Bettis Garden & Equipment Rental, OKEscondido Golf Car Center, CA
Colorado Golf and Turf, COGolf Cart Sales and Rentals Houston, TX
Elite Golf Cart Rentals of Maryland, MDYamaha Golf Cars of California, CA
Foursom Golf Cars, ORSalem Golf Car, OR

Insurance For Golf Cart Renting

Insuring a golf cart rental, particularly one with many operators, may be voluntary, but it is undoubtedly something to think about. Insurance costs between 15 USD and 18 USD each day. Leasing several carts results in a rise in coverage and processing fee costs, just as it does with shipping charges. Coverage also extends to single-vehicle rentals.


How much does it cost to rent a golf cart for a month in Florida?

Golf cart renting for a month can cost you around 400 USD in Florida. This rate can go up and down during the on and off seasons.

How much is a golf cart rental in Destin FL?

Renting a golf cart in Destin can cost you 95 USD per day on average. This rate will increase if you’re renting a bigger cart.

Do you need a license to drive a golf cart in Florida?

It is not mandatory to have a driving license to drive a golf cart. But you will at least need to be over 14 years of age.

Can you drive a golf cart around Disney World?

At Fort Wilderness, golf carts are available for rent. Carts can be rented by visitors to use as they go throughout the sizable Resort


There are plenty of leasing service providers supplying golf carts, whether you plan to use one for touring or a regular round of golf. These can be tailored to meet the event about which you’re leasing them and are accessible in the majority of states.

Nevertheless, if you want to go playing, you’ll probably be given a car as well as the golf resort where you play. To help users handle their situation better and earn top scores, companies have in-home movers and cubbies.

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