6 Common Evolution Golf Cart Problems – Get The Easiest Fixations

Electric golf carts can often be so unpredictable and show issues that might make you crazy. But luckily, the evolution golf cart does not show that many complicated issues that are beyond your hands to solve.

Hereby, we have sorted some of the common evolution golf cart problems. The typical issues include battery problems, solenoid abruptions, direction switch issues, or even motor complications. Most of these problems can be dealt with easily without the need to visit a repair shop.

So now we will move forward into the details and call out everything that requires to have your perfect golf cart. Let’s begin!

Evolution Golf Cart Problems And Solutions At A Glimpse

Battery IssuesReplacement, adequately charging, filling with water
Solenoid DisruptionReplacement
Motor IssuesReplacement or battery inspection, checking for loose connections
Direction Switch ProblemsYou have to change the switch
Internal Component DamageYou have to visit a repair shop

Evolution Golf Cart Problems In Brief:

Now we will look into the issues and give you the precise solutions that you will require. Let’s get right into it!

1. Battery Issues

One of the most common issues that people have with the evolution golf cart is the battery running out of power quickly. It may cause the cart not to start or work properly.

Also, you might face issues of stuttering while the machine is on. If you are struggling with low power, and quick battery drainage- it all showcases battery issues.

The most common thing that happens is either the battery connections are loosened, interrupted, or corroded. Also, there can be a lack of electrolytic water and sufficient charge.


  • Check if the battery is adequately charged or not. Charge the battery for a healthy amount of time and then re-investigate.
  • If the problem reappears, check the internal wires. Look for corrosion or loose connections. When there is any loose connection, you can fix that by yourself. But if there is any corrosion, you have to visit a repair shop.
  • If neither of the solutions works, the battery might require a replacement.

2. Solenoid Problems

If the cart suddenly stops operating or shakes, this can be the reason. When there is any disruption in the current flow, the cart will fail to operate. Also, sometimes it might also fail to start.

The problem happens when the solenoid does not work perfectly. So you have to check if the solenoid is worn out or not. Over time, the solenoid gets worn out after frequent usage.


If the solenoid has wear or disruption, you have to take the machine to the repair shop. They will continue the necessary endeavors to have your machine working again.

3. Motor Issues

Motor problems can make the cart stop working. When you notice that your cart is making weird noises and failing to start, the problem might be caused by the motor.

Not the issue can be as simple as a loose connection or corrosion. But in some cases, you might need to replace the whole motor unit or internal components if the problem is serious.


  • First, check for loose connections. If you notice any corrosion, change the wire, and it will be good to go.
  • If you cannot see any corrosion or wire issues, the best bet is to check for internal component damage. When there is internal component damage, you have to take it to a repair shop.
  • Sometimes, resetting the motor gets it working again. To reset the motor, find the red reset button near the motor, and press it. Once you are done, try testing the machine.

4. Direction Related Problems

The direction switch determines the direction of your cart, whether to move forwards or backward. When there is a malfunction with it, you might lose control of the direction. Any problem with the direction switch can be very irritating because you won’t be able to move the cart where you want.


You have to change the direction switch to solve the problem. So, visit a repair shop to deal with this issue.

5. Speed Controlling Issues

Just like the direction switch-related problems, when you cannot manage the speed, there might be disruptions in the controller. However, controller issues can be super tricky to handle on your own.


In this case, there is no other way to fix it except to visit a repair shop. You might need to change the controller.

6. Ignition Problems

The ignition may show issues if the machine has been working for quite a long time. In this case, the machine may fail to give the desired outcome. This mostly happens due to any wear or tears in the ignition or even loose connections.


The simple solution is to replace the ignition and install a new one. If you cannot do it alone, it’s better to visit a service center.


How Do You Diagnose A Golf Cart Problem?

The most common golf cart issues usually start from the batteries or motors. So if your machine is acting weird, you can diagnose it by checking the batteries and testing the voltage. Also, try resetting the motor to see if it works properly or not.

Why won’t My Golf Cart Go Forward Or Backwards?

When your golf cart fails to follow your direction, it might be reasoned by faulty ignition. In this case, you need to check for loose connections. If there’s no loose connection, visit a repair shop to investigate in depth. Changing the direction switch may help with the problem.

What Causes Golf Cart Hesitation?

Bad batteries may cause your golf cart hesitation. The advice will be to adequately charge the batteries once you buy your new cart. Also, don’t forget to charge the batteries after every usage.

Final Thoughts

From our discovery of the evolution golf cart problems and solutions, you must have already found what’s causing your golf cart to act weird. So get right into it to solve the issue. One point to be noted is not to exaggerate if you don’t know how to repair it.

If there are any inner component damages, it’s better to go to a repair shop, even if it’s costly. Also, when the machine is a bit old, you need to change certain components to make it work like a new one again.

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