5 Common Kubota svl90 Problems and Solutions

With the AC system, emergency exit window at the rear point, and joystick control, Kubota SVL90 have some unique features to offer. But this heavy equipment has some common problems that operators usually face.

Some common problems of Kubota SVL90 are: The machines react slowly, sometimes lock up and won’t move, the Air conditioner blows hot and cold air and the machines don’t start. None of these are serious issues and can be solved quickly.

Today, we’ve focused on resolving all of the skid steer’s most frequent issues. As a result, you’ll have a good idea of how to fix those on your own.

Kubota SVL90 Problems And Solutions At A Glimpse:

Slow to reactAllow the oil to warm up first
The machine locks upCheck alignment of the switches
AC blows hot and cold airEnsure it is opening/closing correctly
No start problemGet a new muffler
Not enough fuel problemCheck the fuel shutoff solenoid

Common Kubota SVL90 Problems

Operators face these problems all of a sudden on their Kubota SVL90 machine. We are covering these problems with solutions for you so you don’t need to stress about this heavy equipment.

1. The machine is slow to react

According to many complaints Kubota SVL90 is often very slow to react during the colder months. This is the case because the hydraulic pilot power the machine. That’s why it takes some time to get going. 


This problem seems not to arise during the summer months. So, during the cold months, allow the oil to warm up first to get the machine going. Once the oil is warmed up, the problem will also disappear.

 2. The machine locks up

 This issue mainly occurs because of problems with switches. However, there are always solutions.


If somehow the circuit protection switches are also not reacting like they should, needing you to continue to open the handrail, you must inspect the orientation of the buttons, and the Air-conditioning bar, which could be cropped up and out of orientation, and any worn pivots.

After everything looks good & rigid, the occasional issue could be caused by damage to the toggles or cables. If everything looks good, you should inspect the circuitry pins for possible rust or malfunction.

 3. AC is blowing hot and cold air

You’re operating on the air conditioning system, which is cool but not frigid. The motor and gear lever were supplanted. Everything about the cab is already ripped off from each other. The top control valve blasts ice-cool air, but the tubing leading towards the front explodes warm air. If this is the issue, let’s see the solution now.


Due to incompetence, many people have abandoned the liquid valve right in line grazing the heating element core; yours might not have this nozzle; if it does, make sure it opens and closes properly and effortlessly.

The other feature enables water to drain continuously thru the heat exchanger, so an air mix zipper instructs somewhat air through the heat exchanger; if this one is the above system, ensure an air mix zipper opens and closes properly and easily, and completely closes down off of the warm air.

4. The machine won’t start

The machine operated nicely for some time and you went for a lunch shutting it off, now it won’t start.

 5. Shows not enough fuel.

This one is just like problem 4. But, in this case, the machine indicates not enough fuel and you’ve already checked on the fuel tank and the muffler. All seems to be good, then where is the problem?


  • If there is no smoking coming out, there is no fuel.
  • Fill the tank and Inspect for 12plus volts on the infusion injector fuel control valve solenoid.
  • Also, make sure the breakers are in good working order.
  • You may find the problem in any of the above.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Kubota SVL90 weigh?

The Kubota SVL90 machine generally weighs around 11298.7 lbs. The fuel capacity is 29.9 gallons and the max speed ranges from 8 to 12 km.

How much can a Kubota SVL90 lift?

The bin revival power of the SVL90-2 is 7,961 lbs, as well as the lift force is 5,869 lbs. The electronic throttle stall defender ensures that they keep driving in the toughest circumstances, and benchmark two-speed trips and higher elevation clearing guarantee that they can navigate even the roughest terrain.

Do you have to use Kubota hydraulic fluid?

Kubota UDT Liquid is a cross, all-weather farm equipment hydrostatic liquid made especially for Kubota skid steers’ hydrodynamic, final drive, transmitting, difference, and wet disc brakes.


We’ve already glanced into all of the common Kubota SVL90 issues and selected the perfect solutions for you. Fortunately, this nice machine doesn’t show a lot of issues. However, the most pressing concerns are not difficult to resolve.

However, if you find it extremely difficult to fix, please contact the distributor or Kubota Tractor Corporation for assistance. The majority of the issues can be resolved on your own, so pursue our instructions and get your wheel back in working order!

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