How Much Does A Golf Cart Weigh? Answered

Most people do not consider the weight of the golf cart while purchasing one. Nevertheless, the mass of the golf cart has an impact on its top speed, uphill performance, and the amount of power needed to move it from one location to another.

So, How Much Does A Golf Cart Weigh? A golf cart may weigh somewhere from 550 to 1100 pounds. There are a number of reasons for the significant weight difference, such as-

  • Modifications.
  • Type of the vehicle(Gas or Electric).
  • Model or Version.
  • Company.

When calculating a golf cart’s weight, each of these elements is crucial.

What is the weight of an electric golf cart?

an golf cart

A battery-powered golf cart often weighs significantly less than a fuel-powered golf cart. That is unless you consider the battery’s mass. When the battery is fitted, an electronic golf cart would weigh much heavier than a fuel powered one.

But an electronic golf cart weighs between 900 and 1100 lbs, whereas a gas-powered vehicle normally reaches up to 800 lbs. And the batteries are solely to blame for that.

Weights Of Golf Carts From Different Companies

The manufacturer is among the most crucial elements in calculating a golf cart’s mass. Every golf cart manufacturer will use a different weight system for both its gas and electricity-powered versions. Let’s examine a few of the most well-known brands and the corresponding weights for their carts.

Yamaha Concierge 61010 pounds
Club Car Carryall1393 pounds
Yamaha Concierge 4767 pounds
ez go RXV Fleet906 pounds
Yamaha Adventurer Sport 2+21387 pounds
Club Car Onward 4795 pounds
Yamaha G8 Gas672 pounds
Yamaha G5 Sun Classic798 pounds
EZGO Medalist/TXT Gas750 pounds
Club Car DS Gas619 pounds

Why Should I Have to Consider the Weight of The Golf Cart?

We first should understand why it is necessary prior to beginning a discussion of how much a vehicle weighs. Can the weight actually have any meaning? It does, indeed.

For two key factors, it is crucial to understand a golf cart’s mass:

  • How easily the vehicle can ascend and descend hills and valleys depends on its weight.
  • You may calculate the towing capacity needed to move the golf cart using the weight as well.

If you don’t know its weight, you could find yourself on a golf course where the vehicle is unable to manage the terrain. It might also be difficult to transport the vehicle, which is occasionally necessary.

Dry Mass & Curb Mass: What Are They?

The terms “dry mass” and “curb mass” are used to describe the poundage of golf carts. So what is the distinction?

Dry mass: The mass of a golf cart without cells or even other attachments are referred to as its “dry mass.” (Without adding the cell, this is the reason electrical vehicles are more lightweight than gas-powered versions.)

Curb mass: The final weight, including the cell and any attachments, is known as the curb mass. These add-ons could be anything from mudguards to truck beds, back seats, or wheels.

How Much Does a Golf Cart Battery Weight?

Battery plays a very important role in the golf cart’s weight. It is assumed that the battery weighs almost 10% to 20% of the cart’s total weight. So, considering the weight of the battery while changing it, is also necessary.

Trojan T-10562 pounds
Interstate U250072 pounds
Trojan T-60558 pounds
Duracell GC863 pounds
Trojan Traveler 8V70 pounds
Trojan T-89069 pounds

What Amount Of Weight does A Golf Cart Will Retain?

The company and type will have an impact on this. The majority often have a load capacity of between 550 and 850 pounds. A big golf cart with four or more seats has a carrying capacity of up approximately 1100 lbs. This could be a little more when you possess a bigger golf cart featuring additional seating.

Bigger golf carts, meanwhile, differ from regular cars. Low power is a feature that they have for safety. To find out the maximum load capacity for the particular make and model of the cart, consult with the maker.

How Can Golf Carts Weight Be Decreased?

You may take just a few measures to lighten the load on the golf cart.

  • Eliminate any extraneous decorations or elements, such as: Eliminating a seating or cargo compartment which you do not really need can help you reduce your vehicle’s weight.
  • Electric rides are typically the best option if you want to lose weight.
  • Select a model that is lighter: Several golf carts were built with weight considerations in consideration. Opt for a smaller version if you want to lose a few pounds.

What Effect Does A Golf Cart’s Weight Have On Its Performance?

A golf cart’s mass can have a variety of effects on how well it performs. Heavy carts could have more trouble ascending hills and might need more force to achieve higher velocities. On the contrary side, lighter carts could be more maneuverable and simple to steer. Finally, driving the golf cart is the greatest method to see how weight impacts performance.


How heavy is an ezgo golf cart?

ez go RXV Fleet weighs just around 906 pounds and EZGO Medalist/TXT Gas weighs approximately 750 pounds.

How heavy is a Club Car golf cart?

Club Car Carryall weighs around 1393 pounds and Club Car Onward 4 weighs 795 pounds, and Club Car DS Gas weighs 619 pounds.

How much does an 8-volt golf cart battery weigh?

An 8-volt golf cart battery can weigh between 60 to 100 pounds.


The heaviness of a golf cart is something you should be aware of whenever you buy one. This will guarantee that the golf cart can support the extra weight. It’s critical to choose the appropriate weight of a golf cart that suits your purposes because they range in weight. A seamless and comfortable experience when operating a golf cart on the course depends on carefully considering your alternatives before making a purchase.

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