Sun Joe vs Greenworks Dethatcher: The Great Debate

Sun Joe vs Greenworks Dethatcher

If you want healthy green grass then you will need to dethatch your lawn with dethatcher. Maintaining your lawn and soil health can be difficult without dethatching. The thatch that forms at the base of grass consists of both dead and living grass. The thatch acts as a natural weed suppressant.

However, overgrowth can be a problem. Plants and soil cannot get moisture or air through thatch. That is why you need a dethatcher that is suitable for your lawn.

The main difference between Sun Joe and Greenworks dethatcher is that Sun Joe is electric powered and Greenworks is gas powered.

Different lawn requires different kinds of dethatchers. You must use the right one on your lawn to keep your lawn healthy and green. So, in this article, we are going to discuss the two popular dethatchers- Sun Joe and Greenworks, so that you can choose the right one from them.

Sun Joe

sun joe dethatcher

To get the job done fast, the Dethatcher Joe creates wide paths in one stroke. With the Airboost technology, its powerful tines remain sharp for a longer period of time, greatly enhancing thatch pickup. You can adjust the raking depth using the knob’s five positions, based on how much scarification or dethatching your lawn requires. By scarifying your lawn regularly, you encourage a thicker, healthier lawn by cutting grass roots. In the long run, thatch on lawns blocks water, oxygen, and vital nutrients as it forms as grass clippings.

Thatch needs to be removed regularly in order for a lawn to be healthy and green. A manual rake may be excessively time-consuming and not very effective, but by using an electric Dethatcher Joe, you can accomplish the same thing in an environmentally friendly manner. The Sun Joe Dethatcher Joe never needs gas, oil, or maintenance, making it the eco-friendly choice to help green your lawn.

Greenworks Dethatcher

Greenworks Dethatcher

The Greenworks dethatcher is without a doubt the most popular of the two on the market today. The differences between it and the Sun Joe are minute. One of the most obvious differences is the size; despite having an extra inch of spinning tines, the Greenworks dethatcher is smaller. There is a bit of a difference between its 10-amp motor and the Sun Joe’s 12-amp motor, however it is insignificant in the majority of cases.

All of Greenworks’ products are carbon neutral. It will never emit a single gram of airborne carbon dioxide. This model has a 4 year warranty which is two times more than the industry standard. The products from GreenWorks are of high quality. Greenworks dethatcher will provide you enough power to keep mowing without suddenly rushing to the nearest gas can for refill. The gas used in it does not pollute air. It is very low maintenance and you do not need to worry about daily maintenance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often should you dethatch your lawn?

You do not need to dethatch your lawn regularly. You can do it once or twice in every five years. There is no need to remove thatch every year since it builds up over a long period of  time. However, you can keep a track of your thatch amount by keeping record every year but there is no necessity to dethatch your lawn every year.

2. Should I mow before or after dethatching?

You should mow before dethatching. And that should be done in half than the lawn’s  normal height. Dethatching rakes can be used similarly to regular rakes. As you pull the times upward, loosen and remove the buildup by digging into the thatch and pulling it upward. However, you should not fertilize before dethatching

3. Is there anything I need to do after dethatching my lawn?

You should consider seeding and topdressing your lawn after dethatching. As a topdressing, you can leave soil plugs taken as plugs of soil. It is recommended to remove the thatch material. When your lawn is dethatched, you have the chance to plant some fresh seeds and grow new turfgrass.

Final Words

To conclude it can be said that there is no absolute best dethatcher. Different kinds of soil and lawns need different kinds of dethatcher. However, you should know which one is better for your lawn and which is not. Then, you just need to find the right one that suits your needs most.

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