8 Common Bobcat T770 Problems and Solutions

In the current industries, truck loaders play an essential part, and Bobcat T770 is one of the giant rulers in industry-level implementations. However, like other brands, many users have encountered issues with Bobcat T770. But, we have continuously poured our best into the sector and already have found potential solutions for this compact loader.

Therefore, we proceed with the solutions, but before that, many current or existing users need to know about the identified issues with an incredible compact loader like Bobcat T770.

The identified problems are the loader does not start, the Motors of the Bobcat T770 getting overheated, low-pressure hydraulic, Fuel starvation issues, Excess noise from the loader seat, damaged fuel pickup tube, excess smoke from the loader, and finally, lifts and tilts stops working.

However, we will show the problems and solutions shortly below. This chart will help you to understand the issues initially.

Bobcat T770 Problems And Solutions At A Glance:

T770 compact tractor is undoubtedly one of the best in the business. However, as usual, some issues with it remain. Therefore, we will discuss the problems and solutions shortly through a chart.

IssuesHow To Solve
The Loader does not startChecking for fuel-concerned issues.
The motor gets overheated.Diagnosing radiator and coolant issues.
Low-pressure hydraulicTracing of the damaged hydraulic component and fixing it.
Fuel starvation issueInspection of the fuel pull solenoid.
Excess noise from the loader seatLoading the seat with mass vinyl material.
Damaged fuel pick-up tubeFinding and replacing the pick-up tube.
Excess smoke from the loader.Looking for the dirty air filter and cleaning it.  
Lifts and tilts stop working.Finding the issues in the tire and changing it.

In this section, we will be learning about the Bobcat T770 issues with much more clarifications. Moreover, we will find troubleshooting formulas and solutions. To learn more about the facts, keep reading.

1. Motors Of Bobcat T770 Get Overheated

The motor of this compact loader can sometimes overheat. The incorrect method of operation can be a cause of motor overheating.

A blocked radiator fin creates a barrier between the airflow. As a result, the air cannot move outside of the exhaust. This obstacle can be a significant reason behind overheating.

Moreover, a defective thermostat system can also cause overheating of the engine. Therefore, the engine fails to get cool air from the radiator.

How To Troubleshoot And Fix The Issue Of Overheating:

  • Examine and find out if the engine is getting too hot.
  • If the engine is overheated, turn off the engine.
  • Give a schedule check of the coolant.
  • Add another coolant upon finding the low level of the meter.

2. The Loader Does Not Start

It often happens with low fuel levels or other fuel-related issues. According to most users, they find out challenging to start the loader during winter. Moreover, the loader does not start on the second day as well.

This issue happens when the lift pumps collapse or your fuel is defective. If you do not get any evidence or a way to overcome this, here are some solutions regarding the loader.

Finding And Solving The Issue Of the Engine Starting:

  • Inspecting fuel-related errors
  • Fill the tank with sufficient fuel.
  • Checking for damaged primer bulb
  • Attach a primer with the fuel tank.

3. Low Pressure Of Hydraulic

When the hydraulic pressure is low, some components like the boom and bucket get very hard to move. There can be specific reasons behind the issue.

Firstly, the leakage in the hydraulic pump can cause low pressure. Checking for the leakage will help to sort out the problem.

Secondly, leakage in the other related parts of hydraulics, like pumps, valves, motors, and cylinders, can reduce the hydraulic pressure.

How To Troubleshoot And Fix Low Pressure Of Bobcat T770 Hydraulic:

  • Troubleshooting for the oil leakages.
  • Replace the pump in case of oil leaks.
  • Inspect for errors in the other parts of the hydraulics
  • Change any of them if necessary.

4. Fuel Starvation Issue Of Bobcat T770

Due to errors in fuel tanks and the fuel pipes often becomes the cause of fuel starvation of Bobcat T770. However, a few things you should check to find the issues properly.

If the oil is not correctly filled in the tank or maintains a low amount of fuel can cause fuel starvation. Besides, leakages in the lift pump or damage in the engine area will turn in fuel starvation.

