5 Common John Deere 323e Problems and Solutions

In this peak of the civilization era, construction projects are increasing crazily. The main instrument is a compact track loader, AKA skid steer, to accompany all these constructions. My friend is involved in a project where they own a John Deere 323e compact track loader.

It’s one of the leading brands in this field, but often they face some issues with the track loader. And other John Deere 323e users also agreed with that.

So, I thought, why not I do some research and compile all the problems and solutions here so that you can help yourself with your John Deere 323e.

The problems include fuel problems; the engine doesn’t start properly, cold engine, clogged fuel filter, control system issues, bad circuit, dust, and debris stuck in the vehicle, hydraulic pump issues, black or white smoke, contaminated fuel, etc. Unclogging the hydraulic pump is one of the many fixes.

Here, I will put forward all these problems and solutions of John Deere 323e so you can fix your compact track loader without getting an expensive mechanic treatment.

John Deere 323e Problems And Solutions In A Nutshell:

Engine doesn’t startSteer filter should be replaced
Hydraulic motor issueUnclog the hydraulic pump
Steering does not respondReplace the joystick control circuit hoard
Black or white smoke problemEngine is not receiving enough air, clean the air filter.
The hydraulic motor is leaking fluidThe fluid seal or bearing needs to be replaced
Excessive noise, or vibrationBear is worn out; get a new one.
Drive refuses to turn overReplace the hydraulic motor
Compact tractor lacks powerBattery is dead; replace the old battery with a new one.
The tractor loader steers to only one side.Fix the faulty hydraulic motor.

We already got an idea of what problems can let us into trouble with a John Deere 323e. Now, let’s see how we can solve all these problems at home without paying a fortune to fix them.

1. Engine Cranks But Does Not Start

Sometimes, when you start the compact tractor loader, it cranks for a while, stops responding, and doesn’t start. It’s quite a common problem for the tractor loader. First, check if the system holds the pressure. And the shift loader should be in the right position because, for safety reason tractor prevents staring at the engine while in gear.

Here Are Some Solutions For It:

If the shift lever and the system are totally fine, then it must be something to do with the air filter or spark plug.

  • Power of the fuel solenoid should be turned off, and the ignition switch should be on. If the ignition switch is turned off, the vehicle will not move.
  • The fuel system should breathe in the air properly. So the air filter should be clean. If it’s clogged, the fuel won’t reach the engine, and the engine won’t help your John Deere 323e move.

2. Hydraulic Motor Issue

The hydraulic motor plays a vital role in your compact track loader’s movement.  You can face several problems while maintaining a track loader which starts from the hydraulic motor. There could be leaks, vibrations, vehicles refusing to turn, often power loss, etc., that show signs your hydraulic motor is not cooperating. It can be fixed easily, but sometimes, there could be critical conditions where your track loader needs to be seen by a professional.

This is How to Fix Hydraulic Motor Issue In John Deere 323e:

As soon as you see the symptoms of your John Deere 323e hydraulic motor not working properly, you should fix it.

  • First, check the case drain filter. If you don’t check the case drain filter regularly, the damage will be permanent and cost you a lot. Make sure your case drain filter is clean and unclogged so the hydraulic fluid can pass freely.
  • The gear oil level should not be low. It’s a key to keeping your hydraulic motor healthy by not letting it run out of fluid. A regular check could save you from this trouble.
  • Inspect your compact track loader thoroughly for any leaks. Any kind of leak can lead you to big trouble. If there is a leak, that’s because the proper amount of fluid will not reach the engine, and your hydraulic pump won’t give you the service you need.

3. Steering Doesn’t Respond

When you are operating the skid steer, sometimes it acts stubborn, and the steering does not respond to the given direction. you can assume that your steering is messed up by seeing some action that does not go in reverse or can’t figure out the right direction. Although it looks like a complicated issue if you can identify the main reason behind it wisely, you can fix it at home.

Easy Ways to Troubleshoot This Issue:

Most of the time, steering problems occur due to faulty transmission or hydraulic pumps. The steering seems to work fine on a flat road, but the problem starts when you ride on a sloppy road or hill.

  • There should be three separate pumps for different settings for wheels, steering, and lift. Every pump is linked to the driving motors. So, if any issue occurs with the steering, you might have to rebuild the pump setting and replace it if needed.
  • If your loader track steering is made with a mechanical clutch, then check if the clutch is loose. Tighten the clutch and speed up a bit more when you ride next time. Check the oil flow in the hydraulic pump to see if it’s enough.

4. Smoke Problem

A little smoke as soon as you start your John Deere 323e does not seem like a big deal. But if your compact track loader keeps smoking black or white, it must be fixed. An old skid steer tends to smoke most because the engine and fuel are both old. But if a new one smokes, you need to talk to professionals.

Here are Some Fixes For It:

There should be three colors of smoke black, white, or blue. Each of them indicates a different issue. Most of the time, it starts with fuel that does not burn properly and ends up leaving smoke.

  • If there is white smoke, that means the fuel is leaking past the head gasket and into the motor, and the steam ends up in a cloud of white smoke. Check for any leakage in the oil seal.
  • A blue smoke tells you that your engine oil is entering the cylinder area and burning with the fuel mix. It happens with the old engines that had a long ride most of the time.
  • Black smoke appears when there is more fuel than necessary in the cylinder area and does not burn completely. Besides, when you use a very rich mix as fuel, you might see black smoke from the skid steer. Use a proper mix and check if there is any fault in the fuel pump or leak in the fuel injector.

5. Excessive Noise Or Vibration

Sometimes, when you start your skid steer, your engine seems to be noisier than ever. And it vibrates so badly that your direction is messing up in the steering wheel. It’s a sign that your drive motor is not working properly. The bearing is worn down, causing the vibration and loud noise.

Ways to Solve The Problem:

The main reason behind this issue is either you are running out of oil in the gearbox or the bearing is really old or worn out.

  • There is an oil level that you should not be less than or higher than that. A regular inspection can relieve you from this issue. If there is too much oil, then there will be a spill, and if there is less, then the gear won’t have enough oil, and it will make a loud noise.
  • A loose sprocket causes the vibration problem. Check for any loose fittings and reset the sprocket if needed.

Is John Deere a reliable brand for a compact track loader?

John Deere has a wide range of track loader models that are adored worldwide. The skid steers are made for lifting heavy weights and have enough horsepower to serve you.

How much weight can the John Deere 323e lift?

John Deere 323e compact track loader can lift up to 3360 kg (7,400 lb.)

What is the warranty policy of the John Deere 323e skid steer?

It is said that John Deere 323e skid steer gives you 5000 hours of uninterrupted service. The John Deere Company will give you a 3 year or 10,000 hours of warranty service.

Final Thoughts

Getting a new heavy vehicle is always a long homework with many questions. A new vehicle has many new issues you must deal with if you want to own it. John Deere 323e is a heavy-duty skid steer which is a pretty good quality vehicle, but problems can happen at any time.

A regular check-up and maintainance can save you valuable time and hard work fixing the skid steer. But there will be a time when you actually need to see the mechanic.

However, to face all the unexpected issues with your John Deere 323e, I tried to put all the possible solutions to the most common issues in this writing. I hope it will help you with your John Deere 323e compact track loader.

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