John Deere E170 Reviews: Pros and Cons

If you are thinking of buying a new lawn mower or a beginner in the lawn care industry, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will review one of the most popular lawn mower models on the market, the John Deere E170 model because it offers amazing features at an affordable price. This article will let you know about the features and decide whether or not the lawn mower meets your needs. 

John Deere E170 Overview

John Deere E170
John Deere E170

This John Deere E170 has a 25 hp V-twin engine, making it one of the most powerful wheeled mowers in the 100 series. The advanced steering of this lawn mower makes it easy to navigate any project you are working with in your garden. The three blades on the cutting deck lift the grass so the lawn will be cut in a quality way. It is easy to maintain since the hood can be opened with one hand. Maintaining the E170 in top shape has never been easier, thanks to the Easy Change 30-second oil change system. It’s all-steel construction and the best quality making it a long-lasting tractor.

Specifications of John Deere E170

  • Engine Brand:  Briggs & Stratton
  • Cylinders- V-twin
  • Deep plate with three blades
  • Engine Power:  25 HP
  • Charging system: Regulated, 16 amp
  • Engine starter: Bendix type
  • Fuel Capacity:  2.4
  • Drive System:  Hydrostatic Drive
  • Transmission:  Hydrostatic
  • Drive Wheels:  2WD
  • Easy Change system for oil changes in 30 seconds
  • Displacement: 724 cc
  • Turning radius: 18 Inches
  • Cutting Width:  48″
  • Wheelbase: 48.9 inches
  • .Weight: 232 kg


● Engine

A 25 hp John Deere Choke Free Ready Start engine (V-Twin engine) is manufactured to exactly John Deere specifications. With high power and torque, John Dreere’s engine is ideal for cutting, chopping, and bagging in tough conditions. Having a V-twin design helps make it more torquey, less vibrational, and provides quiet operation while mowing your grass.

Also, the automatic chokes provide the operator the option of starting the engine without depressing the throttle until the temperature drops below freezing or close to it.

● Fuel Tank

There is a Capacity of 2.4 US gallons fuel in the John Deere E170 lawn mower. You will find a convenient opening for the tankUnder the seat of the tractor . Filling the tank is easy and hardly any chance of spilling the oil. As there are fuel caps with an enclosed gasket, they are more convenient as a closed tank lid keeps moisture from escaping. Furthermore, the tractor is provided with an engine that has been certified to reduce air pollution by the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

● Cutting Deck

Performance, reliability and affordability are key features of the John Deere E 170. Additional strength and corrosion resistance is provided by the rolled edge of the deck. Cutting deck of E170 comes with our 3-in-1 blades which can be used for cutting, mulching and bagging.

By adding depth to the mower’s deck, it lifts the grass for a smooth, clean cut. In addition to preventing grass from growing, the underside is smooth and distributes clippings evenly. Cleaning is made easier by the convenient connection to the drain opening. A wash door is fitted to the E170 ride-on mower which makes it easier to clean the bottom of the cutting deck.

● Control Features

The control of the John Deere E170 is very easy. It has an attractive and clean border around it. You can easily start the John Deere E170 with its spring return choke lever. Installing and adjusting the cutting height is made easier with the spring-loaded low force lift arm. Electric PTO handles are conveniently located along the tractor base for cutting deck attachment. This John Deere tractor is conveniently equipped with parking brake controls located near the tractor base for easy access.

There are also pedals for controlling the speed and direction. By simply moving his feet on the platform, the operator can change direction without having to get up from the platform. Hydraulic transmissions allow fast changes in direction and infinite processing at the  maximum speed.

● Hydrostatic Transmission

The hydrostatic transmission on the E170 John Deere lawn mower offers an infinite speed range and eases changing directions. Accelerator pedal control simplifies operation by controlling speed and direction with adjacent pedals. It does not require the operator to remove his or her foot from the platform to change direction. Besides providing superior comfort, the large pedal area is easy to operate.

● Comfort

The John Deere E170 is very comfortable to use. Operator comfort is improved by wide footrests and vibration resistant mats that enable you to mow without slipping all of a sudden. For optimum comfort, the user seat’s backrest can be adjusted up to 15 inches and has lumbar adjustment so that you do not feel uncomfortable or tired while doing your lawn or garden work. There is also covered storage and a cup holder which is on the right hand side of the operator so that you can stay hydrated on a hot summer day while mowing your yard.

● Cargo Mount

With the E170 Lawn Tractor, you can install your sun visor, rear packer, and other accessories using the Cargo Mount system, which provides front and rear attachment points.


  • Easy to start
  • Easy to operate
  • Best performance
  • A lot of power because of the 25 horsepower engine
  • Better manoeuvrability provided by single rudder
  • Deck lift system is excellent
  • Mower desk of 122 cm for optimal cutting


  • Fuel tank is not big enough
  • The guarantee is only two years and is limited
  • The adjustment lever is not very versatile
  • The packaging is not good enough
  • The belt might break due to poor handling

Final Words

In the past several years, the Vintage John Deere E170 has become one of the most famous and well-known tractors. The tractor had excellent power and enough features, so it was known as the bull of tractors. The John Deere E170 lawn mower offers easy operation at every stage. You will find that there are a variety of convenient systems for making their lives easier, such as adjusting the cutting height and changing the cooling oil.

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