11 Common Spartan Mower Problems and Solutions

The Spartan Mower is a commonly used device as it’s easy to use, and the seats are shaped and designed to be used like a tractor making it more appealing.

However, despite the ferocious and glamorous comfy look, the Spartan Mower has its problems and issues faced by almost all users.

Although the issues are not major and can be resolved. So we have summarized the problems you may face down below.

These include weak hydrostatic, the keypad may worsen, gas leaks, gauge technicalities, smoke emission, cuts that can be unsatisfactory, engine stalls, maneuvering problems, and noise problems, shakiness from the engine.

Thus, we’ll talk about these issues and troubleshooting. As a result, this will help you judge whether to buy a Spartan Mower or will help you make life easier when trying to mow and help you enhance the performance of the mower, and save you the hassle of facing further difficulties.

Spartan Mower Problems And Solutions At A Glimpse:

                  Problems                Solutions
 Weak hydro-static Changing the drive belt, buying a new pulley, or replacing your hydraulic oil during regular intervals
Keypad issuesTry to clean the buttons, and keep the mower away from outside weather
Gas leaks Cleaning or changing the carburetor, replacing the fuel filter, changing the fuel pump
Gauge technicalitiesVisit the dealership; the warranty for the mower might cover your expense
Smoke emitsCleaning the filter or changing it
Unsatisfactory cutsCheck the tire pressure and level it; level the Spartan Mower deck
The engine won’t startChanging the spark plug, changing the fuel pump
Maneuvering problemsChanging the dampers, checking the tire pressure, and leveling it on both sides
Noise problemsMake sure the blades are tightened; moreover, replace the bearings
Shakiness from the engineChanging the clutch, replacing the belts or pulleys, thoroughly cleaning the deck
The engine starts and then breaks downCleaning the carburetor, changing the ignition coil

You already got some knowledge about the Spartan Mower issues. Let us discuss this in detail so you can save the hassle and money in your pocket for frequently visiting the mechanic.

1. Weak Hydrostatic

After a couple of days of use, the oil may get old, and the performance of the hydraulic may seem weak.

Moreover, the Spartan Mower has intervals instructed to change the hydraulic fluid to enhance the utmost performance. As a result, this can cause transmission issues.

To add to it, the drive belt can cause difficulties which reduces the efficiency of the pump.

Moreover, if the pulley has issues, this can create problems as it fails to keep tension on the belt.

Furthermore, if the hydraulic system has a lower amount of oil or it’s old, this can make the hydrostatic system look weak.


  • Change the old broken belt
  • Adding grease to the tensioner arm
  • Try to replace the hydraulic oil at intervals
  • Also, check whether the fluid is full or not in the hydraulic

2. Keypad Issues

Sometimes after mowing, you may leave the Spartan Mower out in the open. As a result, the weather, when the rain pours out, or it’s snowing, could cause the keypad to get ruined and damaged.


  • Try to regularly clean the buttons
  • And protect the Spartan Mower from these weather conditions

3. Gas Leaks

You can smell gas and see some burnt marks in your yard. Thus you should try to find leaks in the tank.

Moreover, old gas can cause this problem as it can cause plastics to be damaged.

To add to it, the buildup formed in the carburetor could cause jams in the parts. A rusty fuel pump can also develop leaks and spots, which can turn into gas leaks.

Furthermore, a bad gas cap can also cause leaks, as it would allow the gas to get out of the tank.


  • Clean or replace the carburetor
  • Change the filter of the fuel
  • Changing the fuel pump can stop those leakages
  • Change the gas caps to stop the fuel from flowing out
  • Changing the valves

4. Gauge Technicalities

This is a common issue which has been faced by lots of customers. The fuel gauge may not show the correct amount of fuel that is in the tank; thus, this can cause engine problems if you overfill or run the machine on low fuel


  • The best advice would be to visit the dealership, as the warranty might cover your expenses and the hassle of repairing the gauge by yourself is a pretty difficult one

5. Smoke Emits

If the fuel-to-air ratio is mismatched, this can cause the engine to emit smoke as the oil begins to burn off and get hotter.

