Golf Cart Tire Size Calculator

Welcome to our Golf Cart Tire Size Calculator! This tool is designed to help you determine the ideal tire size for your golf cart. Whether you’re upgrading your current tires or need to replace a flat, our calculator makes it easy to find the perfect fit for your vehicle.

Simply input your golf cart’s make and model, as well as the size of your current tires, and our calculator will provide you with a list of recommended tire sizes. With our Golf Cart Tire Size Calculator, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting the best performance and safety for your golf cart. Let’s get started!

Golf Cart Tire Size Calculator

Golf Cart Tire Size Calculator

Golf Cart Tire Size Chart:

Tire SizeRecommended for
4×4Low-speed, off-road use
4×8High-speed, on-road use
6×8Combination of on and off-road use
8×8High-performance and speed
10×8Heavy-duty and high-load capacity

Golf Cart Tire Size Conversion Chart:

Tire SizeConversion

How to Read Golf Cart Tire Size

Golf cart tire sizes are typically listed in a format similar to car tire sizes, with a combination of letters and numbers. Here is an example of how to read a golf cart tire size: 18×8.50-8

  • The first number (18) is the tire diameter, measured in inches.
  • The next number (8.50) is the tire width, also measured in inches.
  • The last number (8) is the rim diameter, measured in inches.

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