Husqvarna DRT900H Review: Pros and Cons

If you have a large lawn in your backyard or on your front lawn, you should maintain it regularly and properly. However, it takes a lot of energy and time to do it manually. This is when a lawn tiller comes in handy. The tiller helps aerate the soil and break up the soil before you plant.  But with so many choices in the market, it becomes very hard to choose the right one for oneself, especially for beginners.

Husqvarna DRT900H Review: Reasons to choose This

Husqvarna DRT900H Review

If you are a homeowner and you are looking for a lawn tiller then you have come to the right place. Today we are going to talk about the most popular brand in the market which is Husqvarna DRT900H. This model of Husqvarna cultivates deeply in deeply packed soil and in older lawns as well because of its dual rotating tines. Besides being equipped with heavy tread tires for enhanced grip, a forward and reverse gear, and a powerful Honda engine that offers reliable performance and many more.

So, we are going to give a small talk about this model. By reading the review of Husqvarna DRT900H you will be able to easily decide if this machine will meet your needs or not.


Even though it weighs around 200 pounds, the Husqvarna DRT900H is easily maneuverable. You can use this tiller in soil that is loose or muddy since it is equipped with heavy-duty pneumatic tires. It also comes with the reliability and power of Honda engines. The rest of the specifications of Husqvarna DRT 900h are given below:

  • Powered by a Honda 160cc engine
  • Safe operation is ensured by counterweights
  • This system starts with a recoil start
  • 4-CV Engine Cycle
  • The fuel tank holds 0.5 gallons
  • The engine consists of 1 cylinder
  • No Oil Filter
  • Handle Material is made of Aluminum
  • Housing Material is made of cast aluminum and steel
  • Tilling width is 17 inches (maximum)
  • Torque is 6.9 Lbs
  • Depth Adjustments 7 Positions
  • The front tires measure 13 x 5 inches
  • Consumer Warranty is 2 Years
  • Product Length is 58 Inches
  • Product Width is 18 Inches
  • Product Height is 38 Inches
  • The total weight of DRT 900H is 205 IBS


In terms of its rotation, the DRT900N is a dual rotating tiller. In addition to forwarding rotation, this tiller can counter-rotate to drill deep into the soil. Besides the sturdy frame and sealed transmission, this tiller is very durable as well. The DRT900H has agricultural tires, a counterweight, and a drag bar that make it capable of digging through the toughest soil. This tiller is powered by a 160cc Honda GCV160 engine that contributes to its high reliability.

The machine also has two speeds: forward and reverse, giving it easy maneuverability and transportation. Agricultural and muddy soils are better gripped by heavy tire treads so they will not get stuck while mowing. With the adjustable drag bars, you will have a better balance for different work conditions

The following features apply to Husqvarna’s DRT900H:


The powerful engine of the Husqvarna DRT900H can generate the power necessary for cultivating the most compact soil. The DRT900H runs on a small Honda engine. The Honda GCV160 OHV engine is the best to supply ultimate power for mowing and mulching.  The machine performs perfectly well on grassy areas or lawns and gardens that haven’t been tilled before, and its power is sufficient to cut through small roots. This is one of the most praised garden tools on the market.


The usage of this machine is very easy. No electric ignition or start button is available on this machine. All you need to do is pull the starting cord twice, and it will be ready to mow. The machine does not come as a fully assembled unit, but the steps needed to get it started are not too complex. Only a handle will need to be attached to the tiller’s lower section.


The machines’ wheels are weighted by a counterweight, giving them an improved sense of balance. Even so, the machine is easy to maneuver. A reviewer was able to operate it with only one hand and without fighting the machine which makes it easier to move. Also, the tines on the back of the machine are movable forward or backward. When you choose the front rotating feature, you can also dig in with a stake-like feature.

Overall Performance

These high-performance rear-tine tillers till deep in any soil, even those with a high percentage of clay.  They feature powerful engines, such as Honda which is ideal for landowners with large areas that need to be cultivated. In densely packed earth as well as on older lawns, the twin rotating tines till the soil deeply. With this lawn tiller, op soil cultivation can be accomplished in smaller gardens using advanced-rotating tines.

Pros and Cons


  • Powered by Honda engine
  • Provides a great deal of power
  • Starts up very easily
  • Easily breaks up hard soil
  • Despite packed rocky ground, no rock jams
  • It vibrates very little
  • Low level of noise


  • Shifting them can be challenging;
  • Noise level reduced, but running noise is a bit rubbing
  • The clutch must be held steady with steady strength

Final Words

So, that was all about the Husqvarna DRT900H review. As you have read all the features you might have already figured out whether this machine is suitable for you or not. It can be a great deal for people who are looking for something smaller than mowers or tractors.  But if you have a lawn with rough and tough soil then Husqvarna DRT900H is the perfect tiller for your lawn.

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