6 Common Kobalt 80v Mower Problems and Solution

A riding lawn mower or tractor is essential if you have a large lawn. In spite of being highly efficient, the grass doesn’t look good after it has been cut. If your mower has left kinks, stingers, or step cuts, notice them. An uneven cut is caused by a faulty deck of your lawn tractor. Even if you think you have maintained it well, there can still be many issues. You should periodically level your tractor’s deck to keep your lawn smooth.

Kobalt 80v Mower

It is very important to keep your lawn mower in very good shape. If you have not used your mower deck for a while, you may need to troubleshoot it for tracing the problems and solving them accordingly. Kobalt 80V is a very popular mower and many people have asked for the solution to some common problems with their Kobalt 80V mower. A few simple tools and a few minutes are all you need to level your Kobalt 80-Volt lawn mower deck. In this article, we are going to talk about some issues that you might encounter with your Kobalt 80V Mower and a few solutions you can try to resolve them.

6 Common Problems and Solutions of Kobalt 80v Mower

In order to resolve the problem with your mower, you must first figure out the cause of the problem. Identifying the symptoms of a problem requires troubleshooting. A problem can be determined by eliminating the potential causes by eliminating the most likely causes. Troubleshooting demands that you verify the solution restores the product or process to working order.

The following are 6 common problems and solutions that pertain to Kobalt 80 V mowers:

1. Having trouble starting

This is the most common problem that most users report. The mower does not start at all when you need to use it. There can be various reasons for it but the main culprit for causing this problem is mostly the engine. Regardless of how diligent a mower owner is about keeping his or her tank full, checking the tank for leaks is still important. Check the outside of the tank for leaks if the tank is empty when it should not be.


When a lawn mower won’t start, the first step to repair it is to check the spark plug. To clean them thoroughly, they should be dirty. In case of loose connections, reconnect them. Spark plugs should be replaced once they have reached their expiration date. The gas flow can be restored by knocking on the carburetor’s side. You can also look online for a new fuel filter if this does not fix your lawn mower problems.

The next thing you can do is check the batteries. It’s possible that you forgot to charge your battery after the last time you used it or that your battery’s switch is defective. Check the battery gauge before you use it so that it is fully charged. It could also be that grass has clogged your mower’s blades. To remove any grass stuck under the deck, remove the batteries and clean under the deck. If you find out that your batteries are the main problem, then you have to replace the batteries.

2. Problem with beeping

The problem with beeping is one of the very common problems that users of Kobalt 80V mower users dealt with. It might occur if the batteries are not okay, or issues with the start switch. But if this is not the case then you can check the batteries. If the batteries are good the batteries are good. The motor spins freely by hand. The motor has a control wiring harness (5 or 6 pins) and. Power harness of 3 pins.

The power wires are red, black, and yellow. Can I apply 80v in the red-black or yellow-black? I did ring out the motor and I got less than 1 ohm from red to black and the same on yellow to black.


Ensure the battery is fully installed in the mower by pushing the block in until it clicks. Once that is done, press the green button. By pressing the metal handle, now you can turn the blade. Making sure you do things in the correct order is vital.

3. The grass is unevenly cut

You use a mower to keep your lawn neat and clean, when the grass is not cut properly, then your mower loses its main purpose. So, this is a very serious problem. When your lawn grass is cut unevenly it might not always be the fault of your mower. It can be also because of your lawn condition. If your lawn is in a very bumpy and rough area then, the mower can not cut the grass properly no matter the quality of the mower. Another cause of this problem can be due to the wrong cutting height setting of the mower.


Before using the mower on your lawn, make sure the lawn is plain. If you can not do it by yourself, then you can use the help of the experts to do so. If the lawn is plain then use the mower to get the best results. Also, check if your mower’s cutting height is adjusted according to the lawn grass or not.

4. Having excessive vibration

There is an excessive amount of vibration in your mower. It is common for gas-powered mowers to vibrate in an excessive manner, but self-propelled mowers do not have this capability. If your mower is self-propelled and vibrates too much abnormally, the reason might be that your mower deck or blades are not balanced properly. Another reason for this might be because the motor or shaft is bent.


Make sure that the blades are replaced immediately if they are damaged. Replace or sharpen your blades if you feel that they are not balanced. When you suspect that the motor shaft in your mower is damaged, it is causing unnecessary vibrations during operation. You should stop using it immediately and have it professionally repaired.

5. Having issues with mulching 

In addition to finely cutting and returning grass to your lawn, mulching blades also utilize blades for grooming. The blades can become damaged if the grass in your yard is wet, and when the batteries become dull. Tall grass can also reduce effectiveness. You should wait until the grasses are dry before you start trimming your lawn again if the wet grass is causing your mower to not mulch properly. The weight of wet grass is greater than that of dry grass.

The blades get jammed and cause problems because of that. Similarly, long grass is not for trimming, while a mower is used to trim the grass. Clogged blades are more likely to occur with tall grasses.


The solution to this problem is very easy. Just wait a bit patiently till you start mowing. Give the grass enough time to dry. Additionally, check the install plug is properly working. If there are issues with the mulching plug, it is better to reinstall it.

6. Smoke coming out of the mower

If your mower is producing smoke, do not ignore it. This can be a serious issue and it can create many accidents if not being treated properly as soon as possible. A startling issue, this is the first thing most people think of when they encounter the engine – it’s going to die or blow up. So, they often dispatch the mower without trying to identify or solve the problem.  Most of the time, it is not a major problem. The engine smokes when it contains too much oil.


See if the issue is in the chamber. Oil chamber leaks can also cause problems. During mowing on a slope, the mower may lean to one side and oil may leak out of the muffler, resulting in smoke. If any oil leaks are present in the oil chamber, you should check the mower’s engine after it has cooled. Also, a loose cap could be the problem. Purchasing a replacement part online may be easier than looking for it in a store if the part needs to be replaced.

It is also possible that smoke is a sign of an underlying serious problem in rare cases. It is best to have a professional repair company examine the mower if the smoke is white or very light in color.

Final Words

Even if you encounter problems with the Kobalt 80V mower, this mower is great and the common issues are easy to resolve. If you want a battery-powered mower, the Kobalt 80V is a decent buy. As for the consistency of the mower, it seems to be very good. To keep your mower in its best working conditions and to keep yourself safe, make sure to give it the care it needs. And when any problems occur you can just troubleshoot and solve them easily. Therefore, you would be able to overcome the majority of the issues by following all the techniques given in this article.

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