7 Common Country Clipper Mower Problems And Solutions

7 Common Country Clipper Mower Problems

Country Clipper is one of the top lawn mower brands in the market for a long time. The company began manufacturing zero turn mowers in 1986, which were of high quality and innovative. Since then, they have been manufacturing zero turn mowers not just for commercial applications, but also for residential use.

But you may run into some problems if you are using a Country Clipper mower for several years. That is not a problem to worry about as you can also fix them with the proper guideline. So, whether you are going to buy a new Country Clipper or are already the owner of one, we are going to introduce the common problems of the Country Clipper mower and give you solutions accordingly.

Common Country Clipper Mower Problems

  1. Mower Does Not Start
  2. Faulty Deck Blades
  3. Blades do not turn
  4. Engine Does Not Shut Down
  5. Faulty Plastic Casing
  6. Leaving Tracks on Lawn
  7. Tires Bounces

Country Clipper Mower Problems And Solutions

The problems of Country Clipper mowers should not scare you away as they can be easily resolved because of their renowned durability. A brief knowledge about your Country Clipper mower’s common problem will help you to identify the problem and take proper action to solve it. So, the common problem of Country Clipper and the solutions are given below:

1. Mower Does Not Start

A country clipper mower may not start for a lot of reasons. It could be because of the faulty engine or dirty air filter and dirty carburetor or empty fuel filter and many more. This is a very common problem for mowers and many other vehicles. So it is not a hard problem to solve.


If your mower does not start then troubleshoot your mower and find out the exact cause for this problem. If it happens because of dirt then clean the compounds. If the problem is caused because of a faulty engine then repair it if possible, if not replace it. And finally, if it is because the empty fuel filter then refill the fuel and your mower will be ready to start.

2. Faulty Deck Blades

If the deck blades are faulty then you can experience problems like the blades not cutting evenly or when you try to stop it does not stop. This is a serious problem and you should take action against it as soon as possible.


If your mower decks are bothering you it might be because of grass clippings or dirt got stuck in the deck. You can turn the deck switch off and on several times and see if it works. You might also need to clean your deck carefully. And if none of these works then you should seek help from an expert.

3. Blades do not turn

If your mower blades start and cut perfectly but do not turn then this indicates that your mower blades are not rotating. So, there might be something wrong with the connection. It can also occur because of malfunctioning blades and faulty motors.


You should troubleshoot your mower to find out the main cause of the problem. If the problem occurs because of malfunctioning blades then you will need to replace the mower blades. If you find that the mower blades are not turning because of the damaged motor then you should repair or replace the motor.

4. Engine Does Not Shut Down

If your mower does not shut down when you want it to, then it becomes a huge problem. It mostly happens because the connection between spark plugs are not correctly installed. It can also happen if the ignition switch is faulty.


If your engine does not shut down then you should check the ignition switch, replace it if it is damaged. If that still does not work you can check the wiring and clean them if there is debris stuck. However, if the wires are torn then you would need to replace them,

5. Faulty Plastic Casing

The plastic casing of the Country Clipper mower is a huge matter of concern as users complained about this problem as a serious matter of face. The default body comes in plastic that can be damaged easily which is very disappointing for users as they can not do much about it.


Well, there is no ultimate solution for the faulty plastic casing of your Country Clipper mower. You can replace the housing with the help of a professional if you want to but it will cost you a lot.

6. Leaving Tracks on Lawn

If your lawn mower leaves a trace on your lawn after mowing then this might be a mower deck problem. This makes your lawn look ugly and messy. It destroys the main purpose of using a lawn mower.


If your Country Clipper is keeping track of your lawn then there might be something wrong with the wheel and dull blades. you replace the wheels and sharpen the blades to get rid of the problem.

7. Tires Bounces

A lawn mower is supposed to be comfortable to work with and it is supposed to make your rides smooth while you mow. But Country Clipper mowers get bumpy after a while, their recent tires can be the main culprit for this problem. This usually happens when you mow on uneven terrains. And this problem leads to other problems like damaged wheels and deck blades. 


If you want to solve the tire bouncing problem by check the wheels first. If the wheels are the problem then you should replace them. And if there is a problem with the blades, you can check for the main problem. If the problem is out-of-align blades, then placing them in the right place will solve the problem.

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Country Clipper mowers are excellent in their qualities despite having some common problems as mentioned. However, the problems are nothing to worry about as you can solve them according to the common problems.

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