7 Common Argo Atv Problems with Solutions

All ATV lovers already know the perks of having a premium ATV brand like Argo. It supplies the best quality ATVs all over the world. Being an ATV user, I recently faced some issues with Argo ATV. And other users would agree with me too.

Well, don’t worry, you can fix most of the Argo ATV problems at home, and you don’t have to think about replacing it.

The most common problems that you would face while using an Argo ATV include problems with starting your ATV, ignition, engine failure, power loss, not getting proper fuel, smoking, battery not charging, clogged air filter, cold engine, oil leakage, the vehicle shut off, dead battery, etc.

Keep reading, and I will try to give every possible solution to all these problems so that you can easily fix your Argo ATV.

Argo ATV Problems And Solutions In A Nutshell:

Inability to start the ATVTidy up the plug
Loss of powerReplace the clutch
Not getting fuelUnclog the fuel pump
Smoking problemValve seals or piston rings should be reviewed
Battery not chargingTest your battery condition
Backfire problemImbalance of the air and fuel outside of the combustion chamber.
Clogged air filterCheck your air filter regularly
Cold engineMight need a mix of rich fuel
Oil leakageLook for the crack and seal the cracked area.

Solution Of The Argo ATV Problems In Brief:

As we already know the most common problems operating Argo ATV, let’s dig in for the solution to all these problems.

1. ATV is Not Starting

Sometimes, we face difficulty in starting the ATV. It might run out of fuel, air, or spark. It can also happen if the battery does not get charged enough. If your ATV is all good with these issues, it might be an electric problem.


  • This problem could get solved by regularly checking the fuel tank, air, and spark.
  • Check if the battery has enough charge to run.
  • There is a run switch or kill switch in every ATV. The switch must be in the position of ON or RUN.
  • If the run switch is made with a cord, ensure your cords have plugged in perfectly.
  • Sometimes, the engine gets cold, and that causes difficulty with starting the vehicle. In that case, mixed rich fuels can help.

2. Loss Of Power

After a few minutes of driving, the Argo ATV might lose its power suddenly. It happens when it gets issues with the carb. The carb needle or fuel lines might be jammed. Or you can check if you have built the ATV according to the instruction manual.


You can solve this by rebuilding your ATV or checking if it has been built correctly. And fuel lines should be cleared.

  • Remove the fuel cap to check that it is not venting.
  • Set up gravity feed in the carb.
  • Idle the machine and see if the air is blocked somewhere.
  • Remove the cab, clean it and set it again.

3. Not Getting Fuel

Sometimes, the spark cord gets dry, and the fuel can not reach the cylinder. Or the fuel tank might have gotten clogged. In that case, your ATV won’t take any fuel because old fuels get stuck and made into debris. And it won’t leave room to take any new fuel.


  • First, check your fuel tank; if it gets clogged, then unclog it. The spark cord should not be dry.
  • The fuel filter might not be working properly. Clean the fuel filter regularly.
  • Clean the fuel tank thoroughly so that all the old fuel and debris come out.
  • Sometimes fuel gets bad and causes this kind of problem. Use good quality fuel and the right mixture of oils.

4. Smoke Problem

If your cylinder has gone bad or there is an issue with the seal or gasket, it might end up with smoke from the engine. You can figure out what causes all this smoke by the color and the timing of the smoke.


When your Argo ATV is smoking, stop riding it immediately. A routine check and maintenance could prevent your ATV from smoking.

  • A little white smoke indicates that its vapor is burning off, which is pretty much normal. You should check the radiator system to see if there’s a lot of white smoke.
  • Black smoke is a sign of burning gasoline. This situation is called a “rich fuel environment,” which is not good. Replacing the fuel injector could save you this time.
  • A blue or grey smoke tells you it might be the bad oil, bad spark plug, or a damaged piston ring. A new piston ring will help you with the blue or grey smoke if you have already taken care of the oil and spark plug.

5. Battery Not Charging

If your battery is not charging, the first thing you can assume is that your stator has gone bad. Also, you might have a defective charging system in your Argo ATV. You can check if the charging system is fine.


To find a solution, in this case, you have to figure out the problem, the ATV or the charger.

  • Use an external fast charger to see if it’s charging or not.
  • Check the battery health; it should not be less than 75%.
  • Read the battery voltage; if you are not charging above 12.4V, your battery is not getting enough voltage.
  • Your battery fluid holds the charge. So, check the battery fluid level, and fill it if it is running low.  

6. Clogged Air Filter

A clogged air filter is one of the most common Argo ATV problems. Some symptoms will inform you that your ATV air filter is clogged. Such as gas milage decreasing gradually, engine misfires, sudden flames are coming out or black smoke, etc.


  • Cleaning your ATV air filter will help you with this problem.
  • Use a cleaning solution in a moderate amount and unclog it.
  • Do not destroy the foam filter while cleaning it.
  • Avoid using gasoline or other flammable liquids while cleaning.
  • Replace the air filter if it is falling apart.

7. Oil Leakage

Another common problem you would face with ATV is oil leakage. If you spot fresh oil around the plug or on the sides, it’s leaking oil from somewhere. A loose oil drain plug, misplaced threads, or worn-out seals cause this problem most of the time.


Regular oil changing and good maintenance would keep you safe from this leakage problem.

  • Make sure you plug the oil plug gasket properly every time you change your oil.
  • Replace your old worn-out oil drain gasket with a new one.
  • Do not over-tighten your oil plug; this causes most leakage problems.

8. Backfiring Problem

Your ATV backfires when the engine’s spark plug ignites the fuel when the exhaust valve on the cylinder is open. The inequality of air and gas can also cause backfire problems. It might force shut your engine sometimes.


  • Unclog your ATV’s air and fuel filter.
  • Clean up your fuel injector and carburetor.
  • Use a rich oil mix
  • Examine the throttle setting from time to time.

9. Cold Engine

In winter, the engine gets cold, and it gets too hard to start the Argo ATV. Moreover, using the wrong oil or too much oiling would worsen the situation.


  • After starting the engine, let it sit for about 4 or 5 minutes; it will warm up by this time.
  • Start slow with the cold engine for the first few minutes, and gradually raise the speed.
  • Turning on the ignition before starting the engine is one of the quickest tricks to warm up the engine.


Are Argo ATVs worth buying?

Argo is a Canadian all-terrain vehicle-making company. It has been making great quality 6×6 and 8×8 vehicles since 1962. And it has a wide variety of ATV models. Your every penny is worth it with Argo ATV.

How often should I clean my ATV air filter?

Most of the time, it depends on the run time. You should clean the air filter, change the engine oil, and look for the battery health every 50 hours of run time.

Final thoughts

If you are an ATV enthusiast and own an Argo ATV, you might have faced some issues. If you are patient enough read through this, you just figured out all the common Argo ATV problems. I tried to give you every possible solution so that you can fix it at home.

Most of the problem is linked to the oil gasket, battery, and air filter. A regular check-up, and maintenance would solve this easily. And you will get the best service from your Argo ATV.

However, there will always be some major issues that need a professional hand. In that case, you may need to see a mechanic.

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