Yanmar Tractor Models to Avoid (15+ Worst Model)

Yanmar is a well-known tractor manufacturer for the fine machines it produces. It would easily make it among one of the top ten makers. The machines are in general robust, therefore reliable. So, congratulations if you have made up your mind to buy a Yanmar Tractor!

Now it’s time to choose a model from the wide range of options they offer. As much as it may sound unlikely, there are some models which may not live up to your expectations. Before you decide upon one, it’s safe to know the Yanmar Tractor models to avoid.

Some common Yanmar tractor models to avoid are, YM177, YM350, YM455, YM273, YM1110, YM5000, YM2200, YM2700 and F-series (F22, F16, FX32, F39, & so on). All these models are outdated. Hence, you may not find the replacement parts of these models and inadequate sharing option.

Name of the Yanmar Tractor Models to Avoid

The following are some Yanmar tractor models to avoid, as well as the reasons why.

YM Series


YM177 is a quite rare model, there is no chance of you ever finding any replacement parts. Also, no option for sharing.


YM350 is made for the Korean market. It would be highly challenging to get your hands on its replacement parts.


YM455, like the YM350, is constructed from the Korean market, so replacement parts are not available.


YM273 is a unique model that appears difficult to find and provides an inadequate sharing option. As a result, getting replacement parts is even more difficult.


Another uncommon model is the YM1110. It does not support sharing and has very few options for replacement parts.


Because of the cost of shipping them here, only a handful of YM5000 will fit together into the container at a time, compared to 12-20 smaller tractors. There is no sharing. In the United States, this is extremely rare. The same is true for tractors with more than 45 horsepower.

YM2200 & YM2700

YM2200 and YM2700 are now becoming popular models of Yanmar, body parts are readily available. However, some essential body parts, such as exhaust valves, connecting rods, and cylinder heads, are hard to acquire.

Anyway, current releases of these models are no longer available. If you have to buy it, it will be used. On top of that, they are very costly, including their parts. And no tractor parts are shared. So you should avoid YM2200 and YM2700.

F Series

F-series (F22, F16, FX32, F39, & so on): A couple of transmission and cosmetic parts are not available to find from the Yanmar.

2-digit Tractor Models

This includes the 2-digit “F” series tractors. The F22, F16, FX32, etc. Even though the accessibility of their components is improving, they are still scarce. These Yanmar tractor models will be phased out within a few years.

Engine rebuild components such as pistons, bearings, rings, and so on are readily available. However, most cosmetic and transition parts are still unavailable in new versions, with the exception of costly used ones.

Another major drawback of this tractor framework is that its engines, unlike the YM series, are not sleeved and can quickly become “egg-shaped” when overheated. This means you’ll have to spend a fortune to repair your engines. If you want to make money with your tractor, this model is not recommended.

3 digit Tractor Models and Single Digit Tractor Models

All AF models are included in this category. The 3-digit “F” series tractors such as the F195, F265, and F395, as well as newer single-digit “F” series such as the F5, F6, F7, and so on. These tractor sets are well-known in the US market, but there is no manual to help you understand their operational processes and functionality.

What’s worse is that they bear no resemblance to other models on the market in the United States. These parts are available, but in limited quantities; however, they may improve as the year progresses.

One very tricky fact regarding these tractors is that they have been loaded with very complex electronics, making them almost computer-controlled.

It cannot be easily diagnosed with a test light. The three-point levers are computer-controlled. The lever is connected to a potentiometer that regulates electronically operated valves.

These tractors do not come with an English illustration or manual that explains how to operate them. For example, the  FX235 is equipped with a few high-quality Yanmar tractor parts, but everything is documented in Japanese. That means you’ll need to hire a translation app to translate the text on the tractor’s body.

Issues to be Cautious with Yanmar Tractors

There is no flawless tractor; the only point is that the flaws must not outweigh the benefits provided by the tractor. Despite the Yanmar tractors being well-built, they do have a few flaws.

Shoppers have made complaints about the following issues with the tractor:

  • Problems starting Yanmar tractors in cold weather.
  • Overheating of the engine.
  • Poor fuel economy. However, some models are not affected by this issue.

Also, keep in mind that the majority of YM series tractors were built in the 1970s and 1980s. So, if someone tries to claim they’re completely new, you know they’re not. Nothing used will ever bear the label “rebuilt by Yanmar.” A few suppliers can claim that their tractors have been completely rebuilt at the Yanmar factor.

As a result, they market it just as brand new. That, however, is not the case. Regardless of whether the tractors are reconstructed by another factory capable of doing so, they are not Yanmar, and thus no relabeling is possible. If you’re looking for a smaller model, don’t settle with anything less than between 30 and 50 hours annually on average.


How long does a Yanmar tractor generally last?

When compared to other brands, Yanmar tractors have a remarkable lifespan. Yanmar tractors could last for decades, whereas some competing brands only last a decade. Yanmar tractors can be expected to last for approximately 25 years.

How long does the diesel of the Yanmar tractor last?

Most Yanmars that have had their injectors recalibrated or rebuilt will have a maximum life of 10,000 hours. Again, it’s not a consistent thing because users’ usage and maintenance habits vary.

Are the Yanmar tractor parts readily available?

Yes, they are. There is one official Yanmar tractor parts store online in which you can find information about parts as well as spare replacements. However, power steering parts are scarce and difficult to find.

Final Words

We hope we got you covered with the drawbacks of some of the Yanmar Tractor models to avoid. Now all you have to do is think thoroughly and make a wise purchase you won’t regret.

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