8 Most Common Kubota B2601 Problems and Solutions

Kubota has a wide selection of tractors to meet your needs. Among them Kubota B2601 is one of the popular tractor series. The diesel engines of Kubota B2601 produce 26 hp, which makes this tractor very powerful. Using the power and reliability of Kubota’s engine and transmission you get the ease of use, versatility, and power.

Although, Kubota B2601 is packed with many attractive features, it has some drawbacks like any other machine. Whether you are a current user of this tractor or thinking of buying this model, you should be aware of the problems you might face to know the right steps to the solution to those problems. The purpose of this article is to provide you with information about typical problems you may encounter with your Kubota B2601, along with recommendations for how to resolve them.

8 Common Kubota B2601 Problems

  1. Starting Problems
  2. Engine Problems
  3. Battery Problems
  4. Problems With The Hydrostatic Transmission And Pedals
  5. Excessive Heat
  6. Connection Problem With The Quick Tach Loader
  7. Clogged Air Filter
  8. Seat problems

Common Problems of Kubota B2601 and their Solutions 

Tractors are expensive equipment and not easily replaceable, so you might become concerned about the problems. Nevertheless, if you know the common problems and how to solve them, it will save you from a lot of headache and hassle. So, the problems and solutions of Kubota B2601 are given below:

1. Starting Problems

Starting problem is the most common problem in every machine including Kubota B2601. It mostly happens when the battery is dead or the engine is damaged. It can also occur because of a faulty ignition switch or dirty air filter.


When you face the problems with starting your Kubota B2601, you should first check the battery, if it is faulty then you should repair it. If this is not the case then you can check your engine and fuel. If the fuel is empty, only refilling it will solve the problem. However, if this does not solve the problem either then you can clean the fuel filter and air filter.

2. Engine Problems

You might face engine problems if your tractor engine is affected by dirt or smog. Frequent oil changing is the main cause of growing smog in your engine. Kubota B2601 engines produce excessive levels of smog. Despite the normal occurrence of soot buildup in engines, excessive amounts and too much frequent accumulations may eventually cause engine failure.


If you follow the manufacturer instructions and recommendations while changing oil it would help your engine to prevent smog. For example, if the manufacturer suggests changing oil after two months, you should follow that. However, you can still apply needed lubricants. Also, you should use only the good quality motor oil to prevent smog in your engine.

3. Battery Problems

If your Kubota B2601 has any battery problems you will experience that the tractor is starting with a lot of energy but after starting it does not work or move anymore. This happens if you mix the incorrect amount of gasoline. This creates pressure and causes battery troubles. It is also possible for loose wires to affect the battery.


If you want to fix the battery problem it is better to show it to a professional as this type of work is quite risky and needs experience. So experts and professionals can suggest the right thing.

4. Problems With The Hydrostatic Transmission And Pedals

There is a problem with the treadle pedal of Kubota B2601, according to the users. To power the hydrostatic transmission, the foot treadle pedal controls the engine output. Therefore, pushing in the reverse direction will also require quite more muscle power than pushing forward.


When you experience Hydrostatic transmission and pedal problems this means whether it is happening because necessary lubricant is not being applied or the joints are too light or too low. So, you can troubleshoot the problems and work accordingly to solve them.

5. Excessive Heat

Many tractors and vehicles have the common problem of overheating excessively after some time. This is not a subject to neglect. Because if this occurs, the engine will not be able to supply sufficient power to compensate for the lack of gasoline flow to it.


This big problem of overheating or producing excessive heat can be easily solved by checking for clogged filters, and if there is, clean them and you are all set.

6. Connection Problem With The Quick Tach Loader

You might need to add some suspensions or attachments with your tractor if the attachments you need are not given by default. If you attach the needed attachments with Kubota B2601, then it falls off very quickly. Seals around different fittings may fail to close tightly if they are no longer securely tightened.


For replacement of damaged fittings, you should either contact your dealer or go to a nearby auto supply store. You must also protect the hose section to prevent leaks, as the hoses have to endure constant chafing.

7. Clogged Air Filter

Your tractor’s air filter is very likely to become clogged. If you keep avoiding it for too long, it will slowly become a serious problem. If the air filter is not functioning properly, the engine will be damaged. Therefore, the engine will not be able to move or start.


Keeping your air filter clean after every use is the only solution to this problem. And do not forget to maintain a regular maintenance routine according to the Kubota manufacturer.

8. Seat problems

Kubota B2601 features a reversible backhoe seat which is supposed to be comfortable. But according to some users, the seats are not comfortable enough.


There is no ultimate solution to KUbota B2601 model’s seats as it is a compact tractor. Compact tractors tend to have compact seats. Although the seats can not be replaced or the space of a compact tractor is not large enough, the retractable seat belts and adjustable steering wheels may be useful.

Final Words

Do You should not be scared by the shortcomings of Kubota B2601.  All tractors eventually break down, and Kubota is no exception. However, despite all the disadvantages, the Kubota B2601 is still a very good tractor. But with the solutions given with the problems, you will be able to solve the problems in no time.

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