5 Most Common Simplicity Broadmoor Problems And Solutions

Simplicity Broadmoor Problems

Simplicity Broadmoor is the perfect lawn mower for handling lawns with small and medium grass. The maximum speed of the Broadmoor is 9.3 kilometers per hour.

You can choose between 3 different engines from Briggs & Stratton for this lawnmower.

Simplicity Broadmoor is equipped with a hydrostatic gearbox, eliminating the need to change gears while operating.

Just use the accelerator to accelerate, or the brake to slow down, and the brake to reverse and that is all you will need to operate it.

Despite this, you may still experience some issues with this lawnmower after using it for several months.

As you read this article, you do not need to worry about that because we will discuss the common problems and solutions of Simplicity Broadmoor.

Problems and Solutions of Simplicity Broadmoor:

It is important to maintain your lawnmower regularly because it prevents problems as well as increases its lifespan.

Even so, you may encounter some issues which could raise your concerns. The goal is to identify the reasons for these issues so they can be resolved.

By following the right guidelines, you can also resolve them.

So, the common problems and solutions of Simplicity Broadmoor lawn mower are:

1. Problems with starting

The lawnmower has starting problems when the gas runs out or faulty spark plug or clogged air filter. Also, if the fuel filter is clogged then the fuel would not reach the engine and will cause starting problems.


Check the fuel filter first to fix your lawn mower’s starting problem. If the gas tank is empty, fill it up. Make sure your fuel filter is clean if it is clogged.

In addition, ensure that the spark plugs are in good working order and that the air filter is clean. Any damaged wires or spark plugs should be replaced.

2. Transmission Problems

When you face transmission problems with your SImplicity Broadmoor, the core reason might be the liquid in the compartment.

The liquid is forced through rubber or metal hoses in hydrostatic transmissions as well as mechanical parts like a differential and drive axle.

Problems with tractor hydrostatic transmission can result from a damaged hose, a blocked filter, or mechanical failure of any part.


To ensure the transmission is working properly carefully watch it when the engine is idling. There is a transmission problem if the wheel is not rotating despite the pulley spinning.

Unfortunately, if this part breaks, you might need to purchase a new mower, since it cannot usually be replaced

3. Steering Problems

If your lawnmower has steering problems, it will be tough on having control of which way to go. And you will need to constantly adjust the wheel. This is quite annoying and risky too.


To Your Simplicity, Broadmoor’s steering problem can be fixed by removing the cover surrounding the steering column, located just below the steering wheel, and tightening the universal joint.

Also, make sure to check under the mower to ensure the sector gear and pinion are engaged correctly.

4. PTO Clutch Problems

When the lawnmower blades do not engage as a result of a faulty PTO clutch, a defective clutch solenoid, or worn-out clutches, the mower will not operate.


PTO clutches receive power from the PTO switch. PTO clutches are not repairable. If they are defective you will need to replace them with brand new ones.

Simplicity Broadmoor Specifications:

ManufacturerSimplicity(Briggs & Stratton)
Weight580 lbs
Wheelbase53 inches
Front tire15×6.0-6
Frame10 ga. steel
TransmissionTuff Torq® K62
Battery230 CCA
LightingLED headlights
Deck TypeFabricated Free Floating™
SpindlesCommercial Aluminum with Zerk Fittings
Cruise controlStandard
Attachment LiftIntegrated Hydraulic Dash Lever

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the Simplicity Broadmoor A good mower?

Simplicity mowers are among the few mowers capable of producing such a high-quality cut.
Decks manufactured by this manufacturer are among the most noteworthy deck designs ever seen in the lawn care and maintenance industry.
It is straightforward to use and it holds great value for money. So, Simplicity Broadmoor is a very good lawnmower.

How much does a Simplicity Broadmoor weigh?

The Simplicity Broadmoor lawnmower weighs about 540 lbs. The weight is not too much weight, not too little weight. It is just as required to carry out its function perfectly.

Who makes simplicity Broadmoor?

Simplicity Broadmoor is made by Briggs & Stratton. Its head office is located in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. The company is an American Fortune 1000 manufacturer of gasoline and lawnmower engines.

Final Words

As you can see SImplicity Broadmoor is an excellent lawn mower that will help you with your regular lawn maintenance work.

However, to keep your lawnmower free of the problems, you need to maintain your Simplicity Broadmoor too. And even when you face some problems, following the proper guidance will solve them.

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