Branson vs Kubota Tractor: Data-Driven Comparison

If you have a larger lawn than usual or have a hill to mow, then you should go for a lawn tractor instead of a lawn mower.

Riding lawn tractors are more powerful, have cutting widths of up to 48 inches, have comfort features, and can cut faster than lawn mowers.

Riding lawn tractors can tow a cart or vacuum attachment, and most models have a detachable mower deck, allowing you to add winter accessories like a snow thrower.

Branson vs Kubota Tractor

Tractors are more versatile because of their heavy-duty build. There are several factors you need to consider when shopping for a new riding lawn tractor.

It can be a headache to choose the right riding lawn mower if you don’t know what you should look for. In this article, we will review the two best lawn tractors – Branson and Kubota – so that you can determine which is most convenient for you.

FeatureBranson TractorKubota Tractor
EngineBranson tractors feature a diesel engine that is powerful and efficient.Kubota tractors feature a diesel engine that is known for its durability and reliability.
TransmissionBranson tractors offer a variety of transmission options, including hydrostatic and gear-drive.Kubota tractors offer a variety of transmission options, including hydrostatic and gear-drive.
Lift CapacityBranson tractors have a lift capacity of up to 2,500 lbs.Kubota tractors have a lift capacity of up to 3,000 lbs.
Size and WeightBranson tractors are generally larger and heavier than Kubota tractors.Kubota tractors are generally smaller and lighter than Branson tractors.
PriceBranson tractors tend to be more expensive than Kubota tractors.Kubota tractors tend to be more affordable than Branson tractors.
WarrantyBranson tractors come with a 2-year warranty.Kubota tractors come with a 3-year warranty.
Customer ServiceBranson has a reputation for excellent customer service.Kubota has a reputation for excellent customer service.

Branson Tractor Review

As a tractor distribution company, Branson Tractor was founded in 1998 in the US. The company has three warehouses. Each major component of the drivetrain – the engine, transmission, and axle – is produced by Yanmar.

The strength and rugged dependability of a Branson tractor will exceed your expectations. Quality and strength are important factors when buying a tractor.

Steel is the foundation of Branson Tractors.  One of the features that set a Branson tractor apart from the rest is its cast-iron axles and transmission, steel hoods, and large open station platform.

The Branson Engine is a quiet and powerful engine that can cut grass neatly. With its Hydrostatic Power Steering, you can work more efficiently by having more power at your disposal.

In addition, to cast iron axles, transmissions, and rear-end housings, Brady tractors are designed with steel hoods, fenders, and a large open work platform. The features of the Branson tractors are given below:


The Steel that Brandon is made of, unlike plastics or fiberglass, does not crack at low temperatures. Additionally, dual gas struts raise the one-piece metal hood which is secured with a positive lock latch. Powder coat finish protects the paint from UV damage.

Durability FeatureBranson TractorKubota Tractor
Engine Life5,000+ hours4,000+ hours
Paint CoatingDurable, rust-resistantDurable, rust-resistant
TiresDurable, puncture-resistantDurable, puncture-resistant
Warranty2-year standard3-year standard


Branson Tractors offers a bumper-to-bumper warranty for two years, as well as engine and drive trains covered for four years, with parts and labor also covered.

FeatureBranson TractorKubota Tractor
Warranty Length2 years3 years
Powertrain Warranty Length4 years3 years
Dealer SupportYesYes

Easy Maintenance

The radiator screen on the Branson can be removed for easy maintenance, and the engine compartment is easily accessible.


There are big wheels in the back and small wheels in the front which makes it a smooth and comfortable mowing ride. Also, the deluxe seat of the tractor is very comfortable so that, you do not get tired of the long hours of taking care of your lawns.


  • The engine delivers 58 hp
  • The power of the PTO is 48 horsepower
  • The number of Cylinders is- 4
  • Measurement – 13.9 cubic cm
  • Travel Speed – 19.9 mph
  • Driving Speed in Reverse – 18.9 mph
  • Multi-disc ClutchWet
  • Brake- Wet brake disc
  • In pounds, overall height is – 102.8
  • The ground clearance is 18.1 pounds
  • The radius of minimum Turn is – 8.89 ft
  • The weight of the vehicle is – 4153 lbs
  • Air Cleaner Type is Single Dry
  • Fuel capacity is 6.6 gallons
  • The Cooling system is 3.7 gal

Kubota Tractor

Kubota USA has you covered with our L Series compact tractors. There are three L Series ranging in size and power to tackle any application you may have, and it’s because of that flexibility that Kubota has been the #1 best-selling compact tractor brand for over a decade. Having quality, comfort, and versatility are all possible with Kubota’s LX Series.

There are two versions of the LX, including the ROPS and the cab, with the HST transmission – with engine horsepower that ranges from 24.8 to 30.8. Whether you are looking for a more affordable option or quality features with value, the LX models are an excellent choice.


Our multi-cylinder diesel engines are built right here in the USA, and Kubota is number one in the world for non-automotive, non-automotive models under 100 horsepower.

From the front axle to the rear end, Kubota’s heavy-duty construction is completed with a steel hood and fenders for years of durability. As a result, the rear housing of the gearbox features helical cut gears, which make the job more enjoyable and quiet.


The LX Series tractors are designed to allow you to do more with fewer effort thanks to their versatility and ease of operation. LX Series implements make it easy to complete any job quickly and easily.

Branson TractorKubota Tractor
Tractor TypesCompact, Utility, and Agricultural
Attachments AvailableFront-end loader, backhoe, mower deck, and cultivator
Power Range18-100 horsepower
FeaturesHydrostatic transmission, 4WD, and ROPS
Warranty2-year limited warranty


A long history of reliability and longevity has helped Kubota earn its reputation. In addition to the Kubota diesel engines, LX Series models are distinguished by features such as an open 1-piece metal hood, metal fenders, and metal platforms, easy maintenance, and a sleek modern design that makes them easy to maintain.


The LX Series gives utmost importance to the operator’s comfort and functionality. It is available in both ROPS open station models as well as factory cab versions. A 4-pillar integrated cabin is included on the factory cab model, as well as an air conditioner, heater, LED lighting, interior lighting, and front and rear wipers with washers.

For long periods of time, you can comfortably use the deluxe chair to get your work done.


Kubota tractors provide a warranty for 2-6 years depending on your type of usage.  The warranty usually lasts 2 years in commercial use and it can last up to 6 years for private use,


  • The engine has a gross power range of 24.8 – 30.8 HP
  • HST Standard Transmission 3 Range
  • The loader lifts up to 484kg
  • Hydrostatic pressure is 8.7

Final Words

As now you have read the specifications and the features of both tractors Branson and Kubota, it will be very easier for you to decide the right one for your lawn.

You can choose Branson Tractors if you desire a tractor at a reasonable price. But you should definitely choose Kubota lawn tractors as you desire a tractor at with the best features and quality despite the price.

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