6 Common John Deere X758 Problems – With Brief Solutions And Causes

If you are using the widely recognized john deere x758 lawn mower, cheers to you- you have got a gem! But this machine has shown some common issues to some of the users, some that are easily fixable.

Some of the common john deere x758 problems include weird noise appearance while turning the mower, engine issues, ticking noise, etc. basically, people mostly complain about the weird noises that come due to various reasons.

Today, we have focused on solving all the commonly faced issues with this lawnmower. Therefore, you will also get a good lead on how to solve it on your own. Let’s dig in!

John Deere X758 Problems And Solutions At A Glimpse:

The Mower Fails To StartRefilling Or Replacing The Fuel Tank
Engine Starts But Then StopsFix The Starter
Engine StallingReplacing The Fuel Filter
Noise IssuesDon’t Really Bug With Functionality So No Prominent Solutions
Steering ProblemCheck And Handle The Fuel Level

The john deere x758 is a three-cylinder Diesel lawnmower with tremendous torque and durability. But it may sometimes bother you with some issues that we can commonly find. Let’s catch some of the most common issues:

1. The Mower Fails To Start

A lot of people complain that while they tried to start the machine, it failed to start. This problem may occur due to a fuel system failure like a clogged air filter, a dirty carburetor, or a faulty ignition switch. Besides, any problem in the charging system can also cause a problem.

2. Engine Starts But Then Stops

This problem mainly occurs due to a faulty starter. It can be reasoned by when the fuel system is clogged with debris, stale fuel, or dirt. Also, a clogged filter can cause this. Other reasons include a pump failure or the need for a replacement.

3. The Engine Is Stalling

When the fuel is filled with residues, this issue can appear. This problem is primarily caused by fuel tank issues whereby the tank is filled with contaminants.

In this case, sometimes the machine may also seem to appear warmer than usual. You may also notice fuel leaks which will be a visible sign of the fuel tank issue.


If you notice any leak, you need to change the fuel filter. Otherwise, clean the fuel tank and fill it with new, fresh fuel. Once you are done cleaning it, the issue may not appear again.

4. Weird Noise When Turning

Usually, this problem occurs because of the check valve in the steering valve. Also, if the machine is old, this problem can annoy you.


There is no certain solution for this issue. It won’t bug your work procedure as well. So you can try to use noise-canceling headphones if you don’t like hearing the sound.

5. Ticking Noise From Steering Valve

The ticking noise may occur due to the wear or crack in a component in the steering area. However, this problem also does not mess with the functionality of the device. So you don’t have to worry about anything else except for the noise.

6. Steering Problem

You may face steering issues while working with the mower. The problem mainly occurs if there are any issues in the actuators and switches. If the actuator got punctured/rotted, the steering might fail to work correctly.

Besides, there can be problems with the transmission fluid as well. The fluid level can work behind, causing the problem.


You need to check the fluid level using the dipstick. But if the actuator has punctures, you might need a replacement to get the steering work again.

More To Know About The John Deere X758

Is The John Deere X758 Worth It?

Yes, the machine is worth the purchase for your needs. You can handle all your mowing needs with ease and no discomfort. The torque and speed are super extraordinary than other models. The mower can cut through even short grasses.

How Fast Is A John Deere X758?

You will have a good speed from the pedal arrangement of the machine. It offers 0-8.5 mph onwards and 0-6 mph backward speed ranges. The power steering is fueled by the 8cc pump and provides a high-speed operation.

Moving To The Closure

We have already looked into all the typical john deere x758 problems and given you the best solutions. The machine does not show a handful of issues, luckily! But the problems that commonly occur are not that hard to solve.

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Yet, if you find it hectic to solve, make sure to contact the dealer to give you a heads up on solving your problem.

Most of the problems can be solved on your own, so follow our directions and make the machine good to go again!

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