Kohler vs Kawasaki: Which Engine is Best?

For DIY tasks such as mowing your lawn, pressure washing, or cleaning your windows, you will need reliable, sturdy machines.

It goes without saying that the machines would require the best engine to operate. There is no doubt that Kohler and Kawasaki are among the best brands to provide you with the best engines.

The best-known mower brands- John Deere and Craftsman, use Kawasaki and Kohler engines. But which one to choose among them?

It is very easy to get confused among the two best brands as both have many different features. You just need to choose one according to your personal preferences and compatibility.

That is why in this article, we are going to talk about the functions and specifications of both of the engine brands to help you determine the best one for you.

Kohler EngineKawasaki Engine
Known for their reliability and durabilityKnown for their power and performance
Widely used in residential and commercial equipmentCommonly found in industrial and heavy-duty equipment
Offers a wide range of models and sizesOffers a range of high-performance models
Features include OHV design, full-pressure lubrication, and cast iron cylinder linersFeatures include V-Twin design, electronic fuel injection, and high compression ratio
Typically used in lawn mowers, generators, and pressure washersTypically used in ATVs, UTVs, and construction equipment
Offers a 3-year limited warrantyOffers a 3-year limited warranty


Engines from Kohler bring some established standards in lawn mowing equipment. There are engine types ranging from gasoline, diesel, gasoline, and propane to natural gas. To help you determine whether Kohler is the right brand for you, the features and functions are given below:


The company’s commercial engines and consumer engines cover a wide range of applications. Designed for landscape contractors, the Kohler 7000 series includes some of the best and most durable equipment on the market.

Engine horsepower ratings for Kohler gasoline engines range between 3hp and 38hp. You can even get more horsepower with the diesel engine. For Kohler gasoline engines, there are power efficiency ratings that range from 3 HP to 38 HP and a certified rev range of 3600 rpm.

Kohler Engine FeaturesKawasaki Engine Features
Overhead valve designOverhead valve design
Cast iron cylinder sleevesAluminum cylinder sleeves
Oil filter and oil coolerOil filter and oil cooler
Full pressure lubrication systemFull pressure lubrication system
Electric start with recoil backupElectric start with recoil backup
Automatic compression releaseAutomatic compression release
Automatic decompression systemAutomatic decompression system
Automatic governorAutomatic governor
3-year limited warranty3-year limited warranty


Kohler’s device’s popularity is due to what it can do for a greater HP gain. The Command series and 7000 series are Kohler’s best series and many of the Command models have hydraulic lifters and closed-loop fuel input.

Kohler engines come in a variety of series with horizontal and vertical shafts. Its Smart-Choke technology allows the lawn mower to run smoothly in any weather, even in hot weather.


  • Fuel-injected engine with electronic fuel injection and KDI
  • Stores with parts for general engine maintenance
  • Decks with more space
  • An advantage over the Kawasaki engine when it comes to fuel efficiency
  • Relatively cheaper in the price range
Kohler EngineKawasaki Engine
Horsepower14-27 HP
Fuel TypeGasoline
Cooling SystemAir-cooled
Oil FilterYes
Electric StartOptional
Warranty3-year limited warranty
Weight100-200 lbs
ApplicationsLawn mowers, generators, pressure washers


Utilizing a Kohler engine is usually reliable. The new Courage model can provide you with non-stop service for up to 50-100 hours. Cast iron is used in Kohler’s mowers to generate a consistent amount of power for hours of mowing.


Approximately 2,000 hours can be clocked by some Kohler air-cooled engines. Customers report Kohler engines to last for nearly 4,000 hours without any troubles.


The price of Kohler parts is much higher than Briggs prices because Kohler only distributes through authorized dealers, but they offer a lot more bang for your buck than Kawasaki.


There is a one to five-year warranty for residential products from Kohler. A commercial or rental use warranty can last up to three years. You can also get Kohler’s warranty for a certain type of engine.


credit: kawasakienginesusa.com

Kawasaki is a very popular brand and has been doing great for a long time. Here are the features and functions of Kawasaki to help you choose if it is the right choice for you.


Kawasaki mainly uses V-twin engines and carbureted engines for commercial use. Kawasaki engines are specified by SAE J2723, the Critical Power standard. By using this standard, a vehicle’s engine will deliver at least 98% of its rated horsepower.

The SAE J2723 rating is used for equipment and calculations during testing, then tests run, and horsepower ratings are based on the results. So, it is guaranteed to provide accuracy to its users.

The Kawasaki engine comes with both liquid- and air-cooled cooling systems. Various Kawasaki engines are available with single and double cylinders. An average Kawasaki engine can develop torque of 57.8 ft-lbs at 3200 rpm.

Kawasaki lawn mower engines do not have carburetors and are instead powered by EFI. Engines like these can increase the rate of work and have high cutting power and precision.


The Critical Power engines of Kawasaki are designed for high performance, and TÜV Rheinland tests them rigorously. Kawasaki uses a third-party testing group in order to ensure that ratings are accurate as well as prevent biased results.


  • Engines with V-twins and commercial carburetors
  • It can be difficult to start the engine in the winter, but its performance is excellent
  • Both residential and commercial hauls can benefit from this device
  • There is some difficulty in locating parts for technical assistance
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Quite an expensive option


Because Kawasaki complies with the SAE J2723 grade of critical power gain, its engine remains one of the safest and most durable on the market. With the compact-sized Kawasaki engine and the best of Kawasaki’s metallic parts, the engine is robust and has a long service life.


You can use a lawnmower with a Kawasaki engine for almost 3,000 hours if it is well maintained. Some Kawasaki engines have lasted for 15 years in some cases after being maintained well. Users say Kawasaki engines experience fewer problems than other models.


Due to the higher prices for Kawasaki parts, because Kawasaki parts are a lower volume, it will be more expensive to service. Despite this, Kawasaki parts prices are not under much pressure from aftermarket parts suppliers.


Kawasaki engines have a 36-month warranty. It covers repairs or replacement of any engine parts that fail during this time. For a free repair, the mechanic must be an official Kawasaki dealer.

With the discussion presented above, you can analyze your intended use and your needs in order to choose the perfect one.

Before you choose Kohler or Kawasaki, consider the details. They both offer excellent engines, so choose wisely. You might prefer Kawasaki if you are looking for power. Rather, Kohler’s ultimate creations are only created after passing a number of tests. You can purchase cheaper small engines from Kohler if the price is more important to you.

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