Identifying And Fixing The Fuel Starvation Issue Of Bobcat T770:

  • Checking for any fuel leakage in the tank
  • If you find any potential leakage, dismantle the fuel tank and replace it with a new one.
  • Check for the lift pump and primer bulb. If they have leakages already, immediately go for replacement.
  • Maintain regular checking and cleaning of the entire engine section.
  • Looking for the missing pick-up tube and replacing it.

5. Excess Noise From The Seat Of The Loader

As per users worldwide, we have come to know that the seat of the Bobcat T770 creates irritating noises while operating. Our research shows that the plastic material of the seat is responsible for the noise problem.

Since the making of the chair is already plastic, it cannot absorb sound. Moreover, it creates more and more sound. Working in a noisy environment can make a negative impact on the mind.

Ways To Sort And Cut Off Excessive Noise Of The Chair:

  • If you find excessive noise from your seat, cover the entire seat with loaded vinyl plastic as it will reduce the noise.
  • If you want to find out and buy the noise-proofing material, the product is available here.

6. The Damaged Fuel Pickup Tube Of Bobcat T770

Fuel Pickup gets jammed because sometimes the fuel pull solenoid stops working. Thereby, the fuel transmission stops, and it causes engine failure as well.

To check up for fuel pick up tube needs deep observation, and a professional is recommended to check and solve the issue. Thus, we will inform you about the troubleshooting procedures and how to solve the issue below.

Troubleshooting And Fixing Damaged Fuel Pickup Tube:

  • Check for leakages in the cylinder and any damages.
  • Go for a full inspection of the engine system and fuel lines.
  • Fix the fuel pull solenoid as soon as possible to avoid permanent engine seizure.
  • Lift pump is a common thing behind any fuel-related issues. So, check for the lift pump and, if needed, visit a nearby automobile service center.

7. Excess Smoke Comes From The T770 Loader

Sometimes excess smoke, called Black smoke, comes from the loader due to a malfunction of the injector and the injector pump.

Besides, excess refill of fuel or lack of oxygen to consume the oil can cause too much black smoke. The black smoke we witness is the particles of improperly burning diesel.

How To Detect And Stop Excess Smoke Of Bobcat T770:

  • Sometimes, the air filter suffers blocks due to not getting air. So, firstly, clean the air filter and emit all the blockages.
  • You can install a fuel injection system. It directly feeds the oil to the solenoid.  
  • Seek the help of an expert who will assist you in fixing the entire issue.

8. Lifts And Tilts Stops Working On Bobcat T770

The issue is due to mechanical errors. Several errors in several parts of the hydraulic make the lifting and tilting stop functioning correctly. Finally, we have found the steps to fix the lift and tilt issue forever.

Steps To Fix And Make Lifting And Tilting Work Again:

  • Lifting the cab and getting access to the hydraulics
  • Finding throttle under the seat and releasing the valve.
  • Finding the plughole and solenoid.
  • Removing the cap cut at the end of the solenoid and cleaning it.
  • Taking a pry bar and reaching the middle of the body and the solenoid.
  • Looking for the broken wire.
  • Replacing the broken wire and make sure you buy the correct one for Bobcat T770. 
  • Installing the fresh part of the cap nut.
  • While the cap nut is replaced, plug in the wire, and if you see lights flashing, the lifting and tilting issue no longer exists for your loader.

Final Thoughts

Finally, after sorting so many issues and tips to solve them, we can all say that despite some issues with Bobcat T770, it is a fine loader for businesses undoubtedly. So that is why we put much effort into finding the global issues and the most effective ways of getting rid of the issues.

Bobcat 770 is a beast performer compared to other loaders in the market. However, to keep it 100 percent working, you will always need some good hands to solve it. That is why to secure complete success in fixing errors of the loader, we suggest visiting an authorized servicing shop or a nearby automobile shop to troubleshoot and fix the issues.

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