Most Common Cricket Golf Cart Problems and Solutions

Cricket Golf Cart problems

Cricket golf carts are trendy among golfers because they are useful, comfortable, and simple to maintain. Furthermore, you could use the golf cart for a wide range of activities beyond the golf course.

Cricket golf carts are perfect for anyone who wants a relatively small but dependable golf cart, with an efficient and environmentally power train, ease of handling, and a decent price range. These carts can reliably transport up to four people and are well-known for their excellent after-sales service, ease of maintenance, and usability.

But you should know that rigorous, lengthy use and improper maintenance can lead to malfunctions, but they have quick fixes you can try!

Cricket Golf Cart Problems and Solutions at A Glimpse

Problematic PartSolution
BatteryCharge the batteries. Clean and add water if needed.
The direction SwitchIs Damaged easily, and may need to replace.
Speed SensorCheck the connection and seek professional help.

Problem 1: Low Battery

You may notice that your cart’s battery performance is unsatisfactory, or the battery has started to preserve less charge and wear down. As a result, your cart will feel slower to move, and you may not be able to complete an entire round without needing to recharge somewhere.


If you suspect this is the source of the problem, first inspect your rechargeable batteries and charging system. Especially if there are signs of a voltage level or overheating. A voltmeter, which can be found at any home improvement store, can be used to test battery life.

Problem 2: Direction Switch

If you’ve exhausted the first two possibilities and found that neither is the source of your slow Cricket golf cart, you should examine your forward/reverse switch. When a problem occurs within the direction switch, it may behave abnormally about which route you’re going, resulting in slow operations.


Such switch problems are frequently ended up caused by wiring breakdowns and may be resolved by simply replacing the cables. Or maybe you have to get a new switch for yourself.

Problems 3: Speed Sensor

The speed sensor in your cart is a crucial component that allows the cart to know how fast it is traveling. It can also send signals on engine  fine details like the RPM (rotations per minute) of your cart’s operating condition, allowing it to run more efficiently.

If you have an issue with the speed sensor of your Cricket Golf cart, you may notice that the cart is slower than usual. Furthermore, shifting issues, engine RPM concerns, and even an inability to shift can occur. However, you may observe some things that aren’t quite as serious but still point to a speed sensor problem. For example, your odometer may show incorrect speeds.


If you think your Cricket golf cart’s speed sensor is malfunctioning, consult your operating manual to find out exactly how to test and substitute the part.


How many people can fit in a cricket golf cart?

The ESV model comes standard with a two-person seat. However, an extra rear seat for two more people can be added. The SX-3 and RX-5 models both have a 4-person seating setup as standard.

How much time does it take the batteries to charge completely? How far can a fully charged cricket golf cart travel?

It takes 6-8 hours to charge. Based on terrain and inclines, the distance ranges from 20 to 30 miles.

What automobiles can this golf cart be transported in?

A Honda CRV is the smallest vehicle that has been seeing a cricket golf cart accommodate in. Cricket golf carts are also tiny enough to fit mostly in comparatively small to full-size SUVs.

Is it feasible to upgrade the tires and charger of the Cricket Golf Cart?

Yes, you can certainly upgrade both. They have road tires, all-terrain wheels, and beach tires, and they have customized a number of golf carts to obtain a more reasoned charge and phone display abilities.

Can I tow my cricket golf cart with it?

Yes, lightweight carts can be towed behind the Cricket. However, it adds drag to the Sports and causes the batteries to drain faster.

Final Words

You should also check your cart on a regular basis to avoid being surprised by Cricket Golf Cart Problems. To avoid future headaches, inspect the wiring, electrical connections, tire pressure, brake system, and other golf cart components before each ride.

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