Best Riding Lawn Mower for 1 acre: The Definitive Guide

There are various types of lawnmowers to cut grass covering in a 1-acre lawn. All of them have different features and exorcisms.

Apart from selecting a high mower for more than 1 acre, we need not more than 60” for the 1-acre lawn; instead, we can use the small or medium-sized mower which is likely to be accessible and durable to maneuver.

We can assist you to reach an effective decision for buying the best riding lawn mower for 1 acre through our ongoing review guide. I hope you will make the best decision in this regard.

Best Riding Lawn Mower for 1 acre 2023

Let’s look a shortlist first:

  • Best fast CVT: Husqvarna YTA24V48
  • Best Comfortability: Troy-Bilt TB42
  • Best low fuel cost: Husqvarna Z254
  • Best Engine: Ariens 915223 IKON-X
  • Best for low budget: Craftsman R105 383cc
  • Best for storage: Troy-Bilt 382cc
  • Best speed: Troy-Bilt Mustang 54 25HP
  • Best for various purposes: Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro series ( like 46″ snow blade)

1. Husqvarna YTA24V48 – Best for 1 Acre Lot

As a rider, you have to inquire whether it is easy to run or not. Well, it has fast continuously variable transmission which maintains relevant speed, and also has an electric clutch that reduces risk during riding.

And as a beneficiary, you have to inquire whether it cuts well or not. It cuts very well with its electric cutting sharp blade.

What is fast Continuously variable transmission( fast CVT) and how does it work?

The transmission deals with the gear of an engine. Fast CVT is a part of automatic transmission as opposed to manual transmission. Automatic transmission is a genus while CVT is species. The driver need not gears up and down in this system. It is a flexible system rather than a manual system.

Firstly, you will choose the first gear to proceed and then this mower machine makes its gear automatically depending on the situation. It also controls unwanted speed to reduce risk.

Best Commercial Zero Turn Mower for Hills and Rough Terrain 2021

Electric cutting blade

Every buyer investigates whether it cuts well or not instead of its other features. It cuts grass very well even though the grass is wet. There are different types of blades but this one is unique.

The blade which consists of high carbon or alloy steel is called the comparatively sharp blade. The said blade consists of those materials which make it sharper.


Power SourceGas-Powered
Cutting Width48 inches

2. Troy-Bilt TB 42

Troy-Bilt TB 42

To reduce your time to mow it will be the best choice for you. The speed of it is so delicious to maneuver. Let us describe the important features.

Speedy and Comfortable

The 420cc single troy engine makes your job easy and smooth. You may feel comfortable with 7 speeds on riding in a 1-acre lawn even if it is rough terrain. Oh, it also has reverse gear for the safety of the child. You may change speed with your left hand.

Radius is also important for speedy work. Standards measure of the radius is 4 to 28 inches(it has 18 inches radius which falls within standard measures)

Another important thing is the seat which assists you to control the mower while riding.

Gas Powered Engine

Gas-powered engines are always more comfortable than battery-powered engines. We can fill gas as per our requirement instantly rather than charge the battery which kills more times.

Gas-powered engines are strong while riding in hilly areas.


Power SourceGas-powered
Cutting Width42 inches

3. Husqvarna Z254

Are you looking for a riding lawn mower for residential use or reducing fuel use or the best zero-turns mower?

All such requirements are available for this model. It is a Kohler engine.

Facilities of Kohler Engine

Kohler engines are those which are made by Kohler Company, a US company. Basically, Kohler engines are used for residential uses, and it also reduces fuel cost. It produces a lasting and powerful engine that can cut grass even in the toughest places.

Zero Turn Mower(ZTM)

ZTM deals with the turning radius of the mower which is zero inches. In recent times, its demand is so high. It makes your control too easy and saves your time up to 50%. We can cut continuously from one side to another side.


Power SourceGas-powered
Cutting Width54 inches
Operation ModeManual

4. Ariens 915223 IKON-X

If we make a shortlist of lawn mowers for 1 acre, it takes a better place on that list. Because its engine is long-lasting.

The facility of Kawasaki FR691V Engine

The FR series is the most popular engine.FR691V one of them which has a pressurized lubrication system, automatic compression release, cast-iron cylinder liners, and single-stage air filter.

FR691V keeps its engine young year to year. You will never miss your temper.

It makes you feel free through easy and effortless control because it has twin hydrostatic transaxles.

Dial Operated cutting

This lawn mower can cut long grass with a dial operated cutting blade. You can choose from 13 cutting positions. The normal height for mowing is from 2” to 3.75”. But it provides the highest 4.5” for mowing.


Power SourceGas-Hydrostatic
Cutting Width52 inches
Operating ModeAutomatic

5. Craftsman R105 382cc

If you are seeking such a kind of riding lawn mower that may be a Gas-powered engine, Ergonomic design, Manual operating system, Economical, etc. then we suggest you select this one because all of such criteria would be available in this riding lawn mower for a 1-acre.

Mid-back seat

It has such a mid-back comfortable seat that gives you pleasure. Usually, when we drive a lawnmower on a hot sunny day it makes us tired fastly, then we need to take a rest. You can take a rest on this mid-back seat.

