Golf Shaft Flex Calculator

Are you tired of hitting shots that go too far or not far enough? It could be that your golf shaft flex isn’t properly matched to your swing speed. But how do you know which flex is right for you? That’s where our golf shaft flex calculator comes in.

Simply input your swing speed and other relevant information, and our calculator will recommend the ideal flex for your game. No more guesswork or trial and error – our calculator takes the guesswork out of finding the perfect shaft flex. So if you want to improve your accuracy and distance on the course, give our golf shaft flex calculator a try today!

Your recommended shaft flex is:

Golf Shaft Flex Chart:

Shaft FlexDescriptionRecommended for
L (Ladies)The softest flex option, with the lowest amount of torque.Players with slow swing speeds or those just starting out.
A (Senior)Slightly stiffer than L flex, with a slightly higher torque.Players with slower swing speeds or those with a senior-level of flexibility.
R (Regular)The most common flex option, with a moderate amount of torque.Players with average swing speeds and flexibility.
S (Stiff)Stiffer than R flex, with a higher torque.Players with faster swing speeds or those with above average flexibility.
X (Extra Stiff)The stiffest flex option, with the highest amount of torque.Players with very fast swing speeds or those with excellent flexibility.

Swing Speed Shaft Flex Chart:

Swing Speed (mph)Shaft Flex
110-120Extra Stiff

Driver Shaft Flex Chart:

Shaft FlexRecommended Swing Speed
L (Ladies)80 mph and below
A (Senior)80-95 mph
R (Regular)95-110 mph
S (Stiff)110-125 mph
X (Extra Stiff)125 mph and above

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