13 Common Tracker SVX1000 Problems And Solutions

13 Common Tracker SVX1000 Problems And Solutions

The Tracker SVX1000 is a very well-known vehicle. This is a very versatile and rugged machine that can take you to locations where there are no roads.

However, the device has issues that make it difficult for you to drive it with ease.

As a result, we have listed the most heard complaints and problems faced while using the Tracker SVX1000.

These include brake problems, difficulty in starting the engine, reduced speed, engine overheating, fouled spark plug, excess smoke exhaust, noisy starter, excess vibration, and the steering pulls to one side.

Thereby we will put forward the problems and solutions to these issues so that you can drive your Tracker SVX. So continue reading to have ideas about the machine.

Tracker SVX1000 Issues And Solutions At A Glimpse

                 Problems                  Solutions
Brake IssuesReplace the brake pads, check the brake pad fluid level
Difficult to start the engineRecharge the battery, replace the spark plugs, replace the fuel pump
Reduced speedClean the gas tank, add sufficient a amount of oil
Engine overheatingTighten the hoses connection, add coolant
Fouled spark PlugReplace the spark plug type, change or repair the air intake hose
Excess smoke exhaustReplace the valves, replace the piston rings worn
Noisy starterTighten the bolts, change the faulty bearings
Excess VibrationAdjust the loose bearings
The steering pulls to one sideIncorrect air pressure, align it correctly
Play in steeringAdjust the wheel bearings
The throttle body floods the engineClean or replace the air filter
Poor performance of the machineChange the fuel pump, replace the spark plug

Tracker SVX1000 Problems And Solutions In Depth:

Now you have an insight into the problems you can face while using the Tracker SVX1000, let us discuss in broad what causes them and how you can fix them.

1. Brake Issues

Sometimes, while driving, you may feel that the brake pads feel loose. If the brake loses resistance and the machine completely loses its brake system, you should take the following steps.

2. Difficulty To Start The Engine

Your Tracker SVX1000 may face difficulties while starting. The main issue can reside within the battery it can also occur due to a loose battery connection.

Moreover, if the fuel line is clogged, this can be a reason. Also, check the plugged muffler or pipe.

You should also check the fuel level. To add to it, the spark plugs could be an issue if it is broken or disconnected.

3. Reduced Speed

You can feel while driving your Tracker SVX1000 that the speed of the machine is not up to the level that it was previously. So the main reason for the low speed can be due to a plugged gas tank. Or it can be due to a fouled spark plug.

4. Engine Overheating

The machine might sometimes feel like it is burning hot when you drive the Tracker SVX1000 for a couple of hours. The main cause for this can be a damaged radiator which can overheat the machine.

Moreover, if there is a leak in the coolant hose, this can cause overheating. To add to it, sometimes the oil supply of the machine might be inadequate, this can be the reason for overheating for the Tracker SVX1000.

5. Fouled Spark Plug

If you constantly face this issue of having a fouled spark plug. The reason for this can be a faulty ignition system. Moreover, it can be due to a wrong spark plug type.

To add to it, the leak in the air intake hose can allow dirt to be formed inside; as a result, this may cause a fouled spark plug.

6. Excess Smoke Exhaust

While driving or starting the Tracker SVX1000 you sometimes see way too much smoke exhausting out of the machine. The reason for this can be a wrong oil weight.

Moreover, the crankcase could be overfilled with oil which can be an issue. Additionally, if the valve seals are broken or valve guides are worn this can cause excessive smoke.

Also, the piston rings could be worn or damaged

7. Noisy Starter

If your generator or your starter troubleshoots. You can sometimes get irritated by the noises coming from your Tracker SVX1000 starter. The issue can reside within the bearings if it is faulty.

Also, this can occur if the bolts are loose. Moreover, the starter sometimes has foreign matter trapped inside which can cause the starter to make noises.

How To Fix The Noisy Starter In Your Tracker SVX1000?

If the bolts are loose, this would need to be tightened to correct the torque.

Moreover, if the bearings are faulty then you should replace them. To add to it, if the starter has a substance stuck in it then the interior should be cleaned.

8. Excess Vibration

Sometimes while driving you may feel that the device may vibrate a little bit too much which makes your journey uncomfortable. The issue could reside within the loose wheel bearings.

Moreover, if the tires are out of round that could be an issue.

9. The Steering Pulls To One Side

Sometimes the Tracker SVX1000 can feel like the direction you want it to go it might not go towards that.

The steering may feel a bit too harsh to pull; the main reason for this can be a problem with the alignment. This can also be due to suspension component failure.

How To Fix The Direction Of the Steering In the Tracker SVX1000 If it Keeps on Pulling to One Side?

If the tire pressure is inadequate or incorrect then this could cause the steering wheel to pull to one side. So inflating the tire pressure to the correct amount may solve this.

Moreover, if the suspension component has a failure if you repair it then this problem can be resolved.

To add to it, if fix the alignment then this matter can be solved.

10. Play In Steering

The play in steering for your machine can be caused due to the splines. Moreover, again the loose bearings can be an issue.

Also, if the steering wheel components are worn out this can be a problem as well.

11. The Throttle Body Floods The Engine

The causes for this can be due to the fuel contamination. Also, the air filter element if that is clogged, can be a major reason for the throttle body to flood the engine.

12. Poor Performance of the Tracker SVX1000

The performance of the machine can drop gradually or the way it used to run smoothly that smoothness can be lost which can make it hard for you to drive the machine.

The cause for this can be a fouled spark plug. Also, a faulty thermostat can be an issue. To add to it, the dirty air filter can be an issue.

13. The Tracker SVX1000 Sometimes Backfire

The reason for this can be a faulty plug wire. Also, the ignition system may have faults in it.

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Final Thoughts

The Tracker SVX1000 is a reliable and known brand that can be used to go to rough terrains and make your adventure even more worthy and enjoyable. However, there are certain issues that the customers face.

Also, keep in mind that the maintenance is pretty rigid as the Tracker SVX1000 regularly needs to be maintained to keep it polished and to keep the performance high. Although there are severe complaints about the machine, however, it can be a worthy purchase if you can keep it well-maintained.

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