Kubota Z700 Review: Don’t Buy This

Are you looking for a suitable lawn mower for your lawn? Then you have come to the right place. Choosing a lawn mower is not an easy task. It can be very tiring and confusing because of the huge collection of lawn mowers in the market. Especially if you are a beginner at lawn care. In order to buy the required lawn mower size, you have to determine the target size of your lawn or yard.

Usually, most people have a similar standardized lawn size. So, you might want to check out the trending lawn mowers in the market. However, this can be confusing too as there are so many choices. To help you get rid of the confusion, we are going to give you a review of the Kubota Z700 lawn mower so that you can know more about lawn mower features and determine which mower is right for your lawn.

Kubota Mower Problems

Kubota Z700 Review -Product Overview

Image: Kubota Canada

A Kubota Z700-Series mower is aimed specifically at turf care professionals and marketed to be flexible, dependable, and reasonably priced. Z700 provides Kubota’s famous durability, performance, productivity, and comfort to landscape professionals. Kubota has added EFI models to its Z700 Series for exceptional performance in the most challenging conditions.

The mower’s low center of gravity is ensured because the fuel tank is located under the seat, and large-diameter, wide tread rear tires offer great stability. The entire machine sits low, as does the engine and fuel tanks. The benefit of this is that it can be used to mow hillsides.


  • 14 inches wheels
  • Low-profile tires measuring 24 inches
  • Caster tires are 6.5 inches wide.
  • This 12-volt outlet can charge smartphones or other devices.
  • Storage space and cup holder by the user’s seat
  • Three inches of vertical travel
  • 6-inch back slide adjustment
  • The new suspension seat features a high-back and cushion
  • Dial-type throttle control for the EFI
  • Switches with a neutral lever that are waterproof
  • Chutes controlled by the operator
  • Mulching kit for grass clippings.
  • Grass catchers with large capacities are easy to install.
  • Including a crank handle in a maintenance kit
  • Kit for mounting LED lights on the ROPS


The key advantage of Kubota Z700 Under the seat panel and under the fuel shutoff and fuses are the battery and harness parts of the Z700 Series zero-turn mower. Pump and motor are integrated into the dual Parker transmission for increased efficiency and ease of service. This lawn mower has 3 years of warranty so that you can stay tension free whole 3 years long!

The rest of the description of the features of Kubota Z700 are given below:


A smooth-running mowing engine with a high-performance EFI system is easy to start and maintain, and it is equipped with an electronic governor (E-Gov) and an effective controller that maximize engine performance under various commercial conditions.


Kubota lawn mowers are best known for their durability as they are made by professionals. Additionally, the mower’s exterior is made of premium steel, which makes it durable and resistant to abuse of any kind. In addition, unrestricted access to the engine area and its key parts allows for easier maintenance and repair. In addition to the lift kit attachment, maintenance is made even easier with a built-in jack provided with the lift kit.


Standard on all Z700 models is an adjustable premium suspension seat. Operators also have plenty of adjustments they can make in order to get the perfect seating position with the 21.2″ high back, adjustable armrests, 6″ seat slide, and 3″ vertical travel. It also has a safety handle you can hold on to it while mowing so that you feel safe and secured.

Integrated Transmission and Motor

Dual Parker transmissions are included with the Z700 Series. The transmissions are designed to be easy to maintain, equipped with integrated pumps and motors to improve efficiency and simplify maintenance. The transmissions also feature separate oil supplies to enhance durability.

Mower deck

Every single one of the Z700 mower decks has been built by Kubota to Kubota specifications. Whenever you want a clean-cut, take advantage of the anti-scalp rollers and a 6-inch-deep deck.


Cut Quality

With the Z700 mowers, you can choose between a 48-inch cutting deck, a 54-inch cutting deck, or a 60-inch cutting deck. Obviously, the choice you make will be determined by the kind of turf you need to maintain and the way you want the finished product to look. Also, your mower’s engine choice will affect how the finished product looks. You have the choice of more than one engine type for some units in this category.


Throughout Kubota’s Z700 range, the center of gravity stays low. As a result, stability is improved so that you do not fall into any accident while mowing hilly areas. To maintain the unit on the ground at all times, the roll-over protective structure (ROPS) is in place. In addition, this unit offers a retractable seatbelt for safety.

Final Words

So, that was all about the Kubota Z700 lawn mower. Hope this review helps you with making better decisions at choosing lawn mowers for your lawn. You will hardly find a lawn mower with so many features at such a reasonable price, as the promotional price range starts from only $7,799 from Kubota. Additionally to its productivity and durability, this unit is also highly serviceable and maintenance-friendly. Kubota did make good on its initial promise with this series. Featuring an extremely comfortable ergonomic design for operators of all shapes and sizes.

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