Moreover, if the airflow is jammed with grasses and debris, this can make the airflow to get prevented from going out.

Furthermore, if you overflow the oil, then the pressure might cause the oil to flow through the cylinder into the valve.

Moreover, if the level of fuel is insufficient, this can cause the engine to generate heat.


  • Clean or change the filter
  • Always keep in check that the fuel tank is sufficiently filled
  • Too much oil can also cause this, so drain the oil if it’s overfilled
  • Although if the Spartan Mower has internal problems, then get it checked out at the mechanic

6. Unsatisfactory Cuts

The cuts that the mower makes can be inconsistent; thus, this can make your life a little tougher to mow with the Spartan Mower.

However, the main issue for this problem can either be the customer or the dealerships as sometimes the dealers can make the wrong installation which can be resolved by going to the dealerships.

Problems can arise if the blades are worn out;

moreover, a jammed deck can also create this issue.

Furthermore, the deck can be clogged up.


  • Level the pressure on both wheels, which can smooth out your cuts
  • Level the mower deck
  • Change the pulleys

7. The Engine Won’t Start

There are lots of reasons why an engine may not start, but don’t worry. First, you should diagnose the problems. This can be either due to the choke being stuck.

Moreover, a damaged spark plug can also cause this issue.


  • Replacing the old fuel
  • Clear the blocked-up vent
  • Replace the spark plug
  • Cleaning the carburetor
  • Fully charge the battery

8. Maneuvring Problems

 If you want to cut the roots, this can make it difficult for you to maneuver the directions.

Moreover, if one tire moves faster than the other, this can cause the mower to pull in the same direction.

Furthermore, damaged dampers can make the Spartan Mower move to the other side.


  • Equalling the tire pressure on both sides
  • Changing the damaged dampers
  • Adjusting the speed on your adjustment bolt can make the rotation of the tire change

9. Noise Issues

This complaint was heard from the majority of the customers when using the Spartan Mower, that a loud noise is heard, especially from the deck.

These are caused due to the blades being loose, or the bearings could be the root of the problem


  • Tighten the blades
  • Replace the bearings
  • If you start hearing too loud noises, you should visit the mechanic.

10. Shakiness From The Engine

Suppose you feel uneasy and do not feel the usual vibration from the machine. These need to be addressed to minimize the risk of the machine getting damaged. The main reason for this can be dirt build-up in the deck.

Moreover, the bolts, if they are loose or missing, will increase the vibration. Also, the damaged bearing in the spindle housing can make the engine vibrate.


  • Connecting any missing bolts
  • Changing the clutch
  • Buying new blades if old ones are ruined
  • Replacing any worn-out bearings or pulleys.
  • Cleaning any dirt stuck in the deck

11. The Engine Starts And Breaks Down

While mowing, if the air is not passing through efficiently, this will cause the machine to come to a stoppage.

Furthermore, the cap, if it is broken, can cause similar issues.

The machine can break down if they have been used in old oil, which can jam the engine and fuel system. Also, the Finns, if they form up dirt and debris, can stop the engine abruptly.


  • Draining the old oil
  • Buying a new filter or cleaning it
  • Cleaning the clogged-out fuel line
  • Replacing the ignition coil
  • Changing the carburetor or cleaning it
  • The lower deck could be scraped to make the performance better

Are Spartan Mowers good for commercial use?

The SRT series is built for commercial use with 3 models. Depends on what type of features you need.

What engine do Spartan Mowers use?

Kawasaki engine’s powers differentiate as they have 24HP, 26HP, and FT730 24HP.

Final thoughts

Although the issues are high and the replacement parts are expensive as well, if you are looking to buy a Mower for your yard, this purchase might suit you as it is easy to maneuver, and although the changing of the hydrostatic can cause problems for you, this might save you the hassle of saving a trip to the mechanic.

Moreover, the warranty is pretty long as well. And the customer service is brilliant as well.

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