6 Common Problems with 2012 Polaris Ranger 800 XP

Whether you are a hauler, haunter homeowner, or a farmer 2012, Polaris Ranger 800 XP is an excellent choice because of its multi-functionality.

The Ranger side by side utility vehicle is a great workhorse for towing and hauling. It is a compelling UTV vehicle with 2500 pounds of towing capacity. This enables you to complete any task on any type of terrain.

However, you might still face some problems with the 2012 Polaris Ranger because of using it for a long time. But do not worry as the issues can be easily resolved.

Some common problems with the 2012 Polaris Ranger 800 are XP transmission problems, overheating problems, fuel pump problems, steering problems, and cooling fan problems. You can solve these problems just by knowing the exact cause and a basic solution, which we will discuss below.

One of the most common uses of Polaris Ranger UTVs is on small and large farms, whether family or commercial. They are a great way to transport your crew, tools, and supplies and reduce your workload.

Problems and Solutions of 2012 Polaris Ranger 800 XP:

1. Transmission problems

There can be a lot of reasons for transmission problems. When you start experiencing issues like-  the switch is in the single wheel or differential lock position, the differential may occasionally slide and then act as though it is trying to lock and unlock. This might be the beginning of a transmission problem.

2. Runs rough

If your ATV does not start and run smoothly, it might have an issue with rough running. It might run roughly when your Polaris bike does not start with enough hot engines.

This problem can occur due to vaporization in the fuel rail. The fuel is meant to be in a liquid state. But if it starts to vaporize for any reason, your Polaris Ranger 800 XP can run rough. And, a system flash can fix the issue.

3. Overheating problems

Overheating usually occurs in ATVs when they are overloaded. But, some Polaris Ranger 800 XP users complained that their vehicles even when they are under loaded. Overheating can also be the outcome of low fuel pressure and using ethanol. So, make sure to check the fuel.

4. Fuel pump problems

You might start experiencing poor upper RPM performance, a decrease in peak speed, and poor rate if your ATV fuel pump has problems, as these are the common indicators of a malfunctioning pump. This makes driving your Polaris less enjoyable, but a damaged fuel pump can also cause serious engine problems by not giving sufficient fuel.

5. Steering problems

Steering problems of Polaris Ranger 800 XP occur when you experience uneven steering or not enough control on the steering. When the bottom section of the pinion gear rides in a needle bearing, this issue can arise.

6. Cooling fan problems

When you have issues with your Polaris Ranger 800 XP’s cooling fan system, it will lead to overheating problems and later engine problems. This can happen due to a faulty circuit breaker or if the prongs on the relay are corroded.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many miles will a Polaris Ranger 800 last?

A Polaris Ranger can cover up to kilometers that it may and should be classified as a high-mileage vehicle. And while there is no exact figure, a fair starting point for Polaris Ranger 800 is roughly 7,000 kilometers.

What does Polaris XP stand for?

XP stands for Xtreme Performance, as Polaris states it. This indicates excellent features like the dual overhead Cam ProStar 1000 engine or class-leading power and torque, making Ranger your most trusted work partner.

What is the XP package on Polaris Ranger?

With the Polaris Ranger XP 1000 Trail Boss, you get all the features of the XP 1000 plus capability upgrades like 29″ tires, arched A-arms to provide higher clearance and self-leveling suspension for more ground clearance.

Final Words

We hope this article is helpful enough for you to overcome all the common problems that you might face with your Polaris Ranger 800 XP.

However, do not consider Polaris 800 XP to be an inadequate ATV due to the issues. The issues can be quickly resolved just with the proper guidance.

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