5 Most Common CF Moto 500 Problems and Solutions

When you are looking for a good ATV brand, you will find that CF Moto is one of the top brands in the market. ATV by CF Moto is very much reliable and also very reasonable in price. However, as a newcomer, it has yet to master its vehicle construction and design, something that established name brands are closer to doing.

You might find some issues with it after using it for some time. Vehicle misuse, riding style, and lack of maintenance are the most common causes of problems. So, in this article, we are going to discuss the common problems and solutions of CF Moto 500.

Usually, you may face five crucial problems with CF Moto 500, these are starting issues, transmission issues, electrical problems, clutch issues and problems with power steering.

Common Problems of CF Moto 500 and Solutions:

ATVs are used for off roads and rough terrains. So, it is very common for them to have issues after a long time of usage. But do not worry because most of the problems can be easily resolved if you know the core cause of the problems and the way to solve them.

1. Starting problem

Most of the problems of any vehicle or machine begin with a starting problem. So, there can be a lot of reasons for it. You should troubleshoot your vehicle to know the exact cause and work accordingly. A no-start problem is usually caused by low ECM voltage, low ignition circuit, weak battery, or insufficient voltage reaching the coils. It might also be caused by motor oil.

To solve the problem you need to examine the wired connectivity and the main circuit, then crank the engine to verify whether the voltage is less than 12V before and after the fuse. This might solve the problem. Otherwise, you may need to troubleshoot specifically for the ECM’s problem codes.

2. Transmission problem

Failing to gear, jerky acceleration, grinding sound, etc. are the signs of transmission problems. If you are facing any of these problems, you should get your transmission fixed by a professional or replace it with a better brand new one.

A transmission can last longer than the engine if the ATV is well maintained. A fast worn-out transmission is the outcome of poor maintenance.

3. Electrical problem

You might face electrical problems with your CF Moto ATC if the ground wires are loose or corroded. Faulty ground wires prevent the ATV from performing properly. Also, keep in mind that, that, current will flow backward via other sections if the circuit does not follow the wires correctly, causing unusual things to happen.

To fix the problem, you should begin from the battery and follow any black wires to where they are linked to the ATV’s frame or other solid metal components. Also, check the wires for any loose or damaged connections. Tighten them if they’re loose; if they’re ripped, replacing them may be necessary. If the problem is with the wiring harness, you may need to replace it, which will be costly. If you are not familiar with dealing with and resolving electrical difficulties, get assistance from an expert or call a mechanic.

4. Power steering problem 

Steering problems should be taken very seriously. Steering helps you to control the vehicle. If you lose control of your vehicle, any accidents can happen.  Power steering belt that is damaged or worn out

When this belt wears out and becomes slack, steering might become heavy or jerky. A mechanic may be able to tighten the belt, but in most situations, it must be replaced entirely in order for your steering system to operate properly.

5. Clutch problem

If your ATV clutch is hard to move or feels rubbery or too loose, this means it has a clutch problem. Also, you might experience a weird smell from the vehicle if the clutch is faulty. However, the vehicle can still move with a lever even though the faulty clutches.

Usually, the clutch can not be repaired, once it is faulty. So, the best option is to replace the faulty clutches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CF Moto a good brand?

CFMoto is a very good brand and they produce high-quality UTVs, ATVs, and other vehicles. CF Moto UTVs are made to last, and their power and capability rival the best in North America. Although they are Chinese products, CF Moto breaks the stereotype of bad quality products and produces high-quality ATVs and other vehicles, which makes them a popular choice in the market.

What engine does CF MOTO use?

CF Moto 500 uses a 1279cc engine that is based on KTM’s LC8 V-twin but differs from any version supplied by the Austrian manufacturer. It is the most powerful Chinese production bike yet, with little over 140hp on tap.

How fast does a CForce 500 go?

CF Moto 500 can speed up 95Kmh at the maximum rate. This is pretty impressive for a machine that had twenty kilometers on the clock.

Final Words

Hope this article helps you with the problems you are facing with your CF Moto 500. And if you face any other problem than the mentioned problems above then you can contact the dealer for details and consult a mechanic for expert help. However, do not worry about the problems as they can be fixed easily. And you can reduce the problems by maintaining your ATV and regularly troubleshooting it after you use it.

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