6 Common Echo PB 8010 Problems and Solutions

Echo PB 8010

Since the Echo PB 8010 is a backpack leaf blower, most of it is arranged so that you can efficiently operate it for most practical usage.

With this machine, you can clean your lawn, backyard and garden more easily and quickly as it has a maximum air volume rating of 1071 cubic feet per minute.

However, you might find some issues with this Echo leaf blower. It is possible to have problems with any leaf blower after using it for a long time. Starting problem, engine problems, primer bulb problem, carburettor problems, engine runs then dies, and acceleration issues are some common problems of Echo PB 8010.

Common Problems of Echo PB 8010:

Having issues does not make your machine useless. You can resolve them efficiently if you know the reason behind the problems and how to solve them. Often the problems can be solved by troubleshooting.

So, the common problems of Echo PB 8010 are discussed below:

1. Starting problem

Problem with starting is a common problem for many of the leaf blowers and other machines like it.

It can happen due to low fuel or old fuel in the tank. When the fuel is left in the tank for more than a month, it can degrade, and the engine would start having problems, but it starts eventually.

However, if you leave the fuel for more than three to six months, then the fuel might get too sticky to come off and get stuck to the tank. This will stop the machine from starting unless you replace the fuel system.

2. Engine problem

A blocked fuel filter usually causes an engine problem. The fuel filter and the carburetor can be blocked due to debris and old fuel stickiness.

To solve the issue, you first need to check the carburetor to determine what has occurred. The carburetor can be cleaned, rebuilt, or completely replaced if clogged.

You will probably need to change the oil filter if that is the problem, as that might cost you.

3. Primer Bulb problem

If the primer bulb is not working, there may be an issue with the bulb, the fuel lines that supply the bulb with gasoline, or perhaps both.

Primer bulbs and pipes will ultimately freeze, break, and degrade over time as they are both constructed of flexible plastic or rubber.

When the primer bulbs are worn out, you might need to change the fuel lines or the primer bulb itself. Check the components to see which need a replacement.

4. Carburetor problem

A carburetor problem in a leaf blower is usually caused by debris stuck in the carburetor. Also, a clogged filter can cause carburetor problems.

So, clean the filters after use and change the oil every month. In this way, there will be no clogs and blockage. And the inner parts will remain safe for more extended periods.

5. Vibration problem

If you ever experience excessive vibration with your Echo PB 8010 leaf blower, then the reason might be because of improper part adjustments or the faulty carburetor.

Check the carburetor first. Replace it if it is faulty. If this does not solve your machine’s vibration problem, check the adjustments of the inner parts of your machine.

Rearrange the improper adjustments, and this should solve your problem.

6. Engine runs, then dies

You might experience that your leaf blower’s engine has started, but after some time, it dies. This can happen due to dirty fuel filters, contaminated fuel, faulty spark plugs, a dirty cooling system, etc.

Check all these parts to find the exact cause behind the problem and then solve it accordingly. If the fuel filter is dirty, clean it.

If there is contaminated fuel, drain it and refill the tank. Check the spark plugs, and replace them if they are worn out. Next, check the cooling system or air filter, and clean it if it is clogged and dirty.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Echo PB 8010 weigh?

The Echo PB 8010 weighs 24.5 IBS. It might seem heavier than regular leaf blowers, but keep in mind that it is a gas-powered backpack leaf blower. So, when you carry it on your back, it does not feel much heavy.

Is Echo a suitable brand leaf blower?

Overall, Echo is the undisputed champion. Low noise, excellent blowing capacity, 30–50% reduced weight. Sufficient blowing power to blow leaves onto sidewalks or other hard surfaces even while the machine is idling. So, it is worth the money.

What is the strongest echo blower?

The PB-8010 is the strongest blower on the market thanks to its excellent maximum airflow of up to 1819 m3/h at a force of 44.4N from its 79.9 cm3 engine. It is intended for the most demanding professional tasks where the additional power will help you save time and effort.

Final Words

Leaf blowers are very useful machines to keep your lawn and backyard clean from the leaves and other light dirt. However,  this is going to be a long term investment. So, make sure to invest your money properly with the Echo PB 8010, for its best service and reasonable price

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