6 Common Bobcat 753 Problems And Solutions

The Bobcat 753 has different features as this machine is pretty different from the others; as this has a badass look and is used for heavy work. This skid gives you the ability to lay back and do the heavy work while feeling relaxed.

However, the persistent problems you face are giving you headaches. As the maintenance might be tough for you to keep up with and also you might want to reduce your costs of visiting the mechanic. So don’t worry; we will try to give you the best advice to help you prolong and fully maintain your Bobcat 753 for the best performance.

The problems in Bobcat 753 include drive control issues and difficulties faced while steering. Moreover, hydrostatic pump issues and issues faced when trying to start the Bobcat 753. Solenoid problems and overheating problems. Moreover, leaking hydraulic oil. Which can be easily solved with a few replacements like the circuit board.

That’s why we’ll put forward the issues and solutions for Bobcat 753 skid so that it saves you the hassle of facing regular irregularities with the machine.

Bobcat 753 Problems And Solutions At A Glance.

          Problems          Solutions
       Drive control issues Replacing the circuit board and also repairing the connectors
       Difficulties faced while steering Replace the bearings
     Leaking hydraulic oil Fix the valve or tighten it or buy a new seal
       Issues faced when trying to start the engineClean the spark plugs or change it; filters should be cleaned
   Solenoid problems Unplug the solenoid and plug one solenoid plug into the main harness and the other into the timer harness, or you can replace the solenoid
   Overheating problems Check the radiator and clean the dirt and debris

Now that you have an idea of what problems you might encounter while using Bobcat 753 let us go over what causes them and how to fix them.

1. Drive Control Issues

This is a common issue for the Bobcat 753, as many customer complaints show that the control has problems that can aggravate in the long run. The customers often feel like the drive loader is not responding to the user’s command.

The main reason for this can be the drive loader or the steering, which can become loosely connected, and thus it can get disconnected.

Ways To Troubleshoot Driver Control Issues In Bobcat 753:

  • The cables in the control panel should be looked over, so if you tighten them, this can solve the problem.
  • However, if this doesn’t work, the circuit board might need a replacement.

2. Difficulties faced while Steering

While driving the Bobcat 753, you sometimes feel difficulty making turns which makes it harder for you to do your tasks.

The problem can be withheld due to many reasons, such as tire pressure. Moreover, the shaft or the steering gear can be damaged. Furthermore, drag connections can be loose.

Although these issues can easily be resolved and it is not as difficult to fix them.

Solutions For This Problem:

  • The Bobcat 753 should be fully turned off and be placed at ground level
  • Level the tire pressure in both wheels
  • The pressure on the tire may seem low, so add air to it
  • Check the gear of the steering
  • Change the bolts or axles if damaged in the steering wheel
  • The rod and the gear sector, which is in the drag connection, should be examined

3. Leaking Hydraulic Oil or Noises from the Pump

The signs that your hydraulic oil is leaking can be found out when you see that your pump has oil spilled in the pump. Or when your performance of the Bobcat 753 is low. Another sign is when the pressure reduces. Moreover, the casing could have oil spread on it.

And if you have noise issues or the machine might fail suddenly and the speed of the Bobcat 753 is also less than usual, these could be signs of pump problems as well. To add to it, if you feel there are pounding noises, this could suggest that there are air-blocked in the system

Or the extreme pressure might cause cavitation. These could result in a harmful situation for the device if not fixed in the long run.

Moreover, these could also occur if the seal of the pump fails or leaks, which could cause continuation leaks if the pump is running with a broken rod.

Ways To Fix Leaking Hydraulic Oil:

  • The first and foremost step would be to find out where the noise is coming from and burst out the air trapped in it. This could solve the noise problem.
  • Replace the seal, or the valve should be tightened to resolve leakage.
  • If not, you could see a mechanic and fix the machine depending on the level of damage

4. Issues Faced when starting the Bobcat 753

This can be caused for a few different reasons, such as if the battery has issues or is slowly dying. Moreover, if the machine is getting prevented from getting the oil into the ignition chamber, this can be an issue.

Furthermore, the damaged spark plug could create an issue. Also, the air filter should be checked to see if it is blocked up and preventing airflow.

How To Solve the Starting Issues in the Bobcat 753:

The outside of the carburetor should be tapped to see if it resolves the issue. Or else replacing the gasoline filter can do the magic.

  • Moreover, changing the battery can solve the issue if the problem resides in the battery.
  • Or the spark plug should be replaced, or you could try to clean it.
  • Moreover, cleaning the air filter can resolve the problem if you regularly maintain it.

5. Solenoid Problems

If your valve keeps constantly blocking up or sometimes the customers also face a bit of fire forming up in the solenoid. Moreover, if the instrumental panel could stop working, the ways you can resolve it are described below.

How to Solve the Solenoid Problems in the Bobcat 753?

Unplug the solenoid and plug one of the solenoid plugs into the main harness and the other into the timer harness. This could solve the timer issue.

Moreover, the timer bolt should be attached or tied up with a zip. You can also replace the solenoid to avoid facing these issues.

6. Overheating issues

If your Bobcat regularly keeps heating up or the outer surface keeps overheating, the main issue could reside in the radiator. So you should check the radiator, or there can be oil filled in the top of the radiator.

How to Solve The Overheating Issue of the Bobcat 753:

You should inspect the radiator and see if there is any dirt or debris-filled in the radiator. Or you should clean off the oil spills which are on the surface of the radiator.

What year did Bobcat make a 753?

Initially, the 50 Series Bobcat skid-steer loader “family” consisted of only the 753 and 853. The 743 was still extremely popular a decade after the 40 Series debuted. However, it was time for a change. Bobcat introduced the 50 Series in 1990, with the 753, 853, and a long list of product features.

Final Thoughts

The Bobcat 753 can meet a spectrum of your needs and tasks, which can be accomplished with the machine. The device is very versatile as a lot of heavy work can be done as it is a powered machine.

Moreover, the ability of the Bobcat 753 to run for several years is a benefit as most of the users have been using it for almost at least a long period of time.

However, most issues faced can be easily resolved, but as it is a big machine, it takes time and patience to fix it. Although the issues are easily solvable and nothing major.

If you are looking to buy the Bobcat 753 for construction or big farms, it is a recommended machine.

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