Most Common Problems with Kubota L3560 and Solutions

The Kubota L3560 was first introduced in the market in 2013. It belongs to the L60 compact utility tractor series. In terms of quality and reliability, Kubota tractor models are well known. Despite this, no tractor manufacturer can produce flawless tractors. So, there will be some issues after some time.

If you own a Kubota L3560, then you may have already encountered some issues, which is why you are here. You should also be aware of the potential problems you might face if you buy a Kubota L3560, and the solution to them so that you can solve them by yourself.

3 Common Kubota L3560 Problems

  1. Excessive Heat Coming Out Of Engine
  2. Tractor Does Not Crank 
  3. Engine Dies After Some Time

Problems Of Kubota L3560 And Their Solutions

When you are aware of the causes of the Kubota L3560 problems, it becomes a lot easier to solve them. Also, with a little knowledge of the primary solutions, you can solve most of the problems yourself without being worried. So, let’s check out the common problems of Kubota L3560 and their solutions

1. Excessive Heat Coming Out Of Engine

Your Kubota tractor can overheat due to many reasons. One of the common reasons is- low engine fuel. It is very dangerous to ride and use a tractor with low fuel because it can overheat and will put a sudden full stop while you are working on your backyard or lawn. Another common reason for it is when there is radiator airflow. Consequently, heat builds up in the engine due to dust or other sediment clogging or limiting the flow of air in the radiator.


To solve the engine overheating problem all you need to do is check if there is enough fuel in the engine before you start your work. And if this does not solve your problem, then you can try cleaning up the debris from your radiator using compressed air blown through the parts.

2. Tractor Does Not Crank  

If your Kubota engine does not turn over that refers to your engine not cranking. It is a serious problem. Battery problems are usually to blame for this.


To solve the engine not cranking problem you need to troubleshoot the engine battery of your Kubota L3560 tractor. You can also check the voltage of Kubota tractor safety switches by using an Ohm meter. If you find dead batteries, dirty or corroded battery cables, or bad safety switches then you should recharge/clean/replace the battery according to your problem.

3. Engine Dies After Some Time

If your Kubota L3560 runs for some time then dies it means there is something wrong with your fuel system. When there is actually something wrong with the fuel system, this may cause your engine to emit a strange odor.


To solve this problem you should first check the type of your fuel because gasoline and diesel both work differently. If you have diesel then you should be careful about the mixtures of fuel and air. Since diesel ignites when compressed, your piston will ignite the fuel-air mixture in your cylinder when it compresses it. Gasoline engines, on the other hand, require a spark plug to ignite; therefore, spark plugs are added to gasoline engines. There might be something wrong with the spark plug and you might also need the spark plug if your engine fuel is Gasoline.


Does Kubota L3560 have mid-PTO?

Answer: No. Kubota L3560 does not have a mid-PTO (Power Take Off). Despite having less hydraulics Kubota L4560 features a joystick attached to the loader stanchion, and the lower link ends are fixed on the three-point hitch, and without PTO it is still a compact utility tractor that offers value.

How much horsepower is a L3560 Kubota tractor?

Answer: Kubota L3560 tractor is featured with 35 horsepower. Because of the power supply, Kubota makes the best-selling tractors. It is perfect for farmers who are looking for a reliable and durable tractor that has a good amount of horsepower. The L3560 is also fuel efficient which makes it a great option for those who are looking to save money on their farm.

What are the common problems of Kubota L3560?

Answer: The common problems you might face with Kubota L3560 are-
The engine does not crank
Engine Gets overheated
The engine starts then suddenly stops

4. How to solve Kubota L3560 overheating problems?

It is common for Kubota L3560 tractors to overheat due to radiator problems, coolant-related problems, low oil, and faulty temperature gauges. Make sure the engine has enough fuel before you begin your work. Additionally, if this does not make a difference, you can clean the debris out of your radiator with compressed air blown through it.

Final Words

Kubota compact tractors are unmatched in terms of ease of use, comfort, and quality. And the L series is Kubota’s best selling tractor series. Therefore, you can buy and rely on Kubota L3560 without any hesitation. You will run into problems with any tractor you buy. Kubota tractors, however, tend to have fewer issues. Moreover, in case your Kubota has any problems, you know how to resolve them from this article.

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