Exmark vs Toro: 30 inch, Walk behind Mowers

Are you new to lawn care? If you are then, you have come to the right place. Beginners get confused because of the so many choices in the market when they want to buy a lawn mower. We are going to give a review about two popular lawn mowers in the market and compare their features to help you determine which one suits your needs better.

Toro and Exmark are two popular brands for lawn mowers that have almost the same functions. A majority of Exmark models are commercial models made by Toro. Traditionally, Toro’s excellent service and flawless performances have drawn users to Toro. Exmark, on the other hand, was designed and built to match those of top-end lawnmowers.

It also offers well-organized and smooth-riding facilities for its customers. Do not get confused as we are going to talk about the details so you can easily determine which mower is better for you.


Product Overview

As a manufacturer of professional turf care equipment, Exmark Manufacturing was formed in May 1982. It is one of the leading commercial mower manufacturers currently in the market. It is impossible to beat Exmark at cutting tall grass.

Hydraulic pumps drive Exmark’s motorized wheels. In terms of life expectancy, these components have 1,500 – 2,000 hours remaining. Mowers from Exmark have been transformed by the use of RED technology.

As a result of this feature, Exmark’s models have a wide range of high-tech power-control facilities and distinctive functions.

Exmark’s deck is made of steel with welded reinforcements. Additionally, its transfer case was custom-built for specific specifications, with shafts and drive belts that automatically tension and are equipped with internal wet clutches. 


  • Engine Brand- Exmark
  • Engine Model- 708
  • Engine Speed 3,600 rpm
  • Engine Series  – V-Twin
  • Engine Type- Carbureted
  • Fuel Type- Gas Carbureted
  • Fuel Capacity- 7-gallon
  • Drive- Hydro-Drive
  • Cup Holder      Standard
  • Steering Control-  Adjustable both fore and aft hydraulically dampened twin levers. Height can also be adjusted in two ways.
  • Parking Brake Lever- Actuated pawl brake.
  • Seat- Integrated safety switch, foam padded seat, armrests, and high back
  • Available Cutting Deck Sizes  -42”- 144”
  • Deck Style- Floating Deck
  • Blade Tip Speed- Approximately 18,500 fpm.
  • Cutting Heights- 1.5″ to 5.0″ in 0.25″  increments
  • Number of Blades- 3 Blades


In addition to their quality components, Exmark mowers are known for their fine manufacturing. They include the following features:


Exmark engines vary from one model to another. For some of the models, they use their own manufactured engines. And for the other models they use- Kawasaki, Kohler, and Briggs and Stratton. All engines used by them are good in quality, proven high performance, and long-lasting.


There are few turf care manufacturers that have worked harder to become experts in the science of operator comfort. The new Exmark products are far more user-friendly, so they are more profitable for landscape professionals and provide a more enjoyable mowing experience for users. Exmark ensures that you always have the time and energy to pursue your passions even after many years of usage.


With exceptional innovations, Exmark leads the industry in extending engine life and improving overall productivity. The RED Onboard Intelligence Platform Exmark mowers are equipped with allows unprecedented interaction between key systems, resulting in more reliable, durable and efficient mowers.


  • Built like a beast
  • The gas tank is large
  • Outstanding cutting ability
  • Adjustments in speed are smooth


  • Compared to its competitors, it is less fuel-efficient
  • Changing the height often can be time-consuming



Product Overview

A Toro riding lawn mower offers a smooth, fast ride that is comfortable and well built. Many of the customers of Toro report a 45 percent time savings when compared to their existing mower when using our zero-turn radius riding mowers.

Not only will you be able to enjoy your mower for longer, but it will also perform better. All Toro lawn mowers maintain a self-driving style.  A vehicle’s speed can also be changed.

The Toro mowers are capable of regulating their speed automatically based on the user’s walking pace as well. Some models can adjust their speeds in an hour up to 4.8 miles.

You can easily move around in a stiff position thanks to the featherweight activity and quick response times. Toro mowers can be effectively used on rough or bumpy surfaces. The wide dimension of the back wheels helps the trimmer create a brilliant cut on grasses.


  • Engine brand- Honda,  Briggs & Stratton
  • Width of Cut- 22
  • Rear Wheel Width- 8
  • Drive Type- Rear-Wheel Drive
  • Front Wheel Width= 8
  • Height of Cut- 1.0 – 4.0
  • Warranty – 2 Years



Toro features different brands of engines in their different lawn mower models. However, every engine they use is powerful and ensures smooth functions. The most common engines used by Toro are Honda, Kawasaki, and Briggs and Stratton. Toro also uses Toro Commercial V-Twin engine for their zero-turn mowers.


Toro lawn mowers feature dual variable transmissions. It means the front and rear wheels work independently to deliver the appropriate amount of traction during sloping terrain or hills.

Cutting Deck

Toro has a variety of cutting deck sizes. As they mainly produce push-behind mowers, the deck starts with a 22” cutting width cutting deck. This is a perfect size for cutting your grasses easily.


  • Durability and reliability are strong points of this mower.
  • Good quality of engines
  • Available in many sizes
  • Reasonable price


  • Can be loud
  • Can produce carbon dioxide

Final Words

So, that was all about Exmark vs Toro lawn mowers. From the article, it is clear that both Toro and Exmark offer many attractive unique features as well as some that are similar. In terms of price, however, Toro offers a reasonable price and Exmark has a higher price tag but offers high quality and features. You can choose the lawn mower that best suits your needs and abilities.

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