Trimming and clipping

Trimming and clipping through a 30” cutting deck in one speedy sweep should be considerable. It saves your time to cut in a 1-acre lawn.


Power SourceGas-Powered
Cutting Width30 inches
Operating modeManual (6 different transmissions)
Warranty2-year limited
Deck WashYes

6. Troy-Bilt 382cc – Best for 1/2

When speed, flexibility, cutting, size, and long-lasting powerful engine are a concern, definitely you may buy it for your 1-acre lawn.


It has a top speed which is up to 4.25 MPH and 6-speed transmission which can be utilized as per your necessity. It can be controlled not only in a normal place but also in a tight place through its manual transmission system. If you were in trouble with it, you would not finish your task. That’s why flexibility is important.

Powerful Engine and Comfortable size

As we know that Troy-Bilt is the most reliable  Lawn Mower company in the world. It consists of a powerful Gas engine. (Corded Electric also)

Another positive sign is to store it easily for its small size in the garage.


Power SourceCorded Electric
Cutting Width30 inches
Operating modeManual

7. Troy-Bilt Mustang 54 25HP

Things that make your way easier and easier to adjust to it. The main features area Powerful 24HP engine, Dual EZT transmission, Zero-degree turning radius, 54 inches cutting deck to save time, and Forward speed of 7 MPH.

Best Speed with power

7 MPH, OMG! Definitely, it is more speedy than others. We can’t describe it in a few words. It will be the best choice for anyone. There is no more speedy mower machine than it in this review guide. You can cut grass very fastly through it in a 1-acre lawn even in rough terrain.

This professional engine gives premium power pendency to your riding on the lawn. It has 8 position cutting height which helps to mow long grass.

Huge cutting blade

Short width blade consumes your time to maneuver in a 1-acre lawn but a huge width cutting blade(54”) makes your time hour to minutes. This feature you will never get in this subject matter. So this could be more effective to reduce time.


Power SourceGas-powered
Deck washYes
Cutting Width54
Operating modeDual EZT

8. Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro series

As we mentioned earlier, what is the Kohler engine, and how does it work strongly? If you mow in hostile weather or hilly areas, it is the best choice for the 1-acre lawn. You may adjust 46 inches snow blade(Model #19A30017OEM) with it to clean snow. It has hydrostatic transmission which makes your control smooth.

16 inches turning radius can assist in hostile circumstances. It has been classified as a garden mower. If you will use it on a rock garden lawn, it would make your job easier.

The facility of Hydrostatic Transmission

The hydrostatic transmission is one of the auto-transmission systems. It assists like auto transmission but passes the liquid rather than belts to transmit power from the main engine to the wheels. It makes your control smooth, and definitely, you won’t be tired after a long time because it makes you feel free to ride.

Snow moving

You may use it for other purposes rather than cut grass in a 1-acre lawn like moving snow. If you want to move snow with this mower machine, you have to add a 46 inches blade with it. Then you can do it easily.


Power SourceGasoline-powered
Cutting Width42 inches
Operating SystemManual

Yes, we have shared our review guide through the above discussion. Last but not least.

Buying Guide

Prior to buying a riding lawn mower for a 1-acre lawn, you have to consider some valuable criterion such as-

(a) Place: In which place you will mow like a normal lawn or a rocky garden or rough terrain or hilly areas. You need not use a high-powered lawnmower for a flat lawn.

Different mower machines are suitable for different places although high-powered machines are suitable for everywhere.

(b) Engine Capacity: Firstly you have to keep in mind that you are seeking a lawnmower that makes your job perfectly and smoothes which can be done through a perfect engine capacity mower.

(c) Transmission: Auto transmission makes control very easy. So you should consider this part accordingly. There are various types of transmission systems in the marketplace. If you want to purchase a mower machine, you have to consider whether it is easy and smooth to ride or not.

For the beginner, the auto transmission operating system is more favorable to cut grass on the lawn.

(d) Radius-Degree: It is also to consider how many degrees it will take while turning. A zero-turn mower is the best amongst others.

(e) Fuel Cost: You should have to consider fuel costs to save your busks. Many beginner purchasers sold their mower machines because of fuel costs. So it is a vital criterion for cheap busks.

(f) Power source: You have to keep in mind the power source of the mower engine whether gas engine or electric engine. Gas engines are more powerful than electric engines. The electric engine is environmental but time-consuming to recharge but you can recharge instantly in the gas engine.

(g) Budget: You have to select a lawn mower machine according to your budget. If your budget is high, then you will seek a high-specification holder mower. But when your budget is low, you should have to choose a low-ranked mower machine rather than a high-powered one.

(h) Time consumer: Time is the important thing you should consider. If your mower takes more time than you expected, it makes you lose and angry.

(i) Quantity of Lawn: This is the final part that you have been seeking. When your lawn is 1-acre or less you may select a mower from the above-mentioned list to reduce expenditure.

Finally, you may consider other criteria like cutter, seat, baggers, kits, washing deck, etc.

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