5 Most Common Tracker 800SX Problems and Solutions

Tracker 800 SX Problems

A versatile, reliable tracker for work or play, the Tracker 800SX is a real force to be reckoned with. Tracker 800XS EPS comes with a whisper-quiet engine that is quite powerful. The engine consists of 50HP of power.

With this new edition of Tracker 800 SX, you will feel no vibration problems in the frame. In addition, you will get a generous amount of storage space.

Although Tracker 800Sx has so many exciting features, there are some drawbacks as well. And if you are a user of this utility vehicle maybe you already faced some and hence you are here. But the good news is, most of them can be fixed by troubleshooting and having instant guidance. In this article, we will provide you with the solutions to the common problems of Tracker 800SX that you might encounter.

5 Common Tracker 800SX Problems:

  • Issues with starting
  • Transmission problems
  • Battery not being charged
  • No consistency in charging
  • Battery drains out quickly

Most of the problems of Tracker 800SX are related to its battery and charging problems. So, it can be easily solved if you charge it regularly and troubleshoot before using it. So, let’s check out the common problems and solutions of Tracker 800SX-

1. Issues with starter

Sometimes you might experience your Tracker 800SX is not starting although you have used the ignition key correctly to start your side-by-side off-road vehicle. You might also hear a buzzing sound while you try to start your Tracker 800SX.

This indicates the issues with your Tracker’s starter. It usually happens when there is something wrong with the battery or if the starter motor is not working or there is some loose or broken wire connection.


To solve the starter problem of your off-road vehicle, firstly you have to troubleshoot to find out the exact cause. After knowing the exact cause, you have to work accordingly. If it is because of loose or broken wires, you should replace the wires.

If the problem is caused by the battery, you will need to recharge your battery or maybe replace it if recharging does not help. If this does not help either, you might need to look for other components which might be defective. In that case, replacing the defective compartments will solve the starter problem.

2. Transmission problems

When you will not be able to shift with your utility vehicle, then you should know there is a problem with the transmission. When the transmission is too warm, the shifting issue occurs. Also, you might experience the front side of the transmission leaking fluid, and the automatic transmission failed while changing gears.

It is very common to face transmission problems if you do not troubleshoot and maintain your Tracker 800SX properly.


Regularly maintaining your Tracker 800 SX is one way to prevent the transmission problem, but to solve this you will need to call a mechanic or a professional as this can not be solved by the users without experience.

3. Battery not being charged at all

If your vehicle starts slow, or starts but then stalls or takes time to start, it might be because of a lack of proper charge. If your Serpentine belt is damaged, you could also experience battery errors. If you do not charge your vehicle, this is bound to happen. Also, it can occur because of torn wires that fail to create proper connections or expired batteries.


To solve the battery problem you need to check if the battery is fine or not, if not you might need to repair or replace that. If the battery is fine, you will need to repair the loose connection or change the wires if they are broken. Check the regulator and the alternator too and replace them if needed.

4. No consistency in charging

Sometimes, even if you want to charge your Tracker 8000SK, your vehicle will not take charge. If this happens, you are most likely to experience the lights getting dimmed, and other electrical problems. If this happens, do not panic, as this is a very common problem of most UTV vehicles. In most cases, the problem is caused by an unstable battery charge.


Vehicles with loose serpentine belts suffer from charging instability. In addition to checking the alternator and the regulator of your vehicle, make sure they are in good working order or need to be replaced. loose wire connection can also be the problem, ao you should check and fix that too.

5. Battery drains out quickly

If you are finding your Tracker 800SX is charging but the charge drains out too soon then it should, that means your battery is either sulfided or shorted. Using a faulty or not charging system can also cause this problem. A loose serpentine belt or a malfunctioning alternator can be the cause of this. The battery may also start to discharge faster than usual when the electrical system becomes overloaded.


To solve this problem, you need to check to troubleshoot and find out the real cause. If it is a battery short circuit, then you might need to replace the battery. You should check the alternator and replace it or tighten the belt if the problem is caused by them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Would Tracker 800SX make a good AVC?

Yes. Tracker 800SX is a very good quality AVC even though it has some faults. Despite their faults, this off-road vehicle is very fast in speed and it does not make much noise. So you can enjoy a quiet and peaceful off-road ride with it.

How much does a Tracker 800 sx cost?

Tracker 800 SX cost about $15,198. However, this price can reduce after some years and also if you are planning to buy a second hand model.

What is the most common problem of Tracker 800SX?

Battery damage is the most common cause of Tracker 800 SX problems. Make sure you avoid it at all costs. It is necessary to perform regular troubleshooting and maintenance on your Tracker 800SX if you intend to use it for a long time.

Final Words

Every AVC vehicle can have some problems after some days of usage and Tracker 800SX is no exception. Because of the rough use, it is very normal for it to have problems. However, with regular maintenance and troubleshooting you can reduce the problems and use it for a longer time without hassles.

1 thought on “5 Most Common Tracker 800SX Problems and Solutions”

  1. I have a 2022 Tracker 800SX LE waterfowl edition, and it has A Lot more issues than mentioned in this article:
    1- Transmission, sometimes will not shift at all or will be be very difficult to shift from reverse to high or low.
    2- Squeals, the inner belt and or transmission squeals while driving. Tracker Mechanic was unable to diagnose the problem yet did acknowledge it.
    3- Clanks like a hammer hitting metal every time it starts moving from a stop. Again Tracker Mechanic fails to diagnose the issue but does acknowledge it.
    4- Hot, excessive heat emanates under the dash and the top of the backrest. The UTV is water cooled with radiator in front but the heat under the dash is extraordinarily high and uncomfortable. It is hot enough to make a cell phone in the glove box shut down due to overheating. The heat coming up between the backrest and dump bed will burn your arm if you are resting it across the top of the seat backrest.
    5- No accessories, Bass Pro Shop and Cabela’s carry a very limited selection of accessories. The items that are offered are extremely overpriced. Example: windshield is $800+ but Arctic Cat was $200 – (Tracker has since closed the Arctic Cat loop and raised their prices too)
    6- Extremely limited service centers, Neither the Cabelas where I bought the UTV nor Bass Pro Shop have mechanics. I have to trailer the UTV over an hour drive to nearest Tracker service center, passing two separate Tracker dealerships between me and the service center.
    7- Door latches, the doors and latches are horrible. They pop open repeatedly. The doors are suicide doors so if they pop open while in a wooded area you will probably rip them off on a tree or something. The door latch u-bolt is also a serious knee banger.
    8- No extended warranty. Tracker does not offer an extended warranty in Texas. I don’t know about other states, but there is none offered in Texas.


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