6 Common Fairplay Golf Cart Problems and Solutions

Maybe a Fairplay golf cart is the best option for you if you’re the eco-conscious kind or you just want to cut down on gas expenses. Maintenance is as easy as making sure they have a full charge, and they run much more silently than their gas-powered counterparts.

Nonetheless, you should be aware of several specific risks and concerns that are relevant only to Fairplay golf carts. Regular maintenance and adhering to our storage recommendations in the winter will keep these issues to a minimum.

In this article, we’ll discuss the most typical issues you may face with Fairplay golf carts, as well as some solutions for avoiding or fixing them.

Fairplay Golf Cart Problems And Solutions At A Glimpse:

Fairplay Golf Cart ProblemsSolution
Batteries That Break Down or Lose ChargeCharge it, scrub it down, and add water
The Solenoid Breaks DownLook for the rust. If you need to, replace
Issues With the IgnitionPress the red button or locate the damage
Speed ControllerTighten the link and get help from a professional
Direction SwitchDamage-prone; get help from a professional
UnavailibitlityBuying second-hand

When you use a Fairplay cart for a long time, you may encounter following issues.

Problem 1: Batteries That Break Down or Lose Charge

The electronic components of your golf cart draw their power mostly from the batteries in the cart. If you own a Yamaha golf cart and are experiencing problems, you should begin your search here. It is important to keep in mind that in order for your cart to function properly, the battery must always be kept completely charged.

Problem 2: Solenoid Breakdowns

The solenoid, or magnet coil, is a cylinder of wire. It is used to conduct a Fairplay current. The solenoid is responsible for the clicking noise produced by the accelerator pedal at start-up in a golf cart. It’s good to hear this noise!

Once the clicking noise stops and the golf cart refuses to start, the solenoids are probably to blame. Possible causes include a broken coil, rust, or a few slack wires. You should bring your Fairplay golf cart in for servicing if the solenoids are malfunctioning.

Problem 3: Issues With the Ignition

If your golf cart’s ignition is giving you trouble, it’s almost definitely because of general tear and wears or because it’s getting on in years. After some time, the connection in between switch and the batteries may weaken or be severed entirely if the wires become disconnected.

Problem 4: Speed Controller

It’s possible that your controller is malfunctioning if your Fairplay golf cart starts up normally but then struggles to pick up speed or keep its acceleration steady.

Because problems with this component are notoriously difficult to diagnose and fix, even people who are skilled at doing their own repairs will generally want to bring their Fairplay golf cart into the Customer Service for assistance.

Problem 5: Direction Switch

The direction switch on your golf cart merely allows you to control whether the vehicle is moving forward or backward. As one of the components of a golf cart that is utilized the most, it is highly susceptible to damage from wear and tear as well as to deterioration with time.

If the directional switch is malfunctioning, there is a good chance that it would need to be replaced; therefore, set up an appointment for the necessary repairs.

Problem 6: Unavailability of Parts

Despite the fact that new Fairplay golf carts are no longer made, there are still plenty of them on the secondary market to purchase. Hence, they also discontinued producing engine parts.


What if the Fairplay cart stops moving? (The headlights, turn signals, and horn still work, but the rest of the cart has no power)

This is because the switch just on the steering column has more than one job. It is the switch with the lights dimmers on it. All you have to do is take off the covers on the steering column and swap the multifunction switch. You can easily change the distributor cap and rotor button.

What to do when the Fairplay cart is wide open and the accelerator is jerky?

If the engine is flooding, you might have a vacuum leak somewhere. Check all of the hoses that lead from the intake manifold.

Final Words

The condition of a Fairplay golf cart and the availability of maintenance services both affect the vehicle’s overall quality.

Fairplay carts were well-known for its many special features, such as beverage containers and roomy back seats, so you might be pleasantly pleased if you locate a cheap option that runs well.

So, you may happily disregard the issues with the Fairplay golf carts. For the most part, if an issue does develop, it shouldn’t take too much time or effort to bring your cart back up and running.

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