Most Common Husqvarna 150BT Problems and Solutions

Husqvarna 150BT is a mid-size backpack leaf blower. It is available in commercial grade and it is about 50 cc in size. The engine of the Husqvarna 150BT is very powerful as it is an X-Torq engine. It can be your best device to clean up your lawn and backyard that gets covered with leaves in the fall season.

But it is not uncommon to have some problems with it after you have used it for some time. You can easily solve most of the problems by yourself or by the help of a mechanic.

All you need to know is the cause of the problem you are facing and the primary solution to the problem.

To help you with that, we are going to discuss the common problems and solutions of Husqvarna 150BT in this article.

Problems and Solutions of Husqvarna 150BT:

1. Problem with starting

Starting problems are common for every machine. It can be something easily solvable and sometimes it is the indication of the end of your device.

Husqvarna 150BT can have starting problems due to a lot of reasons like- blocked air filter and fuel filter, damaged spark plugs, blocked carburetor, problems in the recoil starter, etc. You might think, these are different components and what does it have to do with the engine. Well, here are the reasons-

When the fuel filter is clogged with dirt or debris, the oil is not able to reach the engine, and the engine stops. In the same way, when the air filter is blocked, it blocks the airflow as well and makes the engine stop working.

And when the recoil starter is faulty it does not function well and stops the engine and as a result, the machine does not start.

When the carburetor is clogged it makes the oil sticky and prevents it from moving properly, thus it makes the engine stop.

The spark plug can stop the engine from working as the plugs are used to keep the connection between different components, so when it is worn out or damaged, the engine stops working.


Troubleshoot your leaf blower to find out the exact cause of the problem. You can use a plug tester to check the condition of the spark plugs. If the spark plugs are faulty then replacing them will solve the problem.

If you find clogged and blocked filters or carburetors, then just cleaning the components will solve the starting problem. However, if the fuel filter is too damaged, then you might need to replace the whole filter.

And lastly, if you find there is a problem with the recoil starter, then you can show it to a mechanic to repair it, and if it is beyond repair you can just replace it. But to avoid this problem in the future, keep your filters and carburetor clean.

2. Starts but dies after some time

You might be experiencing your Husqvarna leaf blower working fine for some time and then suddenly dying without any warning. This is a serious problem but it is not uncommon. Here, the culprit is also the spark arrestor, clogged fuel filter, and air filter.

The spark arrestor controls the spark and heat and keeps the engine from catching fire by keeping sparks from exploding.

But if you do not clean the components for a long time, then dirt and soot build-up will prevent the engine from working continuously at a flow.

3. Leaf blower does not work

If your leaf blower starts just fine but does not do what it is supposed to do, then there might be something wrong with the spark plugs, carburetor, fuel filter, or air filter. If the spark plugs are broken or worn out it makes the leaf blower function properly.

Also, when the other 3 components- air and fuel filter, and carburetor are blocked or damaged, they prevent the leaf blower from blowing out leaves as well.


If the carburetor and the fuel and air filters are clogged with debris then, just cleaning them with a brush will solve your problem. But if they are damaged and broken for some reason, then you might need to replace them.

Additionally, if you find the porcelain insulator is damaged, fractured, or scorched, you should replace the spark plug. This will resolve the performance issues of your Husqvarna 150BT leaf blower.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my Husqvarna leaf blower die when I give it gas?

The most typical cause of a clogged carburetor is keeping gasoline in the leaf blower for an extended length of time. Some of the fuel’s constituents may vaporize over time, producing a thicker, stickier mixture. The carburetor might become clogged with this sticky gasoline, causing the leaf blower to die.

Why is my Husqvarna blower losing power?

Your engine will not be able to get sufficient gasoline if the fuel filter is filthy or clogged. A situation like this might lead to a loss of power and poor performance. A blocked fuel filter might be the cause of your leaf blower straining for power and suddenly failing as soon as you boost the throttle.

Final Words

Leaf blowers are the easiest way to keep your lawn or backyard clean in the fall or any season. But when it suddenly stops working you might fall into a lot of hassle.

Hope this article has guided you with the necessary instructions for how to solve the problems of your Husqvarna 150BT leaf blower.

However, you should remember that keeping the components clean of your leaf blower will save you a lot of trouble.

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