10 Common Can-Am Maverick X3 Problems and Solutions

The Can-AM maverick is a Utility vehicle side by side that is suitable for all terrains. It has Pdrrive primary and Quick Response System CVT technology that ensures a safe ride over rough terrains. Also, it has high airflow and acoustic treatment which makes it an exceptionally good vehicle.

However, in spite of all the amazing features, it still has some drawbacks as well. Some of the drawbacks of this vehicle are easily solvable too. So, in this article, we are going to talk about the common problems of Can-Am Maverick X3 and the solutions.

Common Problems of Can-Am Maverick X3

  • Engine Problems
  • Radius Rod and Plate are Delicate
  • Turbo problems
  • Problems with Belt
  • Clutch Issues
  • Can-Am Door Handles are fragile
  • Shock Tower Brace problems
  • Transmission Seal Protector Problems
  • Issues with Front and Rear Knuckles
  • Alternator Problems

Problems and Solutions of Can-Am Maverick X3

Every vehicle starts having problems after you use it for some time. And Can-AM Maverick X3 is no different. Although there are some problems that are by default by the manufacturer company, some of the problems can be solved if you know the cause and primary solution.

So, the problems and solutions of Can-AM Maverick are-

1. Engine Problems

Can-Am Maverick’s engine is powerful and reliable but after using it for years, the engine might get damaged and it will be a problem starting or running the UTV. replacing the engine might be a good idea then.


Keep your vehicle’s air filter and fuel filter clean. If they are clogged, they can damage other components. Change your vehicle’s oil regularly according to the user manual and make sure to use oil of good quality.

Note: This is the Most common problem of 2021 can am maverick x3

2. Radius Rod and Plate are Delicate

The radius rod and plate of Can-Am Maverick are not very durable. And this might give you a feeling that there is some stone stuck in the radius rod. Additionally, The plate has a lot of flexibility doing quick spins, which might cause you to break the rod of your vehicle. The extra action might wreak havoc on rough terrain rides.


Replace the default radius rod with some ZRP Can-Am X3 High Clearance Radius Rods and install the ZRP radius rod plate. These are much more durable than the default ones.

Note: This is the Most common problem of 2019 can am maverick x3

3. Turbo Problems

The Can-Am Maverick’s X3 DS Turbo R is supposed to crank out at 172 hp, and the Maverick X3 X DS Turbo RR is supposed to top the heap at 195 hp. But the problem is they do not actually provide what they promised about their turbo. And there is no satisfactory solution for this.

4. Problems with Belt

The Can-Am Maverick keeps blowing belts. And the belts keep blowing because of the load on the clutch. It produces a lot of heat.


Liquid nitrogen can be poured into a clutch housing to keep ambient temperatures at -0- degrees, and the clutch will still operate and belts will still blow but low. However, the only way to fix the clutch would be to make it more efficient.

Note: This is the Most common problem of 2020 can am maverick x3

5. Clutch Issues

It is better to replace the clutch when it has problems. However, you can check if your Can-Am Maverick’s clutch can be repaired or not by a mechanic and you can repair and then use them.

6. Can-Am Door Handles are Fragile

The door handles of Can-Am Maverick are very fragile by default. But this does not hamper the performance of the vehicle. However, it does hamper the comfort of the user.


The only solution to this problem is to replace the door handles with billet aluminum ones. This would be attached to the strap with a bolt.

Note: This is the Most common problem of 2018 can am maverick x3

7. Shock Tower Brace problems

The shock tower braces of your Can-Am Maverick are very flexible. Which means they are easy to install and also easy to remove. This causes the braces to break under a lot of pressure while hauling.


You may resolve this issue by bolstering your top shocks using a shock tower brace. This will offer your chassis more strength and is a straight fit.

8. Transmission Seal Protector Problems

Sometimes, if you ever fall under a death grip in difficult terrain, then the transmission seal and belt get damaged. This can lead you to horrible experiences and unwanted accidents.


Use steering and seal guard instead of the transmission seal protector. You don’t have to lubricate it and it eliminates all front-end play. Also, with this patch, your turning will be more effortless in difficult terrains.

9. Issues with Front and Rear Knuckles

When hauling, you will frequently exceed the 17,000 lbs. limit of the stock as the front knuckles are laboratory tested to 86,000 lbs.


Adding 72,000lbs of torque to your Can-Am’s Rear Knuckles keeps your central radius rod from bending by replacing the part, which might solve this issue to a large extent.

10. Alternator Problems

A malfunctioning alternator can cause the voltage to your electronics equipment to become unstable, causing equipment to under-or overperform. When the alternator is overworked or the cables are frayed or broken, you might notice a burning smell similar to that of an electrical fire.

Overworking an alternator causes its wires to overheat, which can cause the wires to malfunction. Electrical flow is also inhibited by damaged wires, which heat and release unpleasant odors.


Replace the alternator and install the Can-Am X3 Alternator Kit if you ever have a low voltage problem with your Can-Am X3. Alternators built for stock cars are not strong enough to power stereos, lights, and other electrical parts.

As the car gets hot, its power decreases. This alternator will provide 75 amps more power if used along with your OEM starter. You will need to remove the old battery and install the new one to solve the problem.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes Can-Am X3?

Can-Am all-terrain vehicles (ATV) and Side-by-Side (SxS, UTV, SSV) vehicles are made by BRP. BRP is a manufacturing company and they own manufacturing facilities in the US, Canada, Austria, Mexico, and Finland.

What is the drawback of the Can-Am Maverick?

The drawback of the Can-Am Maverick is that the vehicle’s front bulkhead or subframe is terribly weak and is not built to withstand the demands of off-road riding. Also, the ‘gussets’ and ‘plating’ are quite thin of Can-Am Maverick.

How fast is a Can-Am Maverick X3?

Can-AM Maverick is very fast and performs well. It features the longest wheelbase in its class, which makes the X3 very stable at higher speeds, but also agile on tight trails. Additionally, this vehicle can reach speeds of 80 mph on open desert roads.

Final Words

Can-Am Maverick X3 is a very well-performed off-road vehicle. It is almost like a sports car on desert roads. However, to get the best performance out of it, you need to troubleshoot it regularly and maintain it properly by following the instruction manual for the user.

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