Most Common Polaris Outlaw 110 Problems And Solutions

Polaris Outlaw 110 Problems

If you have tough and adventurous kids, then you should get them the Polaris Outlaw 110 ATV vehicle. Polaris has made The Outlaw Chassis for kids who are over 12 years old.

This vehicle features utmost safety for your children, it has a solid feel and everything including the steering and suspension runs smoothly. So, that reduces the chances of any accidents. The layout makes routine maintenance easy when it comes to disassembling it.

But despite these amazing features, your kids might complain to you about many problems and that might worry you. But do not worry as the problems can be resolved with proper guidance.

Common Polaris Outlaw 110 Problems

  1. Problems with starting
  2. Starter Problem
  3. Electrical Problem

Problems Solutions of Polaris Outlaw 110

It is true that the Polaris Outlaw 110 has issues, but any vehicle can have problems at any time, especially after using it over a long period of time. But do not worry as in this article we are going to discuss the common problems of Polaris Outlaw 110 and their solutions so that you can follow them to solve your kid’s ATV issues

1. Problems with starting

The first sign of a problem with an ATV or other vehicle is that it will not start. Usually, the solution is fairly straightforward, but sometimes the problem is more serious. The reason behind starting problems can be many as well. So, you should troubleshoot first. It can be because there is not enough fuel or not enough charge in the battery or faulty starting switch or ignition problem.


To solve the starting problem of your Polaris ATV, all you need to do is to charge the battery or refill the fuel. If that does not solve the problem you should make sure you have a solid spark after removing the spark plug and putting it back in the plug boot and grounding the spark plug tip on the motor. This implies that your ignition isn’t working. In the event that there is a spark, pour some gasoline down the spark plug hole. After that, you can try reinstalling the plug, and see if it starts.

2. Starter Problem

It is very common for vehicles to have problems starting in the cold as the chilly weather might have frozen the fuel or the parts which made them too stiff to move. Also, if the battery is low, an ATV may not start when cold.


Make sure your ATV battery is fully charged. If not, charge your battery. However, if your ATV does not start even after having full charge that means it needs to be heated enough to start. If you let it idle for about five minutes, it will warm up. In the first few minutes of riding, you should also take it slow.

3. Electrical Problem

Electrical problems in ATVs usually happen when there is a loose connection in the wires or torn-up wires. Additionally, if the circuit does not follow the wires correctly, the current will flow backward through other parts, causing strange things to happen.


Check the wires in case they are loose or worn. If they are loose, tighten them, if they are torn, replacing them might solve the issue. If it’s the problem with the wire harness then you might need to replace it and this will cost a bit. However, do not forget to take help from an expert or call a mechanic to handle electrical problems if you are not experienced with handling electrical problems and fixing them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can an adult ride a Polaris Outlaw 110?

Although Polaris Outlaw 110 is specially made for youngsters above 12 years to ride, adults can also ride them but they need to be of the required height and weight. And that is not too limited either. Most adults usually fit the requirement of riding the Polaris Outlaw 110.

How fast does a Polaris Outlaw 110 go?

Vehicles are restricted to a maximum speed of 29 mph/47 kph as delivered, but adults can increase it to a maximum of 15 mph/24.1 kph with a speed control system. Its upper speed is 30 mph as a result of this change, making it twice as fast as its smaller-displacement counterpart. When riding at altitudes beyond 1,800 m, the drive system must still be adjusted.

Can I change the speed on a Polaris Outlaw 110?

Yes. you can change and adjust the speed on a Polaris Outlaw 110. You can decrease or increase the speed according to your needs. If your child rides it, you can reduce the speed and when you or any adult is riding the ATV, you can increase the speed upto 48 km/h. You should however, remember to tighten the jam nut after adjusting to your required speed.

Final Thoughts

With the Polaris Outlaw 110 you do not have to buy any extra helmet, safety tether, lights for daytime, speed limit adjuster and safety whip flag. It is one of the best UTVs for youngsters. You might be worrying about the problem it might cause but as you can see all the problems have solutions including this ATV by Polaris.

If you follow the instructions and suggestions to solve your problem, they can be fixed. Also, regularly maintaining and troubleshooting your ATV before using it will lessen the chances of Frequent problems.

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