Most Common Hisun Sector 750 Problems and Solutions

Hisun Sector 750 Problems

Hisun was originally an accessory supplier to major Utility Vehicle manufacturers, such as Polaris. Then, initially they started producing UTVs and ATVs of their own. The UTVs that Hisun makes are extremely durable and reliable.

In the 4 passenger side-by-side market, the Hisun off-road vehicle is the strongest vehicle. They have more than 250 dealers across the country, and thousands of retailers carry their products.

Hisun Sector 750 is one of the popular UTV’s of Hisun. This machine is powered by a powerful 4-Stroke EFI Engine. The equipment includes 4-Wheel Drive with Electric Power Steering, Locking Differentials, and Dual A-Arm Nitrogen Assisted Shocks, along with a winch rated at 3500 pounds. So, you can easily rely on this powerful UTV. However, it might create some problems after years of use.

Common Problems with Hisun Sector 750

Do not let the problems you have faced with your Hisun 750 or might face in the future overwhelm you if you are a current user or thinking about purchasing this UTV. Vehicles and machines can have problems at any time. Having knowledge about what caused the problem in the first place will enable you to resolve it. So, today we are going to talk about the problems of Hisun Sector 75 and provide you with necessary solutions so that you can solve them. 

1. Engine overheating

Engine overheating is a very common problem that might happen to a lot of UTV users. Engine usually overheats if the vehicle is overloaded, This can lead to problems like the engine being stuck on a trail or with serious engine problems.


To solve the engine overheating problem of Hisun Sector 750, you can install dual fans. Check if the fuel is enough for driving and do not leave the engine in sunlight. Too much heat and sunlight can also make the engine hot. So, make sure to park your Hisun UTV under a shade to prevent the engine from overheating.

2. Vehicle not starting

Your UTV might not start because of a lot of reasons. It could be because of empty fuel, clogged filters, damaged engine, torn wires, loose connection etc, you better troubleshoot and find out the actual cause.


Replacing or repairing the engine will solve the problem of your UTV if the cause of the problem is damaged engine. If not, you can check for the wire connections. You might need to replace the wires if they are torn. And if the air filter or fuel filter is clogged with debris, just cleaning them will solve your issue.

3. Issues with warranty

Hisun provides only 2 years of warranty which is not enough according to many users. Also, some users reported that, when they have issues with the vehicle and they contact the manufacturer to solve the issues with the warranty, they seem to be very reluctant to respond.

4. Customer care of Hisun is not responsive

You might face a lot of other issues with your Hisun Sector 750 and you want suggestions from the manufacturer company. But that will not take you anywhere because the customer care of Hisun is not at all friendly. You will have a hard time reaching out to them. But even when you do, you will find them to be not helpful. So, you might need to hire a random mechanic to solve your Hisun UTV issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hisun Sector 750 a good side-by-side?

Hisun side by side vehicles are excellent in quality. Hisun has the ability to produce some of the best side-by-sides in the industry. The company follows the guidelines set by the industry in order to make all types of off-road vehicles including Hisun Sector 750.

How much does Hisun Sector 750 cost?

Hisun Sector 750 costs about $14,499.00 US dollars. However, this price can vary after some time and if bought from second hand users.

What are the basic features of Hisun Sector 750?

Featuring 4-Wheel Drive with EPS, Locking Differentials, Dual A-Arm Nitrogen Assisted Shocks, and a 3500 pound towing capacity, Hisun’s sector 750 is ready for any adventure. You can take on the toughest tasks or trailblaze new trails with the confidence of this standard winch.

Final Words

Whether you’re looking for a solution to a problem with your Hisun sector 750 or considering a purchase, I hope this article was helpful. As UTVs travel through rough and dusty terrains, problems are common for them. Do not be alarmed. To keep it running properly, you need to keep track of the regular maintenance routine, and troubleshoot every time. The regular maintenance and troubleshooting will decrease the chance of problems. Also, for proper guidance you can hire a mechanic or seek help from an expert.

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