6 Tracker EV Problems (Absolute Solutions Included)

When you have bought the tracker EV for the value of money, but it starts showing issues, it can cross your mind that you have made a mistake. But it is not so serious to bother about it all day long. Some of the problems are very common that you can easily fix without much trouble.

Some common tracker EV issues include motor or ignition switch issues, failure to start on time, battery problems, and leaking issues. If you are facing any of these, brace yourself because you can fix these with the slightest effort.

6 Typical Tracker EV Problems With Solutions:

After using the UTV for a while, we can’t deny that this one serves amazingly in off-road driving. Also, if you look at the cost, you will feel like buying this one is the best decision of your life. However, being a UTV, it may show some issues from time to time. Thus, here are the problems and solutions!

1. Power Shortage

The lack of power while driving the UTV may be caused by the solenoid. You might also face trouble starting the engine if it’s not producing enough power.

As the solenoids can wear down after frequent usage, it might be the reason behind the lack of power in your vehicle. Underlying issues like a loose wire, coil breakage, or corrosion can cause your solenoid to act weirdly.

Solutions to Power Shortage

When your solenoid is damaged, the best thing is to replace it without repairing it. So, first, you need to find the solenoid’s position. Then remove the nuts using sockets and a screwdriver. After that, simply attach the new solenoid in the same way. Don’t forget to check all the connections before starting your vehicle again.

2. Ignition Issues

Another common problem that people mostly face is the motor and ignition of the vehicle. Sometimes, the motor can make noises or fail to turn on. Also, there might be internal component issues behind the problem, which is creating the motor issue.

Also, other reasons can be the wearing or damage of internal wires due to frequent usage. Besides, worn-out brushes, coils, or bearings can cause motor issues. 

How to Solve the Ignition Issue in Tracker EV?

  • REVeal the motor area using a screwdriver and press the red reset button to reset the motor. After resetting, your cart should turn on and get running like before if there are no other issues.
  • If resetting fails, look for wear and damage inside the components and wires. Look for burnt cables, brushes, damaged bearings, or field coils and fix those to get the vehicle started again.
  • If there are any loose cables, replace those and install new ones to start the vehicle.
  • Unfortunately, if following all these don’t work, the problem might be in the deep motor components. In that case, you need to find an expert to fix it.

3. Direction Switch Issues

Switch problems mostly happen to the forward and reverse switches. Either you can take your vehicle forwards only, which fails to go backward, or it can be unmoving towards both directions.

These issues mainly appear when the cart is used for a long time. When your cart is old, the switch can get wear and tear. Thus it creates such issues.


If you are facing direction switch issues, you cannot fix them alone. You have to get a replacement or fix it with an expert.

4. Battery Problems

Every UTV shows battery issues now and then. Battery problems are due to inability to charge up, damaged battery, water lackings, and rusted connections. Such problems can stop your vehicle from moving. Sometimes, the vehicle may heat up too soon if there’s any issue with the battery.

Troubleshoot the Battery Issue

  • If your battery fails to operate, check the charge using a voltmeter first. Thus, if the reading appears zero, you need to charge the battery. But if it doesn’t work, you can use another charged battery to see if there are any other issues.
  • Sometimes, insufficient water levels can also cause issues. So, if the water level is low, you need to refill it.
  • When the battery is damaged due to age, you have to get a replacement. A battery can lose its effectiveness over time.
  • If you notice any rust or damage in the connections, clean them to make them run again.

5. Speed Control Issues

Another common problem users find is when they cannot control the speed or get the right acceleration. It might be due to any problem starting from the controller. Thus, the small switch in the controller can be acting up.

How to Troubleshoot Speed Control Problem?

As the controller is very small, it’s hard to detect any underlying issues in it. So the best thing to do is to take the cart to an expert. They will detect the main problem and solve it accordingly.

6. Leaking Issues From The White Fill Caps

Sometimes, the cart may run fine, but you might notice leaks out of it. It can be alarming and it has the potential to ruin the whole cart.

Stop Leaking from White Fill Caps

  • Clean the internal components now and then, and maintain proper maintenance.
  • Charge the cart after every use.
  • You can also fill the batteries using distilled water and then charge the batteries fully.

Let’s Know More About Your Tracker EV issues

Can batteries in EVs be replaced?

You can always replace and service EV batteries. But if your battery requires a replacement, it’s better to seek help from an expert.

What is the lifespan of an EV battery?

The usual lifespan of an EV battery is 15 to 20 years. But your battery’s lifespan depends greatly on your maintenance if you don’t ensure proper care.

What is the range of tracker EVs?

The range is for up to 16 miles. It gives an outstanding performance that exceeds all expectations. The extended range is enough to satisfy your needs.

Wrapping Up

By now, you have got to know all the tracker EV issues. Most of the issues that people face commonly can be easily resolved. But if you are a newbie in this, it’s better not to bug you too much and get help from an expert.

Some problems might need replacement. In that case, don’t forget to get the best component for your vehicle to go the extra mile without any hassle.

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