Bintelli Vs Icon Golf Carts – Which Golf Cart Reigns Supreme?

Bintelli Vs Icon Golf Carts - Which Golf Cart Reigns Supreme?

When the discussion comes to public road golf carts manufactured and assembled in the USA, the major spotlight is stolen by Bintelli and Icon. Due to their higher demands and head-to-head competitiveness, a massive question ariseswhich one is better?

Through this discussion, you will be able to make sure which of these brands is superior and which should be your top choice when looking into buying a golf cart.

Throughout the research, we have made head-on comparisons to both brands’ golf carts. These comparisons include the specifications of the golf cart, their engines, the key features, off-road allowance and permits, and as well as which one is better for a certain segment of customers.

Let’s take a further detailed look at the specifications of these Golf cart brands and rule out which one is worthy of being the best among the two US-made golf carts.

Icon vs. Bintelli – Specifications

Ground clearance4.5 inches4.5 inches
Engine8 Volt AC 5kw phase High Torque Motor.5kw (6.7HP)
Top speed25+ MPH20-25mph
BatteryTrojanTrojan or US Battery

Bentelli Vs Icon: In Depth Discussion

Now that you know about the specifications that each of these two brands have let’s take a more detailed view regarding which golf cart is better.


The Icon uses an 8 Volt AC 5kw phase High Torque Motor which allows the golfer to move from one hole to another much more conveniently and quickly. This would not only save up time to move across the golf course but as well due to the immense power that it packs it would allow the cart to move higher load effortlessly.

The Bintelli uses a 5kW (6.7HP) motor which is not the best to drive on an inclined road however due to its high engine power it can carry extremely weighted cargo up to 800lbs. This would allow golfers to carry their equipment without any hesitation.

Judging by the maximum capacity the golf carts can hold clearly signifies that Bintelli has the upper hand when it comes to engines making Bintelli a top choice when it comes to golf carts.

FeatureBintelli Golf CartIcon Golf Cart
Engine Type48V DC Electric Motor48V DC Electric Motor
Horsepower3.7 HP3.7 HP
SpeedUp to 19 mphUp to 19 mph
Range per ChargeUp to 50 milesUp to 50 miles
Battery TypeLead-AcidLead-Acid
Charging Time6-8 hours6-8 hours
Weight740 lbs740 lbs
Load Capacity1,200 lbs1,200 lbs
Warranty2-Year Limited Warranty2-Year Limited Warranty

Body Frame

The Icon has a body dimension of 2’ X1.21’ X1.98’. It has an ideal frame length, width, and height making the golf cart seem not too big or small. As the size is convenient Users can also move with it much more freely.

Bintelli has a body frame dimension of 3.7’X1.46’X2.6’. As the frame is much bigger it is more comfortable and has a bigger area space. As the size is quite likable it can fit the users with ease and serve its purpose conveniently.

The body frame dimensions mainly depend on User preferences. Some users might look for a smaller cart while some demand a large cart therefore a clear winner, in this case, cannot be determined. However, if you want to choose a small cart that has a comfort Icon might be the cart you are looking for.


Both the Golf Cart brands use a Trojan battery with some differences in the model. The trojan is a very good battery that allows golf carts to be used for quite a long time. Therefore with the same battery backing up the carts, it can not be compared on a head-up comparison. As the battery is extremely lightweight it can move the cart quite conveniently. The battery backup is also very optimal which can allow carts to travel up to 40km after being fully charged. Heads up !! Icon has some battery problems

Top Speed

The Icon has a top speed of 25+ mph which allows speedy movement across the courses. With the dimensions being much smaller, the carts can go up any kind of road that you can imagine,  thus being a top choice. There is an Icon model such as the I80 which goes up to 32MPH.

The Bintelli has a top speed of 20-25mph. As the dimensions are much larger it can be hard for the Bintelli to go up the inclined roads thus making it a bit harder to drive around in the roads.

Icon wins the battle in terms of Top Speed. With its high speed and small size, it can conveniently carry the golfers across the course without any regard to the road type.

Road Permits

Both the golf carts have road permits and thus are completely legal to drive on the streets. Therefore no issues will be raised when using the carts on the road. As the golf carts are electric its more environmentally friendly thus using them on the roads is much more optimal rather than using a car which can be more costly to run and maintain.

Price Comparison

Icon golf carts’ price varies from $8000-$14000. The i20 which is considered one of the best among the Icon carts has a price tag of $9499. There are other models such as the i40 which is $8000 and is one of the cheapest. Another viable options are the i60I which ranges to about $11995.

The Bintelli golf cart starts from around $9300 which is already higher than the Icon golf cart. The Bintelli Beyond 4pr has a price tag of $10800. There are also 6 seated Limo carts which go up to the $13595 mark and are one of the most expensive carts in the collection.

Which One Is Better: Bintelli Vs Icon

In terms of load carry and a bigger dimension the clear winner is Bintelli. The golf cart is also able to equalize the other aspects with Icon therefore it has to be the better golf cart of the two. Thus the winner of this battle of which US-made golf cart is better surely goes to Bintelli.

Icon golf carts are quite cheap, around $8000. As the golf cart can compete with Bintelli on a good term If your budget is a bit on the lower side and looking for a small but high-performance golf cart Icon might be the top choice for you. Check icon golf cart accessories

Bintelli comes in with a hefty price of $10,795. As the cart has immense engine power as well as able to maintain a very good top speed the cart is very good for usage. The dimensions are also large enough to ensure a comfortable ride for the users.

With the ability to carry a load up to 800 lbs, the performance of a Bintelli is very remarkable. Therefore if you have a higher budget and want comfortable rides while being able to carry a much higher load Bintelli would be the cart of your choice.

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  1. Recently purchased a street legal Bentelli Beyond with the 52V Lithium battery and the ride is fantastic. Quiet, solid and fast the cart was reaching 25.7 mph on flat stretches on recent camping trip to Ft wilderness. One big perk is fast charging with the Lithium battery.


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