Exmark vs Gravely: Best And Worst

Exmark vs Gravely

The issue of which zero-turn is best is often a subject of discussion and debate between lawn care professionals and weekend specialists. The following topics are always part of such conversations: engine, price,  power, deck durability, and warranty.

So, in this article, we are going to talk about 2 popular lawn mower brands in the market which are- Exmark and Gravely. They both offer excellent quality and service. But have really good features. So, you must know about the features of each lawn mower to decide which one suits your needs the best.



Exmark lawn mowers are best known for commercial purposes. This company made their commercial lawn mowers as per their user’s needs. They offer high-quality products which stay durable for a long time because of the premium quality materials. This mower is ideal for anyone wanting high-quality mulching or who is looking for a mower for mulching tasks. Additionally, Exmark lawn mowers offer a very comfortable ride for the users so that you do not get tired or have back pain from working for long hours.

Usage and Control

Exmark offers an innovative, productive, and environment-friendly mower with an efficient mowing experience. Exmark is a great mower if you want to keep your lawn manicured more efficiently. LCD screens are used as the control panel on Exmark’s mowers. Therefore, with the help of this digital operating as well as diagnosing module, you can easily monitor your mower and troubleshoot any problems at the same time.


A new generation of Exmark engines has been engineered from scratch to be the best fit for a zero-turn mower engine, with the new 708cc V-twin engine offering significant power and efficiency improvements.


As an example, the Quest series from Exmark contains heavy-duty, welded aluminum frames, as well as steel, tubular steel, and other materials. Various types of these materials are implemented in the different types of Exmark mower models.

Cutting Quality

The deck designed for Exmark mowers provides Ultra-Cut performance. In comparison with Gravely machines, these deck designs are more eco-friendly. Patented flow-control baffles are used on Exmark’s mower. This allows them to accelerate airflow for a perfect finish when cutting. Additionally, you won’t need to think about the spindles of the mower. As they are generally maintenance-free, they can easily withstand moisture as well as the impact on the environment.


Exmark provides very comfortable driver seats for the users. Seats with air or mechanical suspensions and bucket seats that are water- and corrosion-resistant are available with Exmark mowers. The seat type varies from mower models. Some of the mower models also provide an armrest with the seat so you can be comfortable and relaxed while you mow.


  • LCD screen control panel
  • Best deck for mulching and precise cut
  • Eco friendly


  • Less warranty
  • The high price of the mulching kit


Gravely Zero Turn Mower

If you are looking for commercial purposes and for large landscaping areas then Gravely mowers are the best choice for you. Although it is specialized for commercial use, it works great for personal use as well. It is a heavy-duty lawn mower that is durable and is able to handle any kind of terrain. From walk-behinds to heavy-duty zero-turn mowers, they offer a good selection of mowers. It is an affordable investment with a high return on investment.


Gravely lawn mowers usually use 3 engine models for their lawn mowers. The engines are-         Kawasaki FX850V – 27HP, Kohler ZT470 – 25HP, Yamaha MX775V EFI – 29HP. These three engine models are based on the model and deck size you choose. You can run a commercial landscaping business with any of these engines because they are all built to last.

Cutting Quality

The deck of Gravely mowers is usually a CFD-Designed Deck. The Gravely provides you incredible mower maneuverability with high-strength cutting performances within a very short time. The cutting deck thickness is more than exmark. So, if you want a thicker cutting deck then you should go for Gravely. In addition to this, it has an intuitive power steering system with Rapid Mower Control System. In this manner, you can get a perfect finish when mowing the lawn thanks to the variable speed.


With Gravely’s Air-Ride suspension seat, the users will feel like they are sitting on their couch. So you can tell that the seats are quite comfortable. Especially if you are using the mowers for professional purposes then your employees will be very happy to ride on a comfortable lawn mower without getting their backs hurting. So, whether it is for personal or professional use, the lawn mower’s comfort is an important feature.


With all of the brands in the market, Gravely offers one of the most comprehensive warranty programs available. The first two years are free from hour limitations, and the warranty extends to five years. On all models, the deck shelf and frame come with a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Best for commercial purpose
  • Provides a long time warranty
  • Worthy value for money


  • Not eco friendly
  • No smart control

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Final Words

Exmark vs Gravely mowers both have different pros and cons and both offer the best quality and effectiveness. The actual decision on which to buy depends on the difference between the main strategies you need for your lawn to look healthy and beautiful. Although both mowers have high-back seats, the Gravely has a durable tubular frame, provides a better cut quality, and has higher fuel economy. On the other hand, Exmark provides an eco-friendly mower with precise cutting quality. So, no matter which one you choose among them, it will be a win-win.

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