6 Common Problems with Yardsport YS200: What to Do?

If you own a Yardsport YS200 and facing problems despite maintaining properly, maybe your car parts are getting old. Yardsport YS200’s problems may include issues with the engine or battery, and breakdown of the solenoid. Or you might have a hard time starting or controlling speed as well.

Yardsport YS200 Problems And Solutions At A Glimpse

Breakdown of the BatteriesFix the power lines and connections
Breakdowns of the SolenoidCheck the coils, wire and the power supply
Problems in TireInspect closely for leaks
Fault in Direction SwitchInvestigate the switch pin connections
Issues in Starting the EngineCheck the gas pedal and battery cable

Common Yardsport YS200 Problems and the Gateways

1: The Batteries Losing Charge.

Probably you haven’t used your car in a long time, or the power is not enough, or there is dust in the battery terminals. Whatever the cause, the batteries losing charge is a major concern because it doesn’t let the car start.

When you’re excited about the game and already on the course, this can be a bummer. As a result, the soon you address the issue, the better. Before you begin your day, check the water level and the batteries. Your Yardsport YS200 battery problem could be due to a blown fuse or they are trying to tell you that they need your attention.


  • First, use a multimeter (or a voltmeter) and check the battery power. If there is sufficient power but it still fails to work, check the water level. Because low water levels in the car can lead to battery failure.
  • Battery problems can occur if the power lines or cables are damaged, or loose.
  • Check to see if all of the electrical connections are securely fastened by visually inspecting each one.
  • Battery problems can occur if the nodes are dirty, as previously stated. So, carefully clean up all of the dust and debris.
  • So, when you’re finished, try to get the car started.
  • If it still doesn’t work, it’s time to replace the battery in your Yardsport YS200.

2: The Solenoid Breaks Down

When you have trouble with your Yardsport YS200  the solenoids are usually to blame. If the solenoid stops making the sound, it usually means it’s time to diagnose it.

Your solenoid may have failed due to cracked coils, wires that are loose,  or damaged electrical wiring. Or if the solenoid is corroded or the power supply is faulty. However, if the solenoid fails, the car will stop functioning and thus the solenoid valve will not open or close accurately.


  • Begin by inspecting the coils and the wires to check if they are cracked or worn out. Broken wires or coils are the most common triggers of solenoid failure.
  • If so, repair or replace the damaged coil or wire as needed.
  • Corrosion, tattered seals, o-rings, or membranes can all lead to solenoid problems. So, inspect it and replace or fix it as needed.
  • Check the power supply for accuracy.
  • Keep an eye out for debris and dust over there.

3: The Problems in the Tire.

Whenever the wheel bread is broken, there are ruptures in the outer walls, the caps of the valve go missing, or when there are leaks, problems arise. It won’t let your vehicle move. Furthermore, it causes the car to be unbalanced while running.


  • Pump up the tire with a pump and listen for any hissing sounds. It will indicate any leakage in the tires.
  • You can completely dip the tire in soapy water to see if there are any air bubbles appearing through the tire. This is just another sign of a leak.
  • Detach the nuts with a wrench if you need to swap the tire. Then, take out the flat tire and replace it with the newer one. Then screw all of the nuts in place. Inspect to ensure that the nuts are tight enough.

4: The Fault in Direction Switch

The direction switch, also known as ‘the forward switch’ or ‘the reverse switch’, is probably the most regularly used part of a golf ride. The direction switch may misbehave if it has not been properly maintained or if the selector is not able to keep moving the switch pin.

When the switch fails, the car can move forward but not backward. It can also reverse while unable to move forward. Furthermore, the car can become stuck and unable to move in either way.


  • Investigate the switch pins visually to see if any are broken. Because,  when switch pin is broken, the direction may stop working.
  • Check that the pin is properly connecting the lugs. When you’re finished, make any necessary repairs to the pin.
  • Check that the selectors are properly shifting the switch pin. If not, try to fix it or replace it if necessary.

5: The Issues in Starting the Engine

You’ll know you’re in trouble if your engine begins stuttering or emitting unnecessary sounds and odors. This can happen if your vehicle has been sitting for a long time or if you have defective parts such as faulty battery cables, gas pedals, wires of the spark plug, or a clogged air filter.

The engine is the heart of your machine and you gotta fix it right away!


  • After monitoring the batteries, carefully inspect the engine for any issues that may be causing the problem.
  • Begin by seeing if the gas pedal works properly. If there is a problem with the gas pedal, either repair it or replace it.
  • The engine may fail to start due to a corroded battery cable. So, go inspect the ignition coils and ensure that they are securely connected.
  • A broken, cracked, burned, or disconnected spark plug can also cause engine damage.
  • So take a glance at the plug that needs to be replaced right away. Don’t forget to inspect the air filter as well. A blocked-up air filter can be the reason to cause engine damage.

Final Words

Like any machine, it’s no news that your Yardsport YS200 will be troubled if you do not maintain it thoroughly and keep it under regular check. Make sure you’ve read the manual that comes with your car.

Not only that but also keep in mind the maximum load your car can take so that you can avoid any issues. In addition to that, if any issue surfaces, don’t try to be all adventurous and try to drive it anyway. It will not help the sustainability we’re sure you’re looking forward to.

However, you can always take your car to the professionals in case of issues you cannot resolve. But before we’d be glad if this article helps you address some of the Yardsport YS200’s issues that may arise. It will save you some time and money, and give you a sense of achievement as well!

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