9 Common Kayo Fox 70 Problems and Solutions

Kayo Fox 70 is a commonly used ATV for child. The reviews are great, as well as the service, as it’s used by most of the kids aged above 6. It has no significant issues, but my nephew faced some common problems that almost all users face. Therefore, we have listed out the frequent issues faced while using Kayo Fox 70.

These include restarting problems, climbing issues, and sometimes the ignition could be defective. Carburetor problems, the battery’s power can be lacking, and cold weather affects the Kayo Fox. The engine system might die, and height issues and problems may be faced while starting.

As a result, we will discuss the issues faced and the solutions to these problems. Moreover, This will help you prolong your Kayo Fox 70 ATV and also help you decide whether to buy the product. These solutions can help you easily fix problems without having to visit a service center or replace them.


            Problems                 Solutions
         Restarting problems   Pushing the red switch in
        Climbing issues  Drawing the screws in the crankcase which holds it and turning the nut in or pulling it out to get full access to the drive
         Defective ignition     Pressing the unlock button, examining the spark plug to see if it has erosion
        Carburetor problems      Making sure the carburetor is not filled with dirt or fully damaged, replacing the carburetor or cleaning it thoroughly
       Battery power is insufficiently working  Charging the battery to see if it runs better. Moreover, if it still has issues, you should replace the battery
       Cold weather affects the Kayo Fox70  The choke is located in the left side handlebar; all you should do is pull the choke outward for 30 to 60 seconds.
        The engine system might dieTry to inspect if the air filter is clogged. Or the issue could be a major one, so you should visit the mechanic.
             Height issuesIf you are buying the Kayo Fox 70 for your children you should check whether they are tall enough to use the device.
        Problems faced while starting   Pulling the brake on either side of the handlebar

As you have already gained little insight on what issues you may face while using KAYO FOX 70. Let us discuss in depth what could cause them and how you should fix them.

1. Restarting Problems

The new users may find it difficult to restart the Kayo Fox 70 after turning it off. So if you want to quickly start the engine you should do the things said below.


  • The red switch in the left handlebar is used to turn it on; this is done by pushing the switch in. this will help you quickly restart the machine.

2. Climbing Issues

You may face some problems or find it difficult to climb uphill or to go around the barriers. This stops you from going out on more adventurous trips. The main issue for this could be in the governor.


  • Pulling out the screws which are in the governor. Then you may either turn the nut in or pull it out fully to achieve the full drive. As a result, this will help you drive your ATV even in the most challenging terrains.

3. Defective Ignition

Sometimes, the battery may have no issues as well as the machine could be fine as well; moreover, if it yet fails to start, the issue could be a faulty ignition.


  • Checking if the spark plug has any dirt or corrosion.
  • Checking the capacitor discharge ignition
  • Likewise, it could be a simple issue; you should check the unlock button; if you have not pressed it, the problem could be solved by pushing it.
  • If it is a major issue that cannot be identified, you should visit the mechanic.

4. Carburetor Problems

Sometimes, the carburetor can get unclean; thus the Kayo Fox 70 could get problems. Moreover, the carburetor might be damaged due to rough terrain; as a result the device may not start. Another reason for this can be due to broken vacuum horses or if the valve gets blocked.

 The main reason why you may need to check your carburetor is when the ATV might start but sputters and dies. Or if the ATV does not start at all.


  • You could try to clean the carburetor if it’s dirty
  • Moreover, you may need to replace the valve
  • To add to it, the main reason to identify why the carburetor is facing issues would be hard to find by yourself, so you should visit the mechanic.

5. Battery Power is Insufficient

You could be ready for a fun terrain, but your machine might not work. The reasons why your battery may have insufficient power.  This can be due to the fact that even after engaging the ignition, the Kayo 70 may not turn over.

 Moreover, it might try to engage out of a sudden and still shut down these events might suggest that your device has battery issues.


  • The easiest fix would be to replace the battery if the battery does not charge or dies after little usage.
  • Moreover, you can also use a multimeter if the voltage goes under 12V; this could be resolved by charging the battery sufficiently.

6. Cold Weather affects the Kayo Fox 70.

After a windy winter season or night, the machine might not start the next day, which could give you a scare. This can be solved by warming up the machine.


  • The left handlebar has a choke at the base. Pushing it back for at least 1 minute or 30 seconds and keeping the gas running until it’s warm enough would help you restart the machine.

7. The Engine system might break down

The way you can identify your Kayo Fox 70 has engine problems could be when you start noticing the engine might keep stalling. Moreover, the engine might have noises coming out of it. To add to it, if your device keeps on facing power loss.


  • Clearing out the clogs in the air filter and exhaust could work.
  • The best solution would be to visit a mechanic as it would solve the problem very quickly with their expertise.

8. Height Issues

If you are purchasing an ATV for your children, make sure you find the right models according to your children’s needs.


  • Checking whether the rider can fully reach the brakes and handlebar. This reduces the risks of accidents.

9. Problems Faced while starting

At; first the riders may find it hard to start the Kayo Fox 70 as it takes time to adjust


  • By pulling the brakes on either the right or left side would help you easily start the ATV.

Are Kayo ATVs any good?

Almost the best among the business, the quality and build are on almost the same level as the Japanese OEM brands.

How fast does a Kayo 70cc go?

The build-up for the mellow and power is nicely done. The speed gradually builds up to over 25 mph; that’s the fastest the researchers could hit on a small track. There are no gears, and the powerplant is an automatic single transmission

How much oil does a Kayo 70 take?

The Kayo intake is around 0.8L, additive alongside air-cooled motor oil.

Final Thoughts

Despite the issues and problems faced using the Kayo Fox 70, this ATV is extremely reliable and suitable for various conditions, and almost all the reviews are great. Moreover, the issues can be resolved at home or easily fixed at the service center or mechanic.

Furthermore, the prices can be debated; however, it would guarantee usage for a long period of time, thus making the purchase a bang for your buck.

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