7 Common Problems of Kubota L3901 and Solutions

The Kubota L3901 is part of the latest L-series model. In addition to its high performance, the Kubota L series is known for its outstanding durability and ease of operation. Aside from improved performance, the new Standard L3901 features smooth, curved edges from front to rear that provide better visibility, so you can perform your duties more smoothly and efficiently.

Although Kubota L3901 has so many amazing features, it has some drawbacks as well. Some of these drawbacks may already be familiar to you if you are a Kubota L3901 user. Even if you are not, it would be prudent to be aware of what you will be paying for if you are thinking of buying this model. Even so, Kubota L3901’s drawbacks are not detracting from its worth since most of them can be resolved.

Common Problems of Kubota L3901

  1. Problems with steering
  2. Shuts down unexpectedly
  3. Dipsticks for checking oil levels are difficult to reach
  4. Radiator prescreens cannot be removed
  5. Problems with the PTO
  6. Too small area for the operator
  7. Problems with regeneration

Problems and Solutions of Kubota L3901

Eventually, every tractor has some drawbacks, and the Kubota L3901 is no exception. Depending on your personal preferences, you may dislike some features. It will be easier to fix the problem if you know the cause and the symptoms. Knowing the solution will make things even easier and help you to take proper action. So, the common problems and their solutions are given below: 

1. Problems With Steering

If your tractor steering feels heavier than usual, then take it as a warning sign. This is an indication of a steering problem. Leaks are a common problem with power steering systems. A loss of power steering will result in steering failure. This can occur if debris breaks a hydraulic pipe.


If your Kubota L3901 has a steering problem, you should clean out all the air in the hydraulic system. If this does not work, you can also look at the attachments for the Kubota l3901. Filling up the oil tank should solve your issue if the tank is low on oil. Lastly, if your steering cylinders are faulty, you need to replace them completely.

2. Tractor Shuts Down Unexpectedly

If your tractor starts properly but then shut downs unexpectedly, then there might be a problem with the fuel supply. This is a common problem with many tractors. A clogged or damaged fuel filter or empty fuel are the most common reasons for a tractor to stall.


To solve the problem of empty fuel, follow the instructions in the instruction manual to fill it up. In the event that that is not the problem, you can sometimes remove the fuel filter to check if it is still working properly or if it has become clogged with dirt or debris. It is recommended that the fuel filter be cleaned on a regular basis. Filters can be damaged beyond repair if they are clogged with debris. In this case, you may need to replace the fuel filter.

3. Dipsticks For Checking Oil Levels Are Difficult To Reach

You will need to check the oil level of your tractor regularly to prevent your tractor from shutting down suddenly when the oil finishes. However, it is a difficult thing to do with the Kubota L3901. This happens because the fuel unit is submerged in the engine compartment and it is difficult to reach as the area is very narrow.

There is no absolute solution to this problem. However, you might reach out to Kubota manufacturer company customer service to see if they can help you out.

4. Radiator Prescreens Cannot Be Removed

Prescreens prevent small particles from getting stuck in radiators. However, if the radiator fan is not working or damaged for some reason it is hard to remove the radiator prescreen and take the fan out to clean it. This is a default mistake of the Kubota L3901 tractor. So, you can complain about this problem but there is no proper solution to it.

5. Problems With The PTO

If your tractor does not turn when PTO is engaged that means Kubota L3901’s PTO has some problems. You might experience PTO issues for a lot of reasons. When the bush hog shuts down without the power being connected to the PTO, such an event may occur. If this happens, the PTO may malfunction.


When you press your clutch that is when Power Takes Off. so, check the clutch condition first. If the clutch is faulty, repair that or replace that. Floating points can also cause problems from control valves in PTOs. If the control valve of the PTO is malfunctioning, you can do a pressure test to determine whether it is functioning properly. You might notice a change in RPM if your control valve seal has failed. If this happens, you should replace the valve of your Kubota L3901.

6. Too Small Area For The Operator

A tractor has to be run by an operator. But Kubota L3901 makes it difficult as they keep a really congested area for their users. It will not be a problem if you are under 6 feet tall. But beyond that, it will be a problem and there is nothing much to do about it.

7. Problems With Regeneration

If your Kubota L3901’s regeneration light keeps flashing, that means there is something wrong with it. A tractor like this requires refueling every 30 hours, which is a huge challenge. And if you fail to do it, it malfunctions causing excessive heat that is harmful for the surrounding area.

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It is necessary to raise the RPM until you see the light indicator stop flashing until you solve the regeneration problem. You can also let the tractor run in regenerative mode for 15 minutes continuously, and then the lights should stop flashing. If this does not solve your problem you can contact the dealer or the manufacturer about this problem.

Final Words

Aside from the few drawbacks Kubota L3901 is a tractor of great quality at an affordable price. Still, the decision is up to you. But if you are already a user of this tractor, hopefully this article was helpful. If your tractor has any other problems, you can contact your dealer for repairs too.

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