7 Most Common Bobcat S185 Problems and Solutions

Bobcat S185 is a fantastic skid steer with extraordinary features; like high flow hydraulics, four-wheel solid, and a powerful bulletproof engine. Yet, some users found some problems.

Among them are arms problems, steering issues, air conditioner problems, overheating problems, hydraulic pump difficulty, fuel issues, and machine complexity.

In today’s article, we will share detailed information about this skid steer’s problems. Moreover, we will discuss its solutions as these problems are easily solvable. So, let’s start the journey!

Bobcat S185 Problems and Solutions at a Glance

In hand control mode arms cannot work properly.Using a new seal in the lift cylinder piston.
Sometimes the steering wheel takes time to start.Tightening shifting levers
Air conditioner cannot work properly sometimes.  Cleaning /Replacing thermostat, radiator cap, and tightening loose hoses.
Overheating problem.Cleaning oil cooler
The Hydraulic filter is a bit complex, and that creates problems with the hydraulic pump sometimes.Checking all the hoses and connections and trying to fix them if needed. Also, checking up on fluid level.
Fuel problem; as- air filter blockage, low fuel pressure, or a clogged fuel pump.  Changing the filter/ pump.
Sudden stoppage of the machine.  Cleaning the machine parts properly.

Common Bobcat S185 Problems and Solutions

Problem 1: Arm Issues

A lot of users complain that during hand control mode the arms of the machine cannot work properly. This is a really minor problem with this skid steer. Because the problem is easily solvable.

Solution: If this little problem showed up Using a new seal in the lift cylinder piston can fix it with no time.

Problem 2: A Little Bit Problematic Steering Wheel

A very few users share their experiences and say sometimes the steering wheel takes time to start. Generally, it can be seen in a used machine. Therefore, it’s not difficult to fix.

Solution: As a used machine, it might lose some levers; thus the problem can be seen. In that regard, tightening shifting levers can be your savior. 

Problem 3: Air Conditioner problem

Air conditioner is used in this skid steer to give you comfort. Additionally, it removes the extra heat from your Bobcat. However, the problematic function of the air conditioner can be really annoying, though it’s not tough to repair.

Solutions:  Following a few steps can make it work easily.

  • Step: 1- Checking the thermostat whether it’s faulty or not! After that replace it if necessary.
  • Step:2- Checking the radiator cap, and changing it if needed.
  • Step: 3-  Tightening the loose hoses, if there are any loose hoses.

By following these steps, hopefully, your Bobcat’s cooling system will work properly. 

Problem 4: Overheating Issue

Overheating is a common problem of Bobcat S185s. It can happen due to any faulty device of the machine.

Solution: For this reason, major device checking and changing can solve the problem. The oil cooler part should always be clean. In this regard, you can make a tool by using a piece of wood and some teeth, and by adding them you can easily use them to clean your oil cooler.  

Problem 5: Complex Hydraulic Pump and Its Problem

Users sometimes can experience issues with the hydraulic pump. It happens because of the complex hydraulic filter. Yet, there is nothing to fear about it.

Solution: Some simple activities can be the gateway to this problem. First of all, all connections and hoses should be fixed, if needed. Next, you have to check the fluid level of your bobcat. It should always be full. Because lower fluid levels can create problems with the pump.

Problem 6: Various Kinds of Fuel Problems

Fuel problem is one of the major problems of Bobcat, though it’s easy to fix. There are 3 main causes of the fuel problem-

  • Filter blockage of air
  • Low pressure of fuel
  • Clogged fuel pump

Solution: To fix this problem, you have to find out the cause first. Then it would be really easy to solve the problem. After that, if there is air filter blockage, you have to change the filter. Otherwise, you have to focus on changing the pump. That’s how you can easily solve the problem.

Problem 7: Machine Might Stop Suddenly

Sometimes in old Bobcats a problem can be seen; that is it can stop suddenly.

Solutions: In that case, you have to check all the parts of your machine. Then, you have to repair or change parts if necessary. Hence, it’s not a big deal.

More to Know about the BOBCAT S185 

Does Bobcat S185 have high flow?

Generally, there is no obvious flow in a Bobcat. Yet, there is a standard flow in a Bobcat. Whatsoever if you can find any push-button for high flow, press it. After that, if it lights up, then you have to understand that you have it. However, if there is no light showing up, then that’s the standard flow. Therefore, it’s actually an ideal skid steer.

How much weight can an S185 lift?

In the case of weight lifting, this machine is amazing. It can lift up to 1850 Ibs (Gross power 56 hp), which makes work easier and faster.

What engine is in a Bobcat S185?

The engine model is V2003-M-DI-T.
Additional Information:
Displacement- 122.1 cu in (0 m)
Gross Power- 56 hp
Number of Cylinders- 4
Power Measured- 2800 rpm.

Moving to the Closure

Last but not least, we have covered all the possible problems. In addition, we have talked about the easiest solutions. Fortunately, the problems are not very hard to solve.

Yet, if there is any problem that you’re afraid to solve by yourselves, you can always consult with an expert.

Hope this will help you as you can make it run anytime by following this article.

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