Top 7 Common stihl 500i Problems And Solutions

If you need to cut timber frequently for personal or professional purposes, then Sithls 500I can be an excellent choice as it is an electronically controlled fuel injection and it is the first chainsaw ever to do that.

This chainsaw features not only built-in pressure but also external air temperature, engine temperature, and atmospheric pressure which are measured by internal temperature sensors. Thus it can adjust its functionality according to the operating circumstances.

However, long-time use and manufacturer defects can cause many problems for the users. And machines like chainsaws can develop problems easily which is nothing to be concerned about.

In this article, we are going to talk about the common problems and solutions of Stihl 500i. With Stihl 500i, you may face leakage, overheating, noise, dry wheels, no water supply, and slow wheel issues.

Common Problems and Solutions of Stihl 500i:

It is risky to use a problematic chainsaw. So, you need to fix it as soon as possible. To solve the problems you need to be aware of the core causes of the problem. Also, you will need to have the basic knowledge to solve the problem for avoiding the hassle of calling a mechanic.

So, the common problems and solutions of Stihl 500I are given below:

1. Leakage In System

Water leakage is possible with the Stihl 500i system. To check if your chainsaw has this problem, you need to compress and analyze the primary casing area. This is accomplished by removing the engine and exhaust and then restricting both the intake and exhaust valve openings.

This problem can happen if an O-ring of the chainsaw is damaged. There can be the possibility of water connection locks have worn out with frequent use too. Because of that, water line clamps break, and that results in water leaking and wastage.

To solve the water leakage problem you will need to replace faulty water seals and O-rings to prevent water from leaking into the system. After that, look for hose clips and replace them with new ones. If too many pieces are destroyed, you can even replace the entire water attachment system.

2. Overheating problem

If your Sthil chainsaw becomes hot right after starting to use it, this means, there might be something wrong with the engine. It is possible that the engine parts have worn out and need to be replaced. But first, restart the machine and keep an eye on it. If the machine still has a hot start, it’s best to seek expert assistance.

However, if the overheating problem starts after some time of use, then that might be the result of a clogged fuel filter or exhaust, wrong oil mixture, the gas flow being blocked, etc. for that you need to check the spark plugs, replace them if needed, clean the fuel filter properly. And if the oil mixture is wrong, then follow the instruction manual on which oil mixture to use. You can drain all the oil and refill the engine with a new oil mixture.

3. Loud Noise

It is true that chainsaws can be noisy while you work with them. But if the noise is more unusual than the regular sound, it might be an indication of serious problems. If you hear any different noise coming out of your Stihl chainsaw then it might be because of a broken holder, faulty clutch, and damaged bearings. A Clutch gets damaged easily when you use it for a long time continuously.

To solve the problem you need to call an expert to fix all the compartments if they are repairable. Otherwise, replace the parts which are causing the noise. And for future use, make sure to take short breaks in the middle of using it.

4. Cutter Wheel Stops

As you know, overload causes many problems for a machine, the same goes for underload too. When the Stihl chainsaw is being used for underloaded tasks the cutter wheels start to have issues. When the clutch gears and disks are destroyed, the cutting wheel stops rotating fully. Another reason for the cutter wheel to halt might be a slack poly V-belt.

To solve the cutter wheel issue you need to replace the clutch shoe and drum immediately after establishing the scale of the problem. Then gently twist the poly V-belt. This might solve your problem.

5. No Water Supply

In order to reach the cutting wheels of the Stihl 500i, water is required. When the solenoid valve and control panel wear out, the water supply ceases. Dirty banjo screws can potentially shut off the supply of water.

To find the damaged item, test the solenoid valve and control panel. Replace the old parts with new ones. Also, clean the banjo screws before attempting to address the water supply issue.

6. Dry Wheels

Dry wheels are a common problem of Sthil 500I chainsaws. Control panel, solenoid valve, clogged manifolds, damaged water hose, faulty water nozzles, etc. can cause the wheels to dry out. But you need water to flow in the chainsaw wheels to get smooth cuts. But too much water can damage the machine and cause more issues in the other parts of it.

You need to inspect all the mentioned parts above to find the fault and fix it or replace it as soon as possible to fix the dry wheel problem.

7. Slow Wheels

For cutting the wood properly and smoothly you need a well-functioned chainsaw with a fast wheel. If you experience slow wheels, then working with them can be very challenging. When the throttle is stuck, the cutting wheel can only move slowly.

So, to identify the faulty region, look for damaged or stuck pieces in the throttle. Cleaning the throttle cable and trigger will relieve the stiffness, allowing the wheels to be repaired. Also make sure to check for damage in the shutter, trigger, throttle cable, etc. components because these parts are responsible for fast wheel rotation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my Stihl 500i?

To start the Sthil 500I you need to run it for at least 90 seconds in the Cold start position. During this period, do not use the throttle or accelerate the saw. After that, turn off the machine after 90 seconds. And your machine has been re-calibrated and is now ready to use.

How much does a Stihl 500i cost?

A Sthil 500I costs about $1,369.99. It might seem a bit costly among other chainsaws, but it does not compromise the quality. In fact, the Sthil 500i is the world’s first chainsaw with electronically regulated fuel injection, developed and constructed particularly for forestry people and tree service professionals. So, you know it is worth the price.

Does the Stihl 500i have a carburetor?

No, the Sthil 500I does not have a carburetor. However, although the MS 500i employs fuel injections rather than a carburetor, it should consume less fuel than a standard saw. It’s tough to judge, but it packs a staggering 6.8 horsepower and the finest weight/efficiency ratio on the market.

Final Words

We hope that the information in this article assists you in resolving your Sthil 500I issues. Because of its flaws, do not consider Sthil 500I as a terrible chainsaw. The issues are simple to address. You may also lower the problem rate by properly maintaining and troubleshooting the Sthil chainsaw on a regular basis